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  1. Our annual Umpire Clinic in Tyler TX is being held Jan 26-28, 2018. Marvin Hudson, 2016 World Series Umpire along with Clint Fagan MLB Rover and others will be instructors. Also present DII, NAIA and JUCO assignors. Both 3 man and 2 man options available. Go to www.umpireclinics.com for details or email umpireclinics@gmail.com for any questions.
  2. The 6th Annual East Texas Umpire Clinic is coming Jan 27-29. Learn from a 2016 World Series Umpire!!! Marvin Hudson is on our staff and will be here again in 2017. Only $115 right now for Fri-Sun - check out www.umpireclinics.com for all the details. Don't miss an incredible opportunity to learn from incredible instructors at the top of their game to help you better your game. Questions email me - umpireclinics@gmail.com Brian Chinn
  3. They are all incorrect. You will receive one combined 1099 from ArbiterPay as ArbiterPay is the one paying you. It will combine all the school districts who use arbiter pay. So if you get $200 form one ISD, $300 from another, $200 from another, you will get a 1099 for $700 from ArbiterPay. This is NOT a good thing for officials in Texas and the schools are now going to create more of a shortage because of this.
  4. It is time again for our clinic in East Texas - Tyler, TX, Jan 23-25. This year we have both a 2 man and 3 man camp. We will have several college assignors represented at the clinic this year and your chance to be seen by them as well. UT Tyler is providing players for our drills and simulated games this year. Instructors - MLB Umpires Marvin Hudson, Lance Barrett, MLB Rover Clint Fagan, Former AAA Umpire Nick Bailey, former MiLB umpire Justin Sassman, Dan Wilson plus others. ONLY $85 for the entire clinic. www.umpireclnics.com for more info or to register.
  5. A reminder to everyone our upcoming clinic in Tyler, TX January 17-19. Instructors are MLB umpires Marvin Hudson & Alfonso Marquez, AAA Umpires Lance Barrett and Nick Bailey plus others. Cost is only $100. Go to www.umpireclinics.com for more details or to register. If you have any questions email me at tylerumpires@gmail.com
  6. East Texas Umpire Clinic in Tyler, TX - umpireclinics.com best value you will find for a clinic. $85.00 for Fri-Sun - January 17-19.
  7. The 3rd Annual East Texas Umpire Clinic in Tyler, TX is set! January 17-19, 2014. MLB Umpires Marvin Hudson & Wally Bell as well as MLB Reserve/AAA Umpire Lance Barrett and MiLB Umpire Andrew Chesnut are confirmed staff for this year others will be added as attendance grows to keep group sizes smaller. We have designed this camp to keep the cost as low to make it possible for anyone to attend. Cost is currently only $85 - you can come Friday-Sunday, Friday-Saturday, Saturday only. Your choice. You won't find this quality of clinic at this cost anywhere else. Check out www.umpi
  8. Not sure I should really get into this... Here is a capture from the video. In HS baseball we have to go from the aspect of safety. There shouldn't be collisions at the plate. The obligation is on the runner to avoid this. If here the runner slides and gets blocked from the plate I can easily call obstruction because the catcher is there without the ball. Part of the issue is the lack of a definition in FED for malicious contact - it is never defined in the rule book. It just says if the runner initiates malicious contact he is out and ejected. NCAA has done a good job definin
  9. This is the one time you HAVE to intervene when it is a rule misapplication. The most heated emails I get from my supervisors are situations where guys have misapplied a rule and NO ONE corrected it. Remember in a lot of situations rule mistakes are protest situations so you can't have it occur. Again I go back to this is not a judgment situation but a rule situation and is handled differently. There is no excuse to EVER get a rule wrong especially if one of you knows it is being misapplied. You may say you cut his legs from under him, but you cut them from under yourself as you knowingly
  10. No you can't let a rule be misapplied. It doesn't matter if a coach was in a conversation or not. If you know that your partner has misapplied a rule you have to correct that. This is not a judgment call, you don't live with it. When it comes to rules there are no excuses for not getting it right especially when one person knows the rule is being misapplied. However it looks doesn't matter at that point, get the rule right. That is one of the biggest things that will keep you from moving up is misapplication of rules or not correcting when you know it is wrong.
  11. The camp we are hosting in East Texas (Tyler, TX) is pretty good. I've been to the International Camp (like the southern camp just 3 man also by Tony) and to college ones in Houston. The instruction we will have here will be excellent and help you improve greatly, we will have 2 cages with instructors then 2 fields with 2 instructors on each field. One of the MLB guys who instructs with Tony off and on is on our staff - Marvin Hudson. Check it out at www.umpireclinics.com. Cost of clinic itself is only $85.00 - Jan 18-20. You are correct that pretty much all of the college recruitment
  12. We are hosting the 2nd East Texas Umpire Clinic in Tyler, TX on January 18-20, 2013. Our instructors are Marvin Hudson, Lance Barksdale, Lance Barrett plus a couple more minor league guys. This is the best clinic for the price you will find. Spaces are limited so check it out. http://umpireclinic.eventbrite.com/ Any questions email me: umpirebrianc@gmail.com
  13. There is a clinic coming up on Jan 14th in Whitehouse, TX near Tyler. It is hosted by the Tyler TASO umpires. Current Major League Umpire Marvin Hudson with AAA umpire Lance Barrett (who has his MLB number as well). It was originally only open to people from certain TASO chapters but is now open to anyone interested in the clinic. It is 1 full day including lunch for only $40. More details and Register here. http://easttexasclinic.eventbrite.com/
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