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  1. I think he gets a little juice if you buy when clicking on his link
  2. Correct, I understand. That's the whole reason they work. It is a true freezing point and melting point of a substance different from water. Thank you for clarifying. Much like butter, it's "frozen" or solid at room temperature, but it doesn't take much more of a raise from room temperature to melt it.
  3. What is the main difference (if anybody knows) between the endurance pad and the performance pad? By the name, I'm guessing the endurance pad lasts longer and the performance pad is cooler for a shorter period of time. Any official thoughts?
  4. So the "non-velvet" side is the side that you wear up against your undershirt? The "velvet" side is the side that touches your Douglas?
  5. I think that one you actually have to submerge in water, ring it out and use it that way. It uses evaporation as a coolant, under your chest protector, it may not work as intended.
  6. Can you post some pictures of the one that you have? I can see them on the GD website, but I'm more curious as to the type of material that covers the cold packs. Thank you, John
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