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  1. That metaphor is so tortured, you typed it at a black site.
  2. I'm thinking this might be akin to a batter permitting a pitch to hit him before it reaches the plate.
  3. I don't do FED, so I won't comment on the proper adjudication. However, your partner had no business making this call. This is PU's.
  4. Matt

    Maintaining Possession

    I'm not so sure it is. Look at the description again. I don't see an easy way for it to be between those two objects and be lodged for the purposes of the rule.
  5. Matt

    Maintaining Possession

    The fielder must maintain possession (ball secured in hand) through the act of the tag. This is not a completed tag.
  6. My feet already hurt just from thinking about running in boots.
  7. Hmm...are you trying to imply something?
  8. Matt

    Infield Fly

    I don't think that anyone has said that. Whether an umpire does the right thing and makes an emphatic call of catch/no-catch is, unfortunately for the participants, irrelevant to how the rules apply. If it's caught, it cannot be a dropped ball--there's no provision to kill it because the umpire can't make a F*#King call. At least if there's no catch, the play can be fixed retroactively if there's no emphatic call.
  9. Wouldn't it be FfAF?
  10. And to add, if the offense doesn't say anything until after the inning, it's not distracting.
  11. Matt

    Infield Fly

    No, it can't. Once it's caught, it's not a fly ball or line drive. This may seem like semantics, but it's crucial to understanding when the rule can be applied.
  12. Matt

    Infield Fly

    I agree, but @MadMax used the term I quoted, and I'm pretty sure he knows what a catch is and isn't.
  13. Matt

    Infield Fly

    No, no, no... If it's caught, it is never an intentional drop for the purposes of that rule.
  14. 1. Legal in all codes--it is legal to throw to an unoccupied base for the purpose of making a play. 2. Same, for the same reason. I'm curious as to the footwork--while something unusual isn't necessarily a balk, F1 throwing to the base in front of them shouldn't have much that's unusual.
  15. Matt

    Runs Scoring

    This isn't much different from one of the other situations you posted. There's a missed base and a third out before it's rectified. Thus, that runner cannot correct the mistake, and can still be appealed. Because the missed base was one to which the runner was forced, it is a force out. No runs can score.
  16. Matt

    Returning To Bases

    Offense, for knowing the rules, and the umpires, for also knowing the rules. Someone will have the references shortly, but: A rundown is Type 1 obstruction. Type 1 obstruction has a minimum of a one-base award beyond the spot of the infraction. If a runner has committed an infraction before the ball becomes dead, they can correct it as long as they have not reached an advance base after the time the ball becomes dead. A runner can correct an infraction while the ball is dead, pursuant to the limitations in the above bullet. A runner correcting an infraction must touch the bases in reverse order, and if awarded bases, must retouch in the proper order. An appeal cannot occur while the ball is dead.
  17. The Velcro is great. It allows quick adjustments as your foot swells during the game. They are the one downside--they are a bit long; to get them to where they need to be, I have to pull them about to the white on the side of the shoe.
  18. There's two people on the field who have nothing better to do than tell runners what's going on and what to do. I'll confirm if a runner asks me, but I've got other responsibilities that I'm going to do instead of being a redundancy.
  19. Matt

    Inning Ending Play

    I never said he couldn't. Until there's a cite, no answer can be presumed correct. I do disagree that this is CSFP--an equally-valid argument is that he committed an infraction and them's the breaks.
  20. Matt

    Inning Ending Play

    Do you have a cite that allows a runner to correct a baserunning error after the third out?
  21. Matt

    Runner interference

    Does someone want to find that video of the ball deflecting off the pitcher to the foul line, where BR interferes with him? Oops...sorry, @noumpere.
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