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  1. I know. I was addressing the people that have gone away from that question...and for the record, I have not begun to express my thoughts on the underlying subject itself (quite literally; I don't see anything in my response that reflected anything about how I feel on the matter.)
  2. No, it doesn't in the context of officiating. There has been case law built upon this that indicates that a state actor cannot sanction a student for expressing their political beliefs, even in an extracurricular activity, if such expression does not interfere with the function of said activity. Thus, kneeling outside of gameplay cannot be addressed. As an official hired by that actor, even mentioning something may cause that to be violated. That's a platitude that's bullSH*#, to be blunt. People have the inherent right to criticize, and veterans' opinions are not of more imp
  3. Then I guess we know that your actual name isn't Walter.
  4. Are you trying to say that Donny has no frame of reference?
  5. If that ever happens, that is what I will call. If they have a problem with it, they can protest and maybe we can get this issue settled.
  6. There's no gap in the rules. Is there a live runner? Have they left the basepath thinking there is no further play? If both are yes, that's abandonment. If not, it isn't. And the 1st/3rd base dugout question is moot; if that determines if this is a missed base vice abandonment, so be it. RH batters have to run further to first. Sometimes there's just advantages or disadvantages to where you are on the field. The one argument I see would expand the applicability of abandonment by applying the gross-miss concept. If a runner passes the plate while missing it by such a large amount to b
  7. That diagram is universal, and it does define reaching a base. And yes, that's abandonment.
  8. It doesn't. No runs, any code. Third (or subsequent) out was made on the batter-runner before legally acquiring first base.
  9. It is explicit in MLBUM and in the NCAA rule book (new for this year,) with identical diagrams and everything, that the position of a runner is based on the edges of the base to which they are approaching. If they do not cross the line that is defined by the edge they are approaching, they have not reached the base and are not subject to appeal (or if they pass that line without touching, they are.)
  10. I'm really not sure what you're getting at here.
  11. MLBUM 36 states that a dead-ball situation does not affect how a passed-runner situation is treated. I think you're trying to expand a comment that is intended for a very specific purpose beyond its intent. A runner cannot miss a base they haven't reached. Also: That ends the discussion in my mind (for OBR.)
  12. This does not mean eject the head coach if they cannot or refuse to get fans under control. NCAA has conference coordinators who will put the screws to their member institutions if this becomes a problem. If we have a situation where we have to do something about spectators, it will not only be a situation known to us, but also to the opponents; they are going to want this taken care of as well. As the cite says, the home institution is responsible for publicly warning the crowd for improper behavior. Even if the head coach refuses to address the crowd, ejecting the head coach if the situat
  13. It absolutely does, which is why we have been using it in 4-man and 3-man where there are no trailing runners. Hell, you can use it as BU in 2-man on a play at third on the only runner--and I have.
  14. Agreed. $100 has a different impact on each person and for that reason, I'd have no problem saying go for it, but it seems like no matter what, you aren't going to get what you were promised. However, that person has earned whatever they get from you sharing the truth whenever and wherever you choose.
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