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  1. Looking for a mizuno facemask. 121 or 122. I have a SSK for possible trade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a used twice Adams convertible jacket. Size is medium. It is the original material as used by Majestic, not the trash bag. $40 shipped. thanks.
  3. the Adams has a drawstring. It is heavier and sized a bit larger than what the Majestic and Smitty was/is.
  4. I’ll take it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. All Star looks best. Champro has a better view no contest. The harness on the Champro from UA all black if you order the black frame
  6. Sorry but the rake as some call it or the extended throat guard as I do is not to accommodate the "billow pad." It was angled to accommodate an additional 4" or 6" throat guard attachment.
  7. @JimKirk there is a difference in what Ty was using as well as the new Umplife mask harness pic featuring the silver aluminum. Slight difference but nonetheless...different. Ear guards are not as rounded, they match what Wilson still produces in the steel dyna-lite. Same ear guards on the original titanium.
  8. Check out this mask in the video. Looks like the aluminum with the old ear guard design. Not rounded anymore. Pic on website is still the old style if this is indeed the new stock. @JimKirk can you confirm? Also, will it be like this in black as well? Hope so.
  9. An umpire retired and took a picture of his (your) Power almost all the way boxed up and ready for shipping.
  10. Its from Facebook...wasn't sold on Facebook but it was pictured on FB. Guy retired and sold it. @Umpire43 make sure you sell it when you retire.
  11. Kinda lookin for a nike Steel already have a ti
  12. So i must have purchased the ONE pair of pants from him that the leg openings were SIGNIFICANTLY less wide than any other pair of plate pants ever let alone the Smitty Polydex.
  13. This mask was on the table last summer when All Star came to Louisville and met with UmpAttire @JimKirk may be able to tell you why they let Under Armour sell it as their brand first. The Instagram photo was taken down for some reason. The mask itself can go away IMO but the pads are something that would be interesting to try. By the looks of it though they may not fit onto many masks.
  14. I missed this, i apologize....Chris was using the steel frame at the end of 2019. https://www.closecallsports.com/2019/09/mlb-ejection-204-chris-guccione-2-dale.html
  15. only thing i can tell you is that is the same pic from "years" ago before they changed to the current padding.
  16. soooo a Platinum retro fit in amazing condition for Nike mask.
  17. I would have had to first regarded in order to now disregard. I didn't.
  18. I am looking for a Nike Titanium and/or a Nike Steel facemask(s). Any condition or color. PM me if you have anything. At this point as the title states, I have a Wilson Platinum (in terrific condition) TW Retro chest protector as trade bait. Thanks.
  19. I put sneakerballs in my shoes, bottom of my bag, and use dryer sheets as well
  20. @Aging_Arbiter and @Thunderheads great doing business
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