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  1. I would say that camp is not the right place for someone with no college experience.
  2. Is there a particular summer league to which you are referring?
  3. Matt

    Balk or no!

    Technically, yes. Nope. Only if it's from the rubber, which goes back to the first comment. We generally allow the pivot foot to be the first movement and be a disengagement as long as it is not contemporaneous with the free foot's initial movement. If you can't tell them apart, it's from the rubber.
  4. And there are ways the offense could put themselves out within the rules (swinging at everything, for example.)
  5. I'm going to also point out a pet peeve... Just because something is judgment (not in this case, but in general,) it doesn't mean that it is verboten for a coach or player to question it. A pulled foot is judgment. A missed tag is judgment. The majority of discussions/arguments are about judgment.
  6. Your partner needs to learn how to STFU. By going tit-for-tat in the argument, he's legitimizing the complaint and delegitimizing his authority. Also, don't go to your partner for an evaluation during the game, because they have their own things to do. Also, and specific to this situation, I wouldn't trust anything your partner said, because it's readily apparent that his advice is worth less than the time it would take to get it. Lastly, and supporting my previous assertion, your partner didn't give a SH*# about you being right about what he did. Thus, even with your relative inexperience, it would seem that you are ahead of him in skill.
  7. Matt


    How many rules are you going to F*#K up at once?
  8. And nothing in a report is admissible to that end (hence my comment about probative value) unless it is an observable fact (e.g. an excited utterance by the perpetrator.)
  9. No, they don't. It's not probative and it can only impeach you. Maybe, just like in umpiring, someone with some power decided that this is the way to go contrary to the law (rules,) and has been passing down bad practice for generations. Not that I had to write the same types of reports for years or anything...
  10. That's redundant, and the "why" is pointless.
  11. Matt

    Balk or no!

    Keep in mind a camp is often not the same as a clinic. The former tends to be a place to be seen, the latter is a place to learn.
  12. Try to get pictures of you in a game situation. At a regional this year, I noticed one of the guys I didn't know had turned his inside foot significantly without knowing, which would have led to your situation if hit. You might be trying to have a slight turn, but end up more than what you wanted--this guy was in that boat.
  13. I have been hit multiple times in my CP. Worth it.
  14. Matt


    You're the one breaking the rule--the ball was never in play. The conditions were not met.
  15. Tell the manager to protest so that he can adequately inform the board how F*#King stupid it is to: A. Apply a clock to a contest that does not provide for one. B. Compound the situation by applying a clock without even a cursory knowledge about how baseball works. C. Make it your problem. I'll write this report for them.
  16. I would say this is an easy decision. At this point, you are risking bodily harm over a game. Do not work for them. If you can't work games, that sucks...almost as much as being in a coma or dead.
  17. You cannot possibly be this ignorant as to how discourse works. Hell, I'm autistic and still grasp it. Think about sitting TF down every now and then.
  18. Matt

    4th Out?

    R2 abandoning before the out on B/R is physically impossible without a miscue from the defense.
  19. I didn't think my email was that harsh...
  20. Matt

    Missed bag

    Color me surprised that FED didn't think of this problem when adding the dead-ball appeal... I would have to say that there would be a window from the moment the batter-runner misses the base until they or the replacement touches it. And if that's incorrect, then there's a need for further clarification (and, again, I'm shocked.)
  21. If it had been passing, the run would have scored. From the looks of it, the defense put R1 out at second for the third out, invalidating the run.
  22. Ironically, the way I learned this painfully was to make a call the opposite of the OP. It was a rivalry game at a field named after the offensive manager who had been managing at this level longer than I've been alive. I saw the batter move his hands to bunt, was blocked out, and with as quick and as sharp as he moved the bat, I just knew it had to be a strike...and I was the only one who thought so. I remember this because I had to use every tool in the book not to toss the manager, as this was the year the decree came down about being firm on not allowing them to come out on B/S of any type. I probably looked like some sort of drunken Michael Jackson shuffling backwards with my hand up telling him as many times as I could before having to warn him that he couldn't come out on that. If I could avoid having to take the pen out on something that was my mistake, I was going to do so without sacrificing the integrity of an actual warning. From then on, it was simple--if I get blocked out, see the batter's hands move, and not see the entire bat, I go for help unasked. It has not failed me yet.
  23. Why call time? Just ask.
  24. There's nothing to lose by just doing it. By waiting, the fuse is already lit.
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