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  1. Normal motion has nothing to do with this. He can use a different motion for every pitch in every game.
  2. I'm not sure how that can be explained. I see a stop. So does everyone else here so far.
  3. He's doing that. I've got nothing in either.
  4. Matt

    Long fly ball

    You know, this is similar to what I wanted to say, but I really didn't want to reward the question.
  5. That's a long sentence. I'd be patient with this, but as soon as I know that F2 never had a reasonable chance at the ball in the vicinity of home plate, I'm acknowledging the OBS. If that ball falls uncaught, it's Type 1. If it's caught, it's ignored.
  6. That would be pretty hard, since the purpose of that exception is to allow F2 to play a ball near home plate.
  7. Careful with this...
  8. If he could hear it, you weren't talking to your manager.
  9. Matt

    Dead ball

    He said nothing of the sort, but think you're having that issue, as you are being told by more-informed people that your method is not proper, and you are insisting it is. It is not a good idea to seek out officials to discuss their calls outside of official channels.
  10. That's great--but those comments are the issue, because they show he did not rule properly.
  11. Flip it over. What do the welds look like?
  12. Matt

    Leave early

    If the ball is in play, yes, they can run.
  13. Did you ask them what they do when R2 misjudges a ball getting away from F2?
  14. Matt


    Not at all. Thankfully, my association only does HS, its summer equivalent, and higher ball. Even with that, I will not take sub-varsity games unless my assignor is absolutely out of options--not because they don't deserve good umpiring, but because my game suffers if I have to jump between levels. An example of this was two years ago--I had done a late-season series between two strong D2s (both made regionals that season) then had to do a 10th-grade game the day after. No harm in doing that once in a while, but I really felt out of place. Personally, I don't know why any game below, say, 10YO needs umpires.
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