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  1. Going over the situation pre-pitch is taught at school and at clinics. You need to know the count, outs, position of the runners, and what your rotations and responsibilities are on each potential outcome of that pitch.
  2. Matt

    award bases

    I think a ball got deflected off a fielder's glove and lodged in the shrubbery. In all seriousness, I wish guests could PM; I may know the crew for this game.
  3. Matt

    award bases

    2 bases from the time of the pitch.
  4. Matt


    At the bottom of the input box, it has a place to drag attachments or choose them from your computer.
  5. He pretty much did that. No good deed goes unpunished.
  6. Far better to err on the side of ejecting early in your career than being a pushover. I'd (as in me if I ever got the chance, not that you should) call out that comment by the UIC. I don't keep people in the game; they do. I just don't push them off the ledge.
  7. Restriction is pointless, especially for an assistant. What, now he's super-banned from doing what he wasn't allowed to in the first place? Do not engage him in a rules/judgement discussion. Do not give an answer to his comments. Tell him that he is not going to argue. Warn him if he continues. If he argues at all after the warning, send him. You may skip any of those steps if necessary. You wouldn't be having the question you do if you had done that. He would have either shut up or been dumped, and the HC would have either had to confront you directly or taken a more risk assessment as to whether to be snide with you. He knew you wouldn't dump him, and if you did, he knew you had no leg to stand on--you let his AC go on for a while and tossed him over something only you could hear. Like you said, you're new, and you're here to learn. This is how you learn--I'm not trying to be harsh, but to be clear in what I say.
  8. That's what you meant, right?
  9. Might be, might not be BU's. BU might have fielder-tag-runner and be blocked out. Might be a swipe tag on the side of BR. Both need to know the situation and do their best to assist their partner's primary.
  10. There really isn't one. That's what I did.
  11. Pregame this. We usually use the 45-foot line as our delineation, but we rarely use it. This is where the pregame comes in. The general rule is that on plays between home and the cutout, we're going to make eye contact as we process what we saw. If it was a tag, whoever had the tag in front of them will indicate they're taking it. The 45-foot line only comes in when neither have anything definitive and that's who's going to make the safe call.
  12. When it's a throw, it doesn't matter where it goes out of play (fair or foul;) the penalty is the same. A fair ball deflected out of play in flight does have differing awards if the ball was deflected out of play over fair territory or over foul territory.
  13. In this case, yes... However, there is not a standard rule for throwing the ball out of play. If a pitcher engaged with the rubber does it, it is one base from the time of the throw. On the first play by an infielder, it is two bases from the time of the pitch if not all runners have advanced a base at the time of the throw. On any play by an outfielder or a play by an infielder that does not fall into the category I just said, it is two bases from the time of the throw.
  14. No, it might be (actually, I know) it's me losing it. Strange that All-Star still has them listed at the regular price, unless they have such low inventory that they have no need to change it.
  15. I saw that, wondered what was happening, then checked All-Star's site--no indication there that they are leaving this segment. Might just be the end of the relationship.
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