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  1. If I saw that, I would question everything else in it.
  2. Nope. The rule refers to a batter-runner, and there's also no play being made as they are already out.
  3. Yes, it is. You are judging whether the foot was pulled or not, and it is an element of judgment just like determining if the runner beat the throw. Any time you are deciding what happened, it is judgment, and here are only two parts to any call: judgment and interpretation; the former can sometimes be appealed, the latter always can. Don't say platitudes like "you can't appeal (argue) judgment calls" because they most certainly can.
  4. I think it's iffy if this is FPSR--the slide was wide, but it's debatable as to its effects. I'm getting this for the intentional interference. Also, I don't like the idea of U1 getting this until a conference. If someone other than the umpire on top of the play has something that will change the call, I would like all inputs to be considered and synthesized.
  5. Umm...most times that an umpire gets help, it's an issue of judgment. Tag/no tag, for example, contributes to safe/out and is a decision of judgment.
  6. Matt

    FC or HIT

    It's not a force out anymore. Once the passing occurs, there is no force in effect.
  7. While I can appreciate those servicemembers and their families that want to do something like this, I don't get it. People are unpredictable and I had no idea how either of my wives (at different times; this sentence is hard to construct without me sounding like a polygamist) nor kids would react when I got back from deployment or even a long TDY. I wouldn't want them to be embarrassed by having an emotional response in front of people, especially peers they know. In fact, the first thing we did every time I got home was send the kids outside or to their rooms for a bit.
  8. Neither do I, but I can give a possible logical explanation that there would be umpires on the corners there. There's no pickoffs possible, so the two most likely plays are at first and third.
  9. Matt

    Dead Ball Assist

    The logic is that there's no advantage because the runner cannot be put out at that time, thus there's no harm. There are legitimate arguments against that, but in the end, the rules mean what the ones who publish them decide them to mean.
  10. What second play? While FED needs to tighten this rule up regarding this (and rewrite their entire book while they're at it,) knowing the intent of the rule and the clarifying-not-clarifying interpretation, 20' from the base is definitely within the area the runner must legally slide or get out of the way.
  11. Then it wasn't a regional. Those are this coming week.
  12. https://streamable.com/y9u98w He called it fair. I don't see anything that would indicate it was correct nor incorrect.
  13. Did you know for sure it was your partner?
  14. If he called it fair (which seems to be what that post says,) it can be reversed at any time.
  15. Matt

    Missing Home Plate

    You might not be surprised to learn that my post was edited to get down to that level of disdain.
  16. Matt

    Missing Home Plate

    So, let's talk about why this ruling (and FED in general) sucks, and is impossible to officiate... In the OP, the runner did not initiate an attempt until 3-4 steps after missing the base. The ball was not live, so playing action was over at that point. To give him an opportunity to complete his responsibilities (a concept that in my estimation was completed when he missed the base, as he had every chance to advance legally) by this idiotic rule requires that the umpire do something that tips off the potential for an appeal. The defense gets F*#Ked over twice when they're the ones that didn't mess up.
  17. Matt

    Walk-up music

    That wasn't an analogy, it was an explanation. And he's right.
  18. NCAA has this mechanic, but it isn't published. Thus the confusion between this post and the one before it.' If U1 comes in, PU has the ball while U1 has the runner.
  19. So, without having a FED book and going off of memory... Doesn't that book explicitly say that a call of foul can never be changed?
  20. Matt


    This is why the first response mentioned a quick pitch--it is not permissible to engage the rubber and immediately begin the motion to pitch; this is the reason that pitchers have to take signs/simulate taking signs from the rubber.
  21. Matt


    Here's what I have readily available. If you look closely, they are narrower and skinnier than Wilson pads (and probably any other ones, as well.) The attachment straps are positioned entirely differently, but this shows that the Icon is probably a better match for them than a Wilson frame.
  22. Matt


    Funny you mention it...an Adidas Icon.
  23. Matt

    Walk-up music

    I think your comment is misdirected.
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