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  1. I would like to know that, too. However... ...if it happens, I don't agree (nor necessarily disagree) that it means nothing.
  2. Why not? Rotation after a base hit, one umpire, there's plenty of times the ball is still in play without an umpire in the vicinity of home plate. I've worked many games were the ball was only put out of play by foul balls and/or hit batters, and I definitely was not planting roots at the plate.
  3. Isn't that making a huge assumption the ball wasn't in play to begin with?
  4. Oh, and for the record, the patent is 6,497,7738.
  5. The patent says it's for aluminum.
  6. Probably out of sorrow at the results of yesterday's football game. Had he decided to join me, he would have made enough money to pay for the upgrade.
  7. The dangers of having multiple (old) email threads on related topics... So, there were multiple questions being asked in those emails, and there was a conflation of two plays. The bolded is correct. Now, the question is if I want to bring up some logic that was mentioned in those emails...well, I'll bring up one bit: The existence of the force out being defined at the time of the miss was not started by Wendelstedt; it was them concurring with Evans that it should be how it is treated, so it was not original in 2013.
  8. There has never been an order of appeals question in anything you've asked.
  9. I'm not so sure. The email was from 2014. I don't think anything has changed.
  10. I'm going off memory here, but I'm thinking of an email chain about ten years ago I initiated that had Jim Paronto and Jim Evans (I can't remember if Hopkins was involved.) I posited a bases-loaded situation with 2 out and a clean double with BR attempting to stretch it into a triple. R1 misses 2B. The play naturally plays out with BR being thrown out at 3B. The defense then appeals R1. Under the OBR interpretation, no runs score because it was a force at the time the base was missed, and it's a favorable fourth out. Under NCAA, the out on BR negates the force, so only R1's run is erased. That NCAA enforcement makes literally no F*#King sense to me (and my choice of words are intentional because of how strongly I feel.) The offense can choose to play for an extra base AND save all but one of the runs even though they were the violators. The BR can negate a force situation at a base they've already passed. Miss a forced base? Everyone might as well keep running, because there's no risk in doing so.
  11. I think this is simpler. I just need to know what the status of that runner was when the infraction occurred, tuck it into my brain, and officiate the rest of the play. This is also probably just a matter of how minds work, too, but this approach makes so much more sense than having the force removed on something that occurred on a different runner after the infraction.
  12. While no pic is needed, the Cobalt is made from HDPE. I prefer the exposed CP under my plate coat, but rules are rules, so knowing that the logo can be safely removed with rubbing alcohol was a big plus.
  13. Incorrect. In OBR, a force is determined at the time the base is missed and no play on any other runner has any bearing.
  14. It is. It's in the RIM I got this year, as I said in the other thread. This has not changed.
  15. No, that does not make the ball live. And you should probably get better.
  16. Can one of the admins change this user's name to Don Quixote?
  17. So, I happen to know who got it. I think it may have been able to go for less, but he's got...personality.
  18. It's not live. It never met the requirements for being live. And to answer your questions, if I realize that I had somehow made the ball live when it should not have been, I do call time and make it retroactive.
  19. For all those "umpires" claiming that there can be a balk without the ball being in play... Do they balk every pitcher who stops their motion when the umpire calls time? Do they balk the pitcher waiting for the ball to be put back in play when he steps off with the wrong foot?
  20. I don't know if he still has it, but I may be able to find out depending on my schedule.
  21. Yes, please. I'd like to compare the condition of mine to it.
  22. The defensive coach was correct. There are requirements to put the ball in play and it is in violation of that rule to put it in play without all of them. Without the ball in play, there are no balks nor plays on runners.
  23. Matt

    $500 Fine!

    They had one?
  24. He didn't deviate, and he was going towards the base (he started outside.)
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