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  1. When it's 100 degrees and you're up and down and running around in plate gear, you're probably going to be hot no matter what chest protector you have on. A couple of weekend ago we had a base umpire go down in 94 degree weather. I've never tried the ice pack things, but was talking to an umpire earlier this year who did. His experience was totally different. He told me that after the first inning they were essentially melted and had little effect- kind of like having a couple of bags of warm water under your shirt. I guess that your mileage may vary...
  2. Neither does a Platinum if you remove the huge black pads velcroed onto the outermost shoulder caps. I took mine off at the suggestion of another umpire a few years ago. What a difference! Those pads made me feel like Franken-Ump and were so big that my shirts were stretched around them to the point that it felt like they were impeding my arm movement. Removing these pads doesn't affect the protection of anything critical at all, like the collar bone. That outer cap covers the outer/upper arm, below the shoulder joint kind of between the biceps and triceps. With the pad gone, you still have the plastic cap covering that area. In the time that I've had mine out, I've had two balls smack the plastic cap and it maybe stings a little bit when the plastic smacks against your skin. That's two hits in, literally, thousands of pitches, with no harm done in this area where there really isn't much to be harmed in the first place. The trade-off in comfort is well worth it to me. And if you do decide that this isn't for you...you can always velcro them right back in.
  3. "MLU" is part of the model number or designation that Wilson uses to identify this version of chest protector.
  4. Just a plug for a local guy... Flemings Referee & Sport http://www.refandsport.com/ You aren't going to find anything here you won't find anywhere else and you'll probably pay about the same as at other places. But, for me, it is so nice to have a real "brick and mortar" umpire store not far from my house. Nothing compares to being able to try something on in person when it comes to finding the right fit. No mail order hassels to deal with. And, if I really, really need something today, I can get it today.
  5. I guess that there is an exception to every rule... http://cgi.ebay.com/WILSON-CHEST-VEST-UMPIRE-CHEST-PROTECTOR-BASEBALL-/360371885861?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item53e7d69725
  6. I don't like to overuse the "do not pitch" signal either. But since the OP said that the pitcher continued doing this throughout the game, things were getting out of hand! This simple mechanic goes a long way toward getting it back under control.
  7. From one Columbus guy to another...welcome aboard!
  8. BretMan

    I'm Ready for It

    I have never had to call a runner out for running the bases in reverse order to make a travesty of the game. I have never had to call a foul tip on pitch that bounced before reaching the plate, was nicked by the bat, then went sharply and directly to the catcher's hands and was caught. I have never had to call a runner out for taking a lead from behind the base, to get a running start on a caught fly ball.
  9. Batted ball that rattles around the outfield without anybody touching it. Three runners simply head for the dugout instead of advancing, thus abandoning their effort to run the bases...three outs! Maybe not too likely to happen but, then again, neither is the infield fly thing.
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