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  1. Prove that it was crying wolf. That isn't what has set civil rights back. Statements like yours have.
  2. As it should, given the dynamic in this particular area (and in the US as a whole.) Those things play a role more often than not, and to deny that is to maintain the system that keeps it happening.
  3. Every pitch would be a cockshot.
  4. Matt

    How to award bases

    This is what I feel. I'm not going to cater to ignorance by doing something less correct.
  5. As usual, you're talking when you shouldn't be. Literally nothing other than your point 5 has any validity and the fact that you even mentioned what you did in 4 shows how ignorant (at best) you are.
  6. You don't stop this play in HS or above. Youth ball, maybe.
  7. Here's when I call time: When someone requests a conference. When I'm required to by rule. When the pitcher is stalling and the batter asks for it. That covers almost every time I call it. Keep the ball live. It keeps the flow going.
  8. Staple it to your sides.
  9. There's a difference between "yeah, but" and asking for the logic behind something.
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