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  1. Here's what I'm saying. BU takes the path of the red arrow. In reality, the path will be from wherever they are to an area within that triangle--the further they can get to the foul line, the better, but the key is to get from the starting point to anywhere in that area as quickly as possible. If they're in the vicinity of C, for example, they'll gain an angle by moving almost directly towards home.
  2. BU. The thing is not to go to 3B, but go to the 45'--doing that means that there's usually only about 60' to move before you have an angle.
  3. I have never worked for a college assignor who didn't want us on the 1B side. I'd rather take the chance of having someone blocking my view of the slide than having an angle that doesn't allow me to see 3/4ths of the criteria I need to see to determine if it's legal or not.
  4. The way we've been doing it for years--PU goes to the 1B side, not 3B side. That's why I was having such a brain fart--I know of no one who uses a mechanic with PU going to the left side of the infield.
  5. They don't address it because it's not an approved mechanic. The only 2-umpire system that has PU cover 3B on a ball in the infield is FED, and I direct you to my previous comment on the subject.
  6. No. Keep in mind that in a 3-umpire system, if PU rotates, U1 comes down to the plate (assuming no one goes out.) You aren't going to want that to happen with BR now at first, and he can't if there's a play on BR.
  7. I'm just going to ask if you read the topic title. And for the record, in the 2-umpire system, no credible set of mechanics has PU going to third with the ball in the infield.
  8. Could be anything from nothing to ejection, depending on what's happened so far and what occurred with the slap.
  9. Matt

    Side clips

    Those remind me of my bag clips, without the retaining piece. https://armysurpluswarehouse.com/gi-duffle-bag-clip/
  10. They did. It's now in line with everyone else, so R2=runner starting the play at second.
  11. Please do...my first thought when I saw the title was "What did they get wrong this time?"
  12. Matt

    Intentional Walks

    You're damn right I will. The offense messed up, the defense knew the rule and how to use it to their advantage. As for the OP, it's whoever asks first. If I can't tell who asked for time first, whoever I talk to first based off of the coin-flip in my head gets their request.
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