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  1. I would have quit when I was 16...as long as you have a viable plan, they aren't a problem.
  2. I have to nitpick as a Mopar guy...that pic's a 2500. I would suggest upgrading to a Gen 4, like mine:
  3. When in Rome... That's why I switched to 3BLX--that's the new standard for us. It just so happens that I've found it to be better.
  4. I was a bit unclear. I always start 3BLX and if I read a collision or similar, I move to the 1B side of home.
  5. This is becoming the mechanic for us. I have discovered that with practice, it is easier to start 3BLX and move than start POP. If done properly, on a collision, there is no difference on angle relative to the play, you're just looking at it from the opposite side. It does require a better read and a little more distance to cover, but the few times there are plays taken from the 1B side (and still, just as good an angle as 1BLX) are far outweighed by the majority of plays that are better at 3BLX. As for the distance, I have discovered, again, that practice is key. I have a clip of me in a game where there was a swipe tag that I took from 3BLX. The throw came up the line towards third, and the tag was actually administered about 6 feet from the plate. I noticed, watching later, that I started about 10 feet from the plate, but moved closer as I saw the catcher move up the line, to where I was about 4 feet from the plate--and I don't feel that was too close, thinking of what I saw at the time of the play. Point is, the ability to merge instinct with practice is better with this method; with POP, it seemed to me that the decision and movement weren't as intuitive.
  6. Keep up the lack of professionalism and the snide commentary.
  7. Because most people, unlike you, are capable of conversation and mutual learning. This has nothing to do with me, and all with you.
  8. Or, that's what she told the cops.
  9. Sure...I have done that exactly...one time. Wrong...but that wouldn't be a first, nor is it worth my time.
  10. And this higher-level umpire does, as well as most others I know. I, too, do not expect a coach to ask--but if he does, he does.
  11. Just because I'm right... The manager is not "the public." Neither.
  12. Wow. That's pomposity at its finest. Do you put exact quotes in your reports?
  13. The manager has a right to know for what his players are being warned/ejected. Pragmatically speaking, as well, the only thing you are doing by not telling him is allowing that player to proclaim to him his innocence, which will lead to more confrontation. Let him know what his players did--if he then wants to fall on that sword, it's his own fault.
  14. This isn't an issue of doubt. Obstruction cannot occur on a retired runner. Now, I think the way the OP's question should be framed for OBR is, "Is a play at a base the same as a play on a runner for the purposes of enforcing the penalty of obstruction?" I lean towards no, therefore this is Type B, and a double play.
  15. This isn't a he-said/she-said thing. We can look at what actually transpired. I do not see the implication that you see--just that Cactus was making a point that we don't have the experience to judge.
  16. No, he didn't. The only one that did say it was acceptable at that level was Mazza. Cactus said, in essence, we cannot say it's unacceptable because we are not at that level.
  17. You know, I'd understand, but for the timing. I know where you are, and that your new equipment will not see a pitch for five months. Therefore, not only do you have an issue with being addicted to new equipment, you are a masochist in staring at it for close to 200 days...:GL:
  18. I hope not, since your hubris is your major cause for much of what you say, on multiple boards.
  19. He didn't say that. You have some confirmation bias issues.
  20. That's the rumor I'm hearing.
  21. If it makes you feel better, I read your post the same way. He's not the one with the problems--you are.
  22. I already wear one. My opinion? Depends.
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