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  1. I still use the same indicator I bought when I was 15...just your average plastic job. Anyway, I don't think you'll have any issues with what you have there.
  2. Precisely the reason I would never read a book dictated by my wife.
  3. Here's where the problem lies...the award of second is the award for OBS, because it is what nullifies the OBS. Without OBS, the runner gets second. With OBS, the runner gets second. The only reason this interpretation has to exist is because the ball is dead immediately on OBS in this case, the ball would technically never go out of play, and it would bail the defense out of a mistake. It's not two separate issues, it's one superceding the other. That is not the case in the OP. Again, TOT makes sense. On the other hand, that reading bails the defense out of a mistake. If you understand the principle behind the example that you gave, that actually would support an award of third. There does need to be an authoritative opinion on this, despite what some people might say.
  4. One that wants to plow you over on purpose Well, he sucked at that, too.
  5. I'm not insisting anything. There is a basis for both, absent authoritative guidance. Note that I said there is a logical basis for the foundation of awarding third (in OBR,) not that it was set in stone.
  6. I have never used physical contact with the catcher to do anything. I have only had one collision with a catcher, and it was his fault, not mine. What kind of catcher moves up the third-base line on a fly ball to right field?
  7. We're dealing FED here...but, as mentioned already, MLBUM has a caseplay where a runner is allowed to score on an awarded base even after the third out, so the principle of awarded bases being considered immediately achieved for the purposes of continuous action does have foundation.
  8. I'm perfectly willing to admit I am wrong, but not because of this case play. Your case play involves a pitch instead of a throw, and a batter instead of a runner. It's completely irrelevant to the original post. It is completely relevant. Batter-Runner gets second base. In mw94's reply the pitched ball goes out of play. One base award and since the BR has not yet attained first he gets first base only. If the catcher throws the ball out of play it is a two base award and since the BR has not yet attained first, he gets second. same principle. Oh, and in both situations, we are talking about the batter-runner. No, it's not relevant. The awards in this case are TOP, not TOT. BR was not a runner at TOP, therefore he is not awarded anything. In the OP, BR was already a runner at TOT.
  9. CI, BI, and RI? I never want to be your partner.
  10. In all seriousness, I'm thinking third here. You have an awarded base on the walk, then the two-base award due to the ball going OOP. Just my hunch.
  11. Isn't the ball dead on a walk? :fuel:
  12. And...I'm done! Just kidding. I probably won't even start until next weekend.
  13. I'd be cautious about this statement. I think most umpires played or coached, and many have become quite successful as umpires.
  14. I couldn't agree more. In the state tournament (MN) last year guys were wearing black. I'd like to see them go to "if you match" wear what you wish. It was great to see them loosen up the uniform restrictions. I've heard that State Tourney applications are through the roof since the championship games got moved to Target field. It should up the ante, but I fear that it won't. There was a guy last year in the championship last year who never worked three man. Good for him to get a championship, but it seems like they could have worked him in some three man consolation games first. oh well. yeah, I threw my heather gray away...I'm on the edge of throwing my blue away too...it's very out dated. The good news is that there is a plan for more required formalized training for all umpires (instead of the optional portion there is now.) The question is when and at what pace it will be implemented.
  15. MSHSL requires navy hat, shirt, and bags. Most don't follow that, but have the stuff in case they work with a guy who only has the required uniform. If it wasn't for that, I would not have a navy cap or bags (and I wish we'd get away from the navy shirt.)
  16. The second part of the mechanic is that BU has to receive acknowledgement of PU being ready to take the play at 3rd. Absent that acknowledgement, by mechanic, it is BU's call. This is one huge assumption, and you know that that means... This has never been an issue in my association. One of the arts of umpiring is having flexibility for when coverage is blown or when circumstances dictate. This has been converted to science by incorporation into mechanics.
  17. I was so fixated on the horns portion of this passage, that I didn't notice that I have the option not to show anything! I am really starting to like this FED mechanics thing. Note...there's an adverbial clause there. Thus, you still have to show the count, just not with your fingers. I don't want to know the other options...
  18. As BU, you don't ask your PU what they have at third--if you didn't hear them tell you they have third, it's your call.
  19. "Who the hell has you convinced this is six inches?"
  20. Great for those days where you don't have time to change between a funeral and a game.
  21. From the verbage on every site I've seen, they have the LUC pads. I don't have this particular mask, but I do use LUC padding on my FM25TI. Here is what I told Brad when he asked what I thought of them (in May 2010): "The LUCs are very comfortable--I hate leather pads, so I'm biased. I have yet to try them in hot weather, which will be the true test. I think the main gig I have on them is whatever makes them 'crinkle'--aesthetically, it's an unexpected sound. The other improvement I would make on them is to make the strap hole on the TOP pad a bit larger; it's too tight on the straps and makes it difficult to adjust or swap out." They are a firm pad, with a mesh-fabric covering. It seems that between the pad and the cover, there some sort of plastic layer, which produces the "crinkle" I mentioned. They hold their color and integrity well--my pads still look brand-new. They take a shot amazingly well.
  22. Here's some advice: if you can't find it in the book, it's not what you thought it was.
  23. I'm sold. As soon as the tax returns come back, I'm going to get a pair of each...
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