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  1. Point taken. Maybe if I had the plate and was UIC I would have insisted. It was my first game there, was BU...I know- no excuse. Things will be different if I'm assigned a game on that field next year. Thanks guys.
  2. haha..Should have refreshed before I found the casebook and typed my reply Seems we need a space to type ( b )
  3. 2011 FED casebook 8.4.1 Sit. B B1 squares to bunt and hits the pitch. The batted ball bounces off the plate and hits B1's (a) leg or , (B) bat a 2nd time while B1 is holding the bat in the batter's box (no foot is entirely outside the batter's box) Ruling- In (a) it is a foul ball. In (B) the ball is foul unless in the umpire's judgment, the ball was contacted intentionally, in which case the ball would be dead and B1 declared out. That seems to infer that if one foot is on the ground entirely outside the batter's box, he's considered out of the box.
  4. I'm with Kyle here, 100%. Doesn't bother me at all, but when a coach remembers my name from the pre-game conference, I'm impressed. And yes..the better managers remember and use your name. I've never heard of the term coming from fans perceiving we "blew" a call. I doubt many coaches think this either. When I wear my red shirt, I'll inevitably have at least one coach say "well, I guess we can't call you Blue today". I'll always use this opportunity to politely say "well, you can call me Rich..I usually answer to that" :)
  5. Yeah, basically one or 2 dinosaurs. I've called strikes from the bases on appealed checked swings with these guys and gotten the "evil glare". I laughed it off (on the inside), and apologized after the game the one time it was brought up to me. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't breaking some kind of "unwritten umpire code" :unsure:
  6. I was in that situation, nothing varsity game, visiting coach getting killed. Batter swings and gets hit in the hands. PU calls foul, I know he smoked the call, I am cringing but didn't say anything. The coach starts in on the hands are part of the bat crap. The PU comes to me to discuss it. I explain it is a dead ball, swung strike and third strike. Coach had a meltdown. If guys are telling you to back them on anything, especially check swings, then they are old and using bad mechanics. Take what they say and take little to heart, most will be wrong. I've had a few games with these "old guys" who have pretty much told me pre-game to back them up on everything. Is there anything like "umpire etiquette" where me, being the new guy,( I've only been at this for 3 years now, and this was only my 2nd doing HS), agree and back him on everything? Or be the "rebel" and call what I see on something like a check swing when asked?
  7. ...They ask, you tell them the rule, and then they utter that one line that really makes my blood boil..."Are you sure?" :BD:
  8. All that I'm saying is.. that is there too many signals in a very short time..think about it..swing and miss.. 1. Signal strike 2."no catch" with a safe signal 3. Then maybe a out mechanic if the batter is tagged right there. think 3 different arm mechanics in about 2.38 sec... If the catcher blocks the ball in the dirt, comes right up and tags the batter right away, (lets say within 2.38 seconds or so ), you probably haven't even began to say "no catch" yet, or signal safe. If you have started, obviously cut it short and call the BR out. I think the safe signal and the verbal "No catch" are for those times when it's not obvious to F2 and/or the batter that it's "strike three, no catch". The actions of both the batter and F2 will dictate what needs to to said and/or signaled.
  9. Can you point me towards a rule or case play that uses the term "LAST to play the position"? All I can find are rules and situations where CR's can be used for catchers and pitchers, not for catchers or pitchers who have left the game and have re-entered as pinch runners. I was in the "illegal" camp on this, but I can accept the interpretation that grants the "ex-catcher" catcher status when he re-enters the game as a pinch runner. However, as far as I can tell, this is an interpretation and it's far from black and white. 3.1.1 N addresses this (unless the number has changed; we don't get case books every year.) It states unequivocally that a CR is allowed only for the catcher to last play defense before coming to bat (it would be logical to assume that the principle holds for pitchers, as well.) Not really. 3.3.1.n is about a projected substitution. It's about a coach, while his team is at bat, tells U1 that when he goes back on defense, F7 is going to catch, so if F7 gets on base, he wants to use a CR for him. No one is leaving the game and re-entering to pinch run. However, in the ruling, it says, "the CR would only be allowed to run for the player who was the catcher on defense before coming to bat." I agree that can be interpreted as "last to play the position", but it's not black and white. This case play and ruling has nothing to do with the real issue here....The question here is, when a catcher or pitcher leaves the game for a pinch hitter and re-enters as a pinch runner, does he retain his defensive position he held prior to being removed from the game?
  10. Can you point me towards a rule or case play that uses the term "LAST to play the position"? All I can find are rules and situations where CR's can be used for catchers and pitchers, not for catchers or pitchers who have left the game and have re-entered as pinch runners. I was in the "illegal" camp on this, but I can accept the interpretation that grants the "ex-catcher" catcher status when he re-enters the game as a pinch runner. However, as far as I can tell, this is an interpretation and it's far from black and white.
  11. My argument is once the catcher is pinch hit for, he's lost his status as the catcher. He's out of the game. At the point when the pinch hitter is at bat, there is no catcher in the team's line up. Now, when he re-enters to pinch run, he's nothing more than a pinch runner until he takes a position in the field next inning. Calling him the catcher at that point would be projecting.
  12. I don't love the fact that a ball called foul down the line with runners on base, and then overturned to fair after review will force the umpires place the base runners where they think they would have advanced. Another scenario that's sure to cause problems...0 outs, R1. Low liner to shallow CF who makes a shoestring grab. R1 is caught between 1st and 2nd in no man's land...Ump rules catch, F8 fires to 1st and doubles up R1. The play is reviewed and ruled a trap. Will they give R1 2nd base? It's the type of play that, if it was called no catch/trap to begin with, F8 could have forced R1 @2nd.
  13. My initial response is no, you can't use a courtesy runner for Johnson, because Johnson technically isn't a Catcher at that moment, he's a pinch runner. Even if the HC tells you Johnson's going to catch again, that would be a projected substitution which is illegal as per 3.1.1
  14. We have a high school field in the area with a real short RF fence. My son played Frosh and JV ball there 5-6 years ago. They played with a ground rule that anything over the fence to the right of a certain spot was a ground rule double. When I began umpiring 3 years ago I always thought of this field when I was learning FED rules. This spring I was assigned a JV game on that field. AT the pre-game, the head coach of the home team was explaining the "over the fence ground rule". I mentioned that FED rules do not allow for him to make up that rule, and FED rules state anything over a fence in fair territory is ruled a HR. I also cited the casebook 4.1.2 situation B that says exactly this. I was met with "We've been playing with this ground rule for years...... ....My partner just shrugged his shoulders. We played the game with the "illegal home ground rules". I didn't think I was in a position to change the schools 6+ years of ground rules, especially if my partner wasn't going to back me on it.....When in Rome......? :shrug:
  15. I do a fair share of LL both regular season and tourney. In the tourney, as stated earlier, I've got a lot of catchers who play travel ball and when they trap a 3K or it trickles away they instinctively pick up the ball and tag the batter. I don't see it being a big issue there. However, local games? UHG! I think we just added one or two outs per inning....maybe more :unsure:
  16. Thanks again guys. Some great advice. You're all right. It was a strike. It was a strike in the 1st, and a strike in the 6th. I had a good game. Still wish I'd be getting back on a diamond again before next spring
  17. I do try and reflect on each game. Things I missed, things I did right, things I could have done better/different, etc. Next year I want to start a log book with all my games. I think that could help focus in on areas that need more work. Talking about this game and getting some replies here has helped. Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback.
  18. From the set position he stretched and came set. Without disengaging the rubber, stepped and feinted to first. "Spin" was the wrong word to use there. Just turned his pivot foot on the rubber.
  19. Sunday I had the plate for a 13u travel league championship final. I was having a good game. My timing was good, zone was consistent. Home team was up 2-0 heading into the 6th inning. VT gets a few hits, score a run on a squeeze play, then re-load the bases with 1 out. F1 inexplicably spins on the rubber and fakes to 1st base. Obvious balk. Tie game. Another squeeze, and they're up 3-2. The home team HC is obviously frustrated. Anyway, bottom of the 6th comes, 2nd and 3rd 2 outs, full count. Pitch s at the hollow of the knees, just catching the outside corner and I ring him up. Decent size crowd on hand for this game, plus even more because there was another game right after this one, so when I called strike 3, needless to say there was a a LOT a cheers and jeers from the crowd. HC, coaching 3rd comes in and, not loud, and very under control says to me as he walks by "You're killin' me, blue", and keeps walking. I let go. Like I said I know he's had a tough inning. 7th inning comes and goes, Home team goes down 1-2-3. 3-2 final score. I can't stop thinking about that called 3rd strike in the bottom of the 6th. After the game, I asked my partner what he thought. He said "borderline, but you were calling that pitch a strike all day. Your zone was consistent all game." Then he adds, "If you you would have called it ball 4, I don't think you would have heard anything from anybody". SO ..now I'm thinking, did I blow it? Was it more off the plate than I thought? I've been running the pitch over and over in my head all day. Can't stop thinking about it. Sometimes I convince myself it had the corner at the knees, and 10 minutes later I'm thinking, maybe it was outside and I took a big scoring chance away from that team. Worst part is, that's it. Season's over. I'm not going to get back on a diamond until March. Am I going to be running this pitch over and over in my head all winter? I sure hope not. It's driving me a little crazy. Sorry for the long post, but I thought maybe writing about might help me get over it. Thanks for listening.
  20. The way it's worded, I'm not sure the base coach gets an EJ. I think it just means you can't have 2 coaches on the baselines after the 1st illegal bat infraction.
  21. Always good to learn things, but my main point was just to site an example of , IMO, the lower the age group, the more you find the ill-informed coaches, and the louder, more ridiculous heckles from parents. Something I try to keep in mind when Im doing the 10u's.
  22. wow. Always opportunity to learn. So PU should come back down the line to cover home after the play at 3rd, and BU should stay with BR who's now at 2nd in case of a play on him @2nd or 3rd. I didn't know that. I'm guessing my partner didn't either, because when I broke for the plate, it didn't look like he had any intention of coming home with R1. Maybe it was wrong, but at least my partner and I were on the same wrong page.
  23. You have to remember, at this age, the parents and most of the coaches are learning along with the kids. I did a lot of he 10u little league tourney this summer and I got used to the ridiculous comments, mostly from the parents...routine calls...out by 10 feet, safe because the fielder dropped the ball...and you still hear "C'MON UMP, YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME". I've learned to smile inside and ignore. Here's my favorite from this summer... 10u 1st round elimination game. I'm BU. Top 1st, R1, no outs. Second kid hits a nice shot to left center. I watch R1 round 2nd, my partner's coming up the line for a play on R1@3rd. I watch BR come into 2nd, as the throw from CF goes to 3rd. I take a few steps towards home. As I see the ball trickle away from F5, R1 takes off for home and I'm there well ahead of the play in good position to make the call. Out at home by a large margin. All in all, perfect rotation between me and my partner. As I'm walking back to the infield, I hear a Dad in the stands..."So that's how it's gonna be all game blue? You guys running all over the field blowing calls?? You guys better get your heads in the game"
  24. I agree, and the only way OBS should even be considered is if you think the fielder denied access to the entire bag. The '11 FED case book has 2 examples. 8.3.2 situation G. And 8.3.2 situation L
  25. what part of the state??? I'm in north Jersey. Sussex county. I work in Totowa, NJ, so I try to get high school games in Sussex and northern Morris county. For little league I do district 20 tourney games. I was lucky enough to get the plate for the 10U district championship this summer,and also got to do a few games in the 10u Sectional tourney that was hosted by Wallkill Valley LL this year, My "home league" Thanks to everyone for the welcome notes.
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