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  1. 1. Belgard Brown pads with yellow "B" - $100 shipped

    2. SSK mask/frame and harness.  Great condition, no flaws - $80 shipped

    3. All Star Magnesium mask/frame. Like new, chopped, with Samurai throat guard also like new.  This was powder coated Nike Ti silver.  - $150

    4. Con Cushion top and bottom shock pads.  These are brand new and I have red and gray.  $40 each

    5. Added...Wilson Dyna Lite chopped and painted gray.  $50

    Can send pics if requested.  thanks. 





  2. On ‎1‎/‎23‎/‎2020 at 4:12 AM, MadMax said:

    It’s a Wilson Titanium, of that first version that was released as part of the Platinum product family. That mask has a helluva forward rake on that chin guard, no? That’s to accommodate that ridiculous, unnecessary billow pad on the Platinum CP. You mentioned that it’s low profile... is it flatter than a hubcap?


    And yes, it’s really a Titanium. The bar ends being solid and the faceting on the wicket (inverted U) are the giveaways. Hollow steel, made back then, doesn’t do that. This is the mask that gouged Wilson and caused such a headache for Wilson’s customer service reputation and profit margins (along with the  Shock FX). The original leather pads had likely long since been swapped out or deteriorated, so those Champro pads ended up on it instead.

    Sorry but the rake as some call it or the extended throat guard as I do is not to accommodate the "billow pad."  It was angled to accommodate an additional 4" or 6" throat guard attachment. 

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  3. This mask was on the table last summer when All Star came to Louisville and met with UmpAttire @JimKirk may be able to tell you why they let Under Armour sell it as their brand first.  The Instagram photo was taken down for some reason.  The mask itself can go away IMO but the pads are something that would be interesting to try.  By the looks of it though they may not fit onto many masks. 

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