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  1. There should not be more than one warning. If you informally ask, that's different, but even that needs to be limited. By your own words, you ran too many players back in. That would be an indicator that an actual warning should have been used earlier. You won't look as aggressive if you get this taken care of in three steps and one-two innings as opposed to going back and forth all game.
  2. 1. This question is only relevant in FED. In OBR and NCAA, the run would not count because the runner would return to the time of the pitch and thus never score the run. In FED, the runner(s) return to the last base legally reached at the time of interference. So, what the real question becomes is if interference by a forced runner is a force out.
  3. I don't know if I should be relieved or happy that no one here has made a comment on her appearance yet and it's been over half a day. That alone is a little sad in itself.
  4. Matt

    NCAA Test

    You should be able to eliminate two options fairly easily.
  5. Matt

    White sleeves

    Another part where BRD is incorrect. Unless it is actually distracting, I'm not rewarding the manager trying to mindF*#K his opponent.
  6. That's because you're refusing to accept that you are incorrect.
  7. Always, always, always use a verbal statement on uncaught third strikes.
  8. What makes you think the spirit of the rule says that this isn't interference?
  9. No, but his actions cannot hinder the defense.
  10. 8-4-1a has nothing to do with this play.
  11. Yes, I will. And one needs to understand the rule before one can talk about spirit vs. letter (which is also irrelevant here.)
  12. And I'll clarify this further--if they actually meant i.e., that would mean that the only time momentum was complete was if the fielder had both reversed direction and was running the ball back to the infield.
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