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  1. One of the major things is equity. Not every facility would have the ability to have replay (I'd say almost all HS-level and below would find the cost either prohibitive or not worth it.) So, if it was allowed and only available at a few places, there's the issue of having a de facto different set of rules at those places that have replay compared to those that don't. Also, replay rules get complicated in a hurry--what can be reviewed and when, how challenges work, who is authorized to challenge, etc. I'd say many (if not most) youth coaches would not find the effort worthwhile to learn those guidelines and most youth umpires would not enforce them consistently. For the games that I do that have review, I keep a small copy of Section VIII in my lineup card holder: https://unitedumpires.org/pdf/NCAA-Baseball-Video-Review-Regulations.pdf
  2. That's why the mechanic says to wait until there's no RLI or F/F...
  3. I don't think PU is in a significantly worse position on a swipe tag on this being in the area the mechanics say to go. If the ball is going to first, PU should be off the front edge of the mound. To me it's all about the leverage I mentioned--R3 or an out is a bigger call than R1 or an out.
  4. I used to think the same, until we had a breakdown similar to what the OP was asking on a DP attempt. I as PU was able to get a read step and see the tag by F6 on R1 after a throw from across the diamond, whereas BU was hung out to dry if they had taken it (calls at 2B, 1B, and 3B? Not ideal.) In the end, BU taking an overthrow isn't that much different than PU, and that play at third (when it happens) is a high-leverage situation.
  5. PU's first move, if there's no potential RLI or F/F, is to move to the 3B side of the mound. PU's primary responsibility is R1's slide; secondary is anything that happens at 1B. If R1 is safe at 2B, PU's primary now becomes anything at 3B and home.
  6. At this time, all mechanics (unless FED has changed) have PU taking 3B regardless of if the ball leaves the infield unless there is a play on the 1B line that is theirs (RLI, F/F.) BU takes an overthrow absent that.
  7. I think I know what you're asking, but could you clarify? Are you asking if the situation in the comment holds regarding the runner needing to be tagged?
  8. No one has them (unless they move here from another area,) and there's no need to have them. (Also, with the reputation of the one adjoining association that does use numbers, an umpire in ours wearing it would be subconsciously presumed to be of lesser quality--their reputation is that bad.) With 130ish umpires in my HS/D3 association and well more than that in the D3/D2/D1 association, someone is bound to just decide to have them added (the law of percentages...) This prevents that from happening and losing the uniformity. Is a new umpire from a different area going to get in trouble if they have numbers on from their old group? Not in the "lower" association, which has a collaborative relationship with the "upper" association for mutual assigning (the upper association handles mainly D1 and shares D2 responsibilities with the lower associations while having it in its name. D3 is assigned by the lower associations with availabilities from any umpire that is in any association under the upper umbrella.) The upper association won't be assigning umpires (unless out of pro ball) to any of its games directly until they've got experience in their lower associations (which, being unnumbered, makes it a moot point by the time they do.)
  9. They are forbidden in both of my associations, which cover levels from HS to D1 between the two of them. So, if you want to work up in this state (and D2 or higher for this region of the country,) no numbers allowed.
  10. I would like to know that, too. However... ...if it happens, I don't agree (nor necessarily disagree) that it means nothing.
  11. Why not? Rotation after a base hit, one umpire, there's plenty of times the ball is still in play without an umpire in the vicinity of home plate. I've worked many games were the ball was only put out of play by foul balls and/or hit batters, and I definitely was not planting roots at the plate.
  12. Isn't that making a huge assumption the ball wasn't in play to begin with?
  13. Oh, and for the record, the patent is 6,497,7738.
  14. The patent says it's for aluminum.
  15. Probably out of sorrow at the results of yesterday's football game. Had he decided to join me, he would have made enough money to pay for the upgrade.
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