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  1. This mask was on the table last summer when All Star came to Louisville and met with UmpAttire @JimKirk may be able to tell you why they let Under Armour sell it as their brand first.  The Instagram photo was taken down for some reason.  The mask itself can go away IMO but the pads are something that would be interesting to try.  By the looks of it though they may not fit onto many masks. 

  2. I think the adidas  is the 3rd best looking mask out "there."  Behind the Nike and All Star Mag.  But, i also don't believe there are two different versions.  I think "titanal"  isn't a thing as of now.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but i don't think that adidas or anyone associated with a factory in the far east said "hey let's make a mask stronger and higher quality."   I think as far as this plan form goes it is the hollow steel Nike NRS, Nike Ti, and adidas or reebok pads on a hollow steel.   Hope i don't offend anyone with that.  Just my opinion.  

  3. Here are some items i am unloading.  Will upload more pics later.  Can separate pads/masks if necessary. PM offers.  Thanks.

    1. Diamond Aluminum iX3 powder coated ice grey with Tan Belgard pads.  All brand new.  This rig is really sharp.

    2. Wilson aluminum frame.  Used, in good shape.  Comes with MLB harness.

    3. All Star FM 4000 MAG Vintage tan leather pads.  New. Great pads.  

    4. Wilson Gold.  Used 20 times or less now.  Comes with standard harness, is size M/L.  No stains, looks new.

    5. Wilson Ti low profile mask.  Brand new.  

    6. Samurai Gears Shovel.  Used with Chicago screws.  Great shape.

    7. Force 3 throat guard, black.  Brand new.



    Belgard Wilson AL 1 Wilson AL 2 Force 3 TG

  4. On 8/17/2019 at 12:18 AM, The Short Umpire said:

    So I purchased this from someone on the forum who sold it as such. One of the big factors in determining authenticity is weight. I put it on the scale and it is 15.4 oz. Which seems pretty light to me. If I’m wrong on that thought then someone please correct me. 

    Anyone wanna weigh their steel adidas?

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