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  1. Wake-up calls are usually not fun, but when a team drops the ball and is willing to pay $300 for a 7-inning DH in a couple of hours...

  2. You can lead Facebook umpires to knowledge, but you can't make them learn.

  3. Bought Zig plates...never worn them. Taking a chance.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MB_Ump


      They were tight on me, but I like the base shoes.

    3. RingEmUp


      The first couple of time I wore the Zig plates they felt tight but after you break them in you should be good.

    4. Matt


      Went up a half-size...they fit perfectly. Next, the Leather Luster.

  4. Got a new SUV. First vehicle ever with umpiring as a thought.

  5. Bucky showing why they are a 1 seed.

  6. Finally divorced!

    1. VAUmp


      Livin' the dream!!

    2. JaxRolo
    3. BigUmpire



      Two things in life no one wins-wars and divorces.

  7. Season's back on!

  8. In the first snows of winter, the news that I will probably miss next season is not very good for my mental health.

    1. Rulekeep


      *awkward shoulder pats*

  9. Ha-ha! Season's not over yet.

  10. Well, well...one final game fell into my lap on Sunday.

  11. I want cake.

    1. tjwoelfel13


      The cake is a lie.

    2. MB_Ump


      I suppose you want to eat it, too?

  12. To all my partners: I know I'm younger, more athletic, and just plain sexier than most of you. That doesn't mean I'll always take the plate.

  13. Sheep go to heaven, rats go to hell...

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