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  1. 45 minutes ago, The Short Umpire said:

    Besides a Power and Allstar S7 I’ve tried almost every chest protector. I’ve frankensteined many of them and am currently working on another. The TW gold is one of my all time favorites. The difference between a regular gold and TW gold is night and day, and if this updated gold is anything like the TW gold it’s worth every penny. A WV gold with TW could easily sell for $600 and that is if you could even find one for sell. If they are anything a like this could put one of the best CP in the hands of umpires everywhere for a fraction of the cost (even at $250). I ordered one because I want to try it. Just like I tried the cobalt and hated it and just like I tried the force 3 and hated it. Sounds like @tpatience knows more. Any idea on how it compares to the TW gold? 

    I dragged my feet on a TW upgrade and regret it to this day. When the time comes, I will be trying at least a force 3, Cobalt, and a new gold. I’m thinking in a year or two.

  2. 1 hour ago, The Short Umpire said:

    The problem here is that I guarantee 75% of the people who own a gold couldn’t tell you what size they own, and even if they do I’ve seen differences in sizes based on how old the CP is. So it would really be a logistical nightmare to purchase and have to deal with returns of wrong sizes. This is why you had to send your CP to TW for retrofit. 

    Good points, but I wish they could work that out. I have a Gold and I love it. That said, it’s going on it’s 9 th season and I’m starting to think about my next CP. As much as I like it, I’m not interested in a upgraded gold when I can get a Cobalt for less, or a force 3 for a couple bucks more. 

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  3. 29 minutes ago, LMSANS said:

    Stay away from the shore. Very few guys with anything but navy. I bought the black and used it hold the chains in football.


    Wow. That’s crazy. I must say, doing varsity in Northern NJ, I only had the “ I only have navy” guys 2 or 3 times. However, each time, they perpetuated the stereotype. 

  4. 3 hours ago, BRUMP said:

    This past week I found out I was accepted to a collegiate umpiring group and will start to umpire college baseball this coming spring. The long standing members here will remember but I think I first joined UE when I was 15 doing in-house LL games. Excited for the challenge ahead, and looking forward to continuing to improve and climb the ladder.

    Congrats. Saw the post on the TSEUA Page. We’re one step close to someday doing a game together ! 

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  5. On 11/16/2021 at 9:38 AM, LMSANS said:

    They are Smitty. Rumor has it that they are looking at mandating the Smitty for state tourney. The state manual says there are no changes for 2021-2022 season.

    Can we start a movement and get everyone to just buy the black Smitty  shirts?  If I get one more Varsity partner this year that emails me and says “ I only have navy” I may loose it. 😤

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  6. On 11/16/2021 at 7:22 AM, wolfe_man said:

    They are Smitty per the comments in the description.

    From UA:


    Want a crisper, more professional look on the field? These high-performance Pro Knit umpire shirts are dyed in a unique way to provide a vibrancy and durability that is unparalleled! Smitty’s dye sublimation process prints logos and flags directly onto the fabric ensures this shirt can be worn and laundered time and time again without fading or peeling.

    When I read that it seemed like  they were talking about Smitty only in context to the dye process for the logo. 

  7. On 11/16/2021 at 9:45 AM, BT_Blue said:

    I want Washington to go to... well... ANYTHING BUT CLIFF KEAN! Those things are terrible! I have the utmost respect for the company we use. But those shirts are trash!

    No fooling. Besides having to wash separately, in delicate mode and inside out, any foul ball leaves a mark or a rip. Absolutely horrible. 

  8. Good advice here. I’ll just reiterate what I thought were the huge things here to work on first and foremost.

    Be still. Watch the touch of the bag and listen for the pop of the glove, the just move the eyes to see the fielder and possession of the ball.  Then, after you take it all in, replay it i your head. Only then make a call. We all have a tendency to speed upon the bangers. That’s the time we need the extra beat  the most, and the toughest habit to break. 

    Distance. It’s been said and worth saying again. Don’t get too close. Watch the pros on plays at first. Never ate they right on top of  the play. 

    don’t give up. It’s just a matter of learning new habits. Nothing helps more than a clinic, or a high school cadet course if can find one. Read all you can about mechanics and umpiring. 

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Velho said:

    Thanks @Richvee. Didn't mean to imply you said he was balking. Was responding to the overall conversation.

    [sarcasm] Well, y'all. Maybe I have to say welcome to the LL conundrum: the pitcher can do almost anything they want 😂

    Can we talk about Kenley Jansen next? He's got more tics than Sergio Garcia [/sarcasm]

    To me, Kenley is just doing some ridiculous hip swivel while coming set. I don’t see a violation. 

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Velho said:

    Isn’t Garcia only doing this with the bases empty? If so, A) balk wouldn’t apply and B) is Hybrid illegal in FED with no one on?

    Is the penalty, as @Richvee said, “don’t do that”?

    Yes. He’s only doing it with bases empty. I never said he was balking. I was questioning the two steps… one towards 3b, then one back towards 1b, before stepping towards home to deliver the pitch. And yes, the hybrid is illegal in FED at all times. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, SH0102 said:

    Because this “cool” windup was used on such a big stage, it won’t be long before we start seeing it at lower levels.

    I too would appreciate a discussion on this topic.

    When watching, my 14 yo son (also umpires) said “isn’t that a balk?”

    I said (not being an OBR savant and balks being my point of emphasis for myself to improve), “not in MLB, but college and below yes”.

    Wasnt even sure if I was correct saying that sadly

    Ok. I actually got an explanation on Facebook that I can live with. 
    all that dancing and stretching he does is prior to the windup. Once he takes that free foot and “ steps” towards 3b……at this moment he is now in his windup position.  The hybrid….From there, he takes a step to the side (towards 1b) and then a step forward to deliver the pitch. I could buy that. So 100% illegal in FED, and as far as I can tell, legal in   NCAA until the powers that be tell me otherwise  


  12. On 10/22/2021 at 10:32 AM, Guest Crazy Me said:

    My son is a 10-year veteran MLB pitcher.  He told me that both he and the hitters want it.  They have too much money riding on ball-strike calls to get things wrong.  (5 years ago he had the greatest number of missed ball-strike calls in the history of electronic record keeping.  His ball moves a lot).

    I also work with  3 umpires who also work in the Independent Leagues and call games with the electronic strike zone.  They don't like it and one of them hates it.  He hates it because he says it doesn't "get things right."  The ex-major league players in his games often agree - sometimes quite vocally.

    I asked an NYU Physics professor friend about how accurately we can measure a baseball in flight.  He laughed at me saying, "We are accurate to angstrom units.  A thrown baseball is glacial to us."  When I asked why two radar guns next to each other often give different readings he said, "They bought the cheap chip.  The right equipment exists to call the game perfectly."

    When I told this to the umpire who uses the system as it is, he said, "I suspect at an MLB stadium they can get the right set up.  Where we are, corners have probably been cut."

    Tens of millions of dollars can ride on one call in a play-in or playoff game for both the players and the owners.  For that reason - robo umps are coming soon to a stadium near you.  The adjustment period will pass very quickly.

    I’m sure your son would have loved to have been on the mound for this game. 

  13. 44 minutes ago, Jimurray said:

    See here where I wonder if MLB would allow a square windup pitcher to do that: https://umpire-empire.com/topic/76678-how-many-steps/?tab=comments#comment-401582 

    thanks for compiling the video. 


    Yes. You have the same issue I do with this windup. Me. Azul  relies on the fact there is no penalty listed under OBR  for “ multiple steps”.  So doesn’t that make it a “don’t do that rule”?  And aren’t “don’t do that rules” enforced by ejection if it continues after being told “don’t do that?  


    FED - During delivery, he may lift his non-pivot foot in a step forward, a step sideways, or in a step backward and a step forward, but he shall not otherwise lift either foot

    NCAA - The pitcher shall not raise either foot from the ground, except that in the actual delivery of the ball to the batter, the pitcher may take ONE step backward or sideward and one step forward with the free foot. 

    OBR - He shall not raise either foot from the ground, except that in the actual delivery of the ball to the batter, he may take ONE step backward, and one step forward with his free foot.

    What am I missing?

    Why does MLB allow this?

    At what level, if any, do we start enforcing this?



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  15. 2 hours ago, BLWizzRanger said:

    OK, start lambasting me.  This was an all-dirt infield.  Grass line in my mind for this situation/game was IF/OF line and not in-front of base-grass line. I don't know why you guys couldn't see that... lol... I was standing OF side of second on C side. Maybe that will help.

    Yeah , you don’t want to be out there in 2 man. When you’re in B or C in 2 man you are never starting on the outfield side of the bases. Ever. With F6 in, get where you’re most comfortable. In front of, next to , behind. … it’s all going to depend on where F6 is and your comfort zone. 

  16. 47 minutes ago, Jimurray said:

    If F6 is playing the normal "in" he usually is right at the grass line or will be there as the pitch starts. I like to be next to him in deep C. Normal C is where he usually ends up on a dribbler when he charges and I don't want to be trying to get out of his way. Always an eye on F5 for a possible pick from F1 and if the pitch gets to the catcher I am taking a step or two to be ready for a backpick, an eye on F5 helping there also.

    No issues there. Probably the only time I’m staying normal C is on  turf where F6 has a tendency to be a little deeper on the carpet. 

  17. 1 hour ago, BLWizzRanger said:

    Yeah, I understand the IF playing up is to stop the player on 3rd from scoring, I won't go out on the limb and say that there is 'never' a play at third during this situation.  This is baseball.  For example the catcher blocks a ball and it kicks up the 3rd base line where he can't get R3 scoring but, hey, R2 was sleeping and he didn't get a good jump.  F2 throws out R2 at 3rd.  Or, F6 dives at a ball and knocks it down to where there is no play at home but he tries to get R2 at 3rd.  I know these are extreme examples but could happen especially in high school...

    When I say outside, I am meaning toward the outfield side of the imaginary straight line between the bases.  Sorry if I am confusing this with the base path. And yes, I was still in the dirt.  What I gather from you is my first movement should almost always be into the working area - don't stay outside.


    Never ever ever start in the dirt. The infield grass/dirt line is the line of demarcation. If the grass/ dirt line is where F 6 is playing, stay inside him in normal C. If F6 is way in that’s when you can move back to the grass/ dirt line. This lets you get into position for plays at any base with just a few steps. 

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  18. 52 minutes ago, BLWizzRanger said:


    The first play positioning didn't feel right for any bang bang play - like R2 going to 3rd (stealing or just a play on them at 3rd) with a drawn in infield, I would still be on the outside hustling to third and I would probably be late since the secondary lead of R2.  Yes, it was less congested for the IF to make a play, but, everything else I would be horribly out of position and I probably should get back inside if time allowed - say a tag up.

    You keep saying "outside" . You are only outside F6 if he's way in. You're never any farther back than the infield grass/dirt line. I wouldn't call that outside...Just deep "c"

    There's not going to be a steal of 3B. R3 would be stealing home and that's where the play is going to be. Infield is in...That means they're trying to cut the run off. 99.9 % of the groundballs are going to home or 1B.  I can't think of many scenarios where a ground ball to an infielder is going to result in a play at 3B. MAYBE on a bunt where there's absolutely no play on R3. In any case, on a groundball,  you're busting into the working area behind the mound  as soon as the bunt is down because you will most likely have  play on the BR @1B. If you've moved into the working area and the  throw does go to 3B, a step or 2 to the 45' line between 3rd and home gives you a nice angle on a tag play on R2 @3rd.  

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  19. 1 hour ago, Matt said:

    This is simply a case of us seeing different things. I see the leg continuously moving up until the last one, then I see a stop. 

    And given that,  I can see why it’s not a balk. . I had a kid doing something similar last weekend in an 18u tourney, but the continuous movement was more obvious and the final stop was a bit more pronounced. 

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