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  1. No. That option only occurs if the batter becomes a runner.
  2. If your avatar is any indication, I don't think this is true.
  3. If you have a loss on your Schedule C, you might be able to carry that forward into next year.
  4. Matt

    End of Game Out

    Yes. If you want to learn how to fish, instead of being given a fish, this situation has been answered repeatedly on this very sub-forum. I think it may even be a sticky.
  5. Make sure it's indica and not sativa.
  6. Yeah, I would highly advise against this line. And if I'm the one saying it's too harsh, you know it is.
  7. Hey, you, get off of my cloud, or as the Scottish shepherd says...
  8. Matt

    3rd Man In

    Unless it's Florida-Florida State.
  9. That's the thing...there has to be intent on the part of the runner for this not to be OBS. (FWIW, this is contrary to the letter of the rule and was not fully cleared up until about 15 years ago.) It's really not that hard to avoid a lumbering idiot (my collision in the state HS tournament two years ago notwithstanding.)
  10. Matt


    No, since Type A isn't a personality. It's a purported collection of traits.
  11. By interpretation in NCAA and OBR, OBS on a BR before reaching first with a ball in the infield is always type 1. No need to worry about timing.
  12. Why would F1 be fielding a throw to 1B? This is always going to be OBS.
  13. Matt

    Infield fly rule

    It appears there's nothing to correct but the status of the runner.
  14. Prove that it was crying wolf. That isn't what has set civil rights back. Statements like yours have.
  15. As it should, given the dynamic in this particular area (and in the US as a whole.) Those things play a role more often than not, and to deny that is to maintain the system that keeps it happening.
  16. Every pitch would be a cockshot.
  17. Matt

    How to award bases

    This is what I feel. I'm not going to cater to ignorance by doing something less correct.
  18. As usual, you're talking when you shouldn't be. Literally nothing other than your point 5 has any validity and the fact that you even mentioned what you did in 4 shows how ignorant (at best) you are.
  19. You don't stop this play in HS or above. Youth ball, maybe.
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