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  1. I just find it strange that your other post chided people for being ignorant of the strike zone definition, then you tried to explain it by using something that's not in the strike zone definition. I've never seen, read, or been taught anything that involves calling strikes based on the back of the knee.
  2. What part of the knee exactly is it you're using to set your strike zone? The rule is the hollow beneath the knee cap, not behind the knee.
  3. Reminds me of this play from 2008...which was called an out! http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/6479266/v3600013
  4. Have you tried nylon upholstery thread? I don't think that will break! It's probably what was used to sew the harness at the factory.
  5. If that truly is your judgment, then the rules say you must eject at that point. Warnings are prescribed only if you have a doubt about it being intentional. By your own words, you already judged it as intentional, so warning isn't an option.
  6. IF...The shortstop cleanly fielded the ball, then made a good throw to second that beat the runner, then the second baseman cleanly received the ball, successfully pivoted, made another good throw that would beat the other runner, and the first baseman snagged it in time. In other words, a double play was possible, but it's not automatic. Save this "second out" call for when a second out is actually in the process of being executed, not before it's even been started, or for when the outcome is a little bit more certain. For instance, if the first out has already been made and the second one is in the process of being made. Don't guess that a half-dozen other things that need to happen will happen, before the first thing (fielding the batted ball) has even happened yet!
  7. I have a pair of these. Lightweight? YES! The lightest I've ever used. Comfortable? YES! The most comfortable I've ever worn. Protective? Not so much so. Just adequate. I've been hit in the shins and you feel it. No, there wasn't any injury, bruising, or extreme pain, but you can definitely feel it, enough that you might need to take a minute before continuing. Durable? I experienced the same knee cup problem that many others have reported- the plastic cracking around the rivets at the knee. Only I didn't even take a hit there! Apparently mine cracked when I fell to my knees after a pitch hit me in a sensitive area. As far as I can remember, I've never taken a ball to the knee in these, but both knee cups are cracked.
  8. I saw a guy get reamed pretty good for doing that in a COBUA clinic a few years ago.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I picked up a pair of All Star System Seven Shin Guards for 1/2 retail as a best offer.
  10. I'm the same way. Gentlemanly on the field, but once you've gone out of your way to hunt me down and invade my personal space...you're gonna get whatever ya get and "politeness" is out the window!
  11. BretMan


    That applies ONLY in USSSA slow pitch and ONLY when a runner has left base before a caught fly ball and still must tag up when the ball becomes dead. The base that must still be retouched is the first base of the two-base award, then the next advanced base is the second.
  12. BretMan


    The fact that the runner's direction was mentioned might make you think that the poster- or whoever disagreed with him- thought that it was a key to making this call. It's such a common rule myth that, for two-base awards, a runner gets "1+1", or "the base he was going to plus one more", that I could see that being an issue. So maybe it seemed relevant to whoever was questioning this call, but it is totally irrelevant to the actual rule itself. It's still two bases, in the "forward" direction, regardless of which way the runner was heading.
  13. Go to the website that sells ASA softball umpire equipment. Their ball bags are larger sized to fit softballs, plus they're well-made and sturdy. https://www.officialgear.com/
  14. Or maybe if the "step off first base" was part of his overrun of the base? In which case he'd be out in FED, but safe everywhere else!
  15. Don't worry...over the course of the season we'll take away one or two that you really wanted.
  16. BretMan

    Put ball in play?

    Calling "time" after each play in fastpitch is bad. Must have been a slow pitch guy... My training in fastpitch has told me to NOT put the ball back into play every time it becomes dead. They tell us to put it in play at the beginning of each half-inning, but not during the inning. Maybe that was a preference of the individual instructor and not something from their umpire manual? It seems counter-intuitive to me and was a hard habit to break, coming from a baseball background.
  17. Not if we assume the base path to be a straight line from the runner, directly to both the base in front of him as well as the base behind him.
  18. BretMan

    3d base coach box

    The coaches boxes only define where the coaches have to stand when a pitch is being thrown. After that, they're free to move wherever they want to direct their runners, get out of a fielder's way, dodge a ball, etc. (subject to possible interference penalties if they actually interfere with a play, not just for stepping out of their little white box).
  19. Yes, the baseball and softball mechanics are completely different. For softball, the safe signal is a ruling on the tag attempt by the catcher, showing that it was unsuccessful. It doesn't necessarily mean that the runner has touched the plate. However, by rule, in both baseball and softball, this runner HAS scored- up until the point of a valid appeal being made. A runner who passes a base is considered to have touched it, so the run has scored- at least temporarily. If properly appealed, then the runner would be out for missing the plate. From the description of the play, the umpire did exactly what he's supposed to do (but the runner didn't...she missed the plate!).
  20. Sale pending....will update if it doesn't go through.
  21. I'm 5'9". These are great shin guards, comfortable and very protective. It just so happens that I came across some other guards and now these are "extras"...You won't drop $150 on these! They're only $100.
  22. Selling a set of Unequal Force3 Shin Guards. These are essentially brand new, as they have been worn for one game. No pics right now, but if you look up a pic of new Force3 shins online, that's what you're going to get! $100 shipped. Size 14.5". I accept PayPal.
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