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  1. Matt

    Caught ball?

    Point fair first, then give the safe sign while verbalizing something like "It's down!"
  2. Yes, it is what it requires. All it needs for you to know what they are doing and why, whether they tell you, use smoke signals, or are obvious in intent. Is the defense (in toto) talking about appealing or is there no other potential play to occur at that juncture? Did the fielder tag the runner (or bag) intentionally? If both of those are yes, the chances of it being a valid appeal approach 100%.
  3. This falls under any award that would nullify the appeal. We can see why this would be necessary by looking at a scoring play. Let's say we have R1 and R2 with a potential base hit to left. R2 holds, R1 goes halfway, and the ball is down. R2 takes off with R1 on his heels. Both round 3B and the throw comes to home, where F2 obstructs R2, who misses home due to the obstruction, and R1 scores immediately after. If we cannot award the touch, then R2 can never legally touch home and thus score, and the defense gets out of a run by their illegal action.
  4. By rule, it doesn't matter when it comes to interfering with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball. The interfering runner (at a minimum) is always out, with or without the opportunity to make a play.
  5. They figure out what they really meant and then communicate that accordingly.
  6. Matt


    And keep in mind that on an attempted throw to third, the interpretation above is for OBR. It would still not be a balk in FED if the ball did not reach the fielder because feints to third are still legal (for now.)
  7. 1. No. 2. Because he's a F*#King idiot and/or doesn't want to do his job. (Guys who don't handle situations are my biggest pet peeve...can you tell?)
  8. Is there a mandatory play rule? Back in a previous life, when I did LL, I had a manager ask me to give a kid no leash because of MPR. He lasted a pitch.
  9. I use the Ump-Life one. It's magnetic and large. The downside is that I cannot keep it in my chest pocket without it falling out--not a big deal; I just keep it in my ball bag pocket.
  10. Yes, in that it attaches to the catcher, not the umpire. If a coach wants to know what's being said, I'd rather he hear it from me than secondhand.
  11. You never met Lance.
  12. Don't even entertain the conversation. After his first comment, you need to shut it down--do not respond in any way that addresses the comment and make it clear that there is no discussing it.
  13. Matt

    runner hit by fair ball

    We were talking about FED, not the OP.
  14. Matt

    runner hit by fair ball

    Not in FED. FED uses string theory, so if F5 is shallower than the bag, the ball passed him.
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