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  1. Was there anyone else in position to play the ball?
  2. Doesn't matter. It's interference. You may think it's unfair, but it's even more unfair to teach them something that isn't the rule.
  3. Matt


    And I don't look Druish.
  4. Matt


    Don't worry. It's only 20+ years old.
  5. Matt


    Exactly. Same thing on a U3K if he has the right to attempt for 1B.
  6. Matt


    This is nothing. The throw struck a runner, so absent intent, it's not interference.
  7. Matt

    Batting Out of Order?

    Ouch. Send him here.
  8. Matt

    Batting Out of Order?

    There you go. It doesn't matter what is said, but what is written.
  9. Matt

    Batting Out of Order?

    What were the tournament rules? Did they allow a DH in a continuous batting order? Was the lineup truly continuous?
  10. Matt


    Nope. Next question.
  11. You have to go a step further (see my reply.) Simply kicking the rule does not mean the protest would be upheld; it would have to be shown that the outcome of the play was incorrect. An umpire can blow a rule and still end up with the correct result. It needs to be shown that the runner would have been protected beyond 2B and that the play at home was a consequence of the obstruction. Without that, there's no way for a protest committee to know. If the umpire had applied the rule correctly, yet only protected him to 3B, the outcome is still the correct result (by rule, that is) even though he missed the application.
  12. Free advice, stay away from counterexamples and hypothetical situations. They detract from the important points that need to be discussed on the field (at the bar, here, when you have time, they're fine and can be helpful, but not in the moment. Umpires need to remember this more than coaches do.) In order: The first thing is always to make sure that the judgment piece is removed. In this case, ask him if the runner was obstructed, and then if he would have been safe at home if it hadn't been for the obstruction. If no, you have nothing else to go on. If yes, you now have a rules issue (and make sure you know the relevant parts of the rule and their outcomes.) In this case, we have obstruction with the proper penalty being whatever would nullify the obstruction. I would state that, not ask about it--there's a bit of psychology involved in that if you ask a person if you have something correct, it is viewed as more adversarial than simply stating it. If he does not agree, now you protest.
  13. Matt

    Legal action?

    That is correct.
  14. You keep discrediting your opinions on this when you engage in hyperbolic demonization of the facts.
  15. Matt

    Legal action?

    Keep in mind that that conversation was mainly about stopping in a pitching delivery. A stop in a move to throw to a base is a balk for failing to step directly to the base.
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