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  1. In both sets of mechanics, with R1 attempting to advance to 3B on a ball in the infield, PU rotates unless there is F/F or RLI to cover. Contrary to what you stated, the ball leaving the infield is not the trigger to rotate--it's the absence of F/F or RLI, and even more contrary to your exclamation, this is not only a rotation, but one that is default.
  2. This is a rotation in both pro and CCA mechanics.
  3. This is supportable by rule in any code. What needs to happen is because they are playing with a time limit, the league needs to understand this and figure out how they want to address it--if they don't provide guidance, it will turn into a conflict.
  4. I'm not surprised that no one has addressed this, because I would guess that the demographics of this site probably to probably view the idea of these lyrics being unacceptable as a foregone conclusion, putting the profanity aside for a moment. I am multiracial but look white (most of the time.) In many POC-majority cultures, that word is not considered inappropriate if not used derogatorily (and in many cases, its usage is racially-neutral.) There are legitimate arguments for using it as a matter of disempowering it or that it should be verboten for all, but that's not the point here--th
  5. Stopping the game is the answer if the other tools don't work. I don't recall seeing anyone here saying not to act on this or that it isn't our problem. If a parent won't listen to the coach who decides their kid's playing time (or even if they stay on the roster in some cases,) they aren't going to listen to some stranger wearing a funny shirt.
  6. If that was the case, why does that not happen in summer ball?
  7. That would not be inconsistent with some of the other anomalies in FED. For example, if you commit an infraction and have advanced a base when the ball becomes dead, you're screwed. Which is why they had to put the exception in about fielders intentionally throwing the ball out of play to prevent runners from fixing their mistakes. A lot of words for a stupid concept that doesn't need to differ from everyone else.
  8. Matt


    You are correct. The question regards the ball's position, not what was touching the plate.
  9. Matt

    Ejecting a fan

    You're in the right place, and making more of an effort to learn than (sadly) probably the majority of youth-ball umpires out there.
  10. Matt

    Ejecting a fan

    1. Don't deal with fans, period. I would make the assumption there's no outside game management there, but that's who you deal with in a situation where a fan needs to leave or the crowd needs to be controlled. In a case where there is none, I would have the crew confer with both coaches and inform them that the game is stopped until that fan leaves. They have no authority over fans, but they can spread the message. If that fan does not leave, the game does not continue. 2. Your comment about your partner's bad call implies you would have done something if a coach had asked. Any time ther
  11. Matt


    No. A tag of a base has to have the hand or glove with the ball in its possession.
  12. NCAA is the same as OBR.
  13. We haven't solved it. We've answered your questions.
  14. It's a problem because the rules have made it a problem. Get rid of the rule.
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