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  1. I think under some circumstances, they certainly could place the B/R at a base to nullify the OBS, even though he wasn't the direct victim of the Type 2 OBS. In this case, if you support the Acta, you place Choo at 2B. I am thinking the reason they didn't put him on 2B is because he stopped and went back to 1B...had he gone all the way through to 2B, and was thrown out in a close play, could they have awarded him 2B...maybe since he retreated back to 1B, they didn't make the award? Is that possible, or doesn't that apply in this example of OBS? Thanks, John
  2. Guys, thank you for your reviews on the new Honigs shirts. I received them and I'm glad I got the XL to wear over my WV Gold. XXL would have been way, way, way too big. These are definitely sized for the plate. Thanks
  3. I disagree. If he knows he kicked it, this is a changable call. Nothing changes except an out instead of a run. You don't have to place runners or anything else funky. Obviously you disagree with me...so may I ask you why you feel so strongly about the conference assuming that he asked the question to his crew if the ball was on the ground or rolled out of his glove along his CP or something along those lines, not "Hey Bill, did you think he was out?" because I highly doubt that was the theme of the conversations?
  4. Based on the timing of his call, my guess is that he called the guys in to see if they saw the ball on the ground. When they told him "no," he changed his call to out. It probably was that simple.
  5. Any talk on the price of the leg guards? I know All Star doesn't set the MSRP, but there has to be a ball park number floating around.
  6. I would love a tool or a strap to keep the ankle plates from flaring out. While it's not a huge issue, it annoys me. So if they can include something in there that could fix it and not be a big PITA, that would be awesome
  7. I would encourage you to please contact Honigs. According to the gentleman at Honigs, he's only seen this twice in his career. At least let them know that there's more to it than my isolated case, that he thinks is all my fault.
  8. Yeah, I'd imagine your local tailor can put a zipper in there rather easily.
  9. Is Jeff Nelson one of the scissors guys remaining or has he switched??
  10. I've moved on guys. If my original comment ruffled feathers, it certainly wasn't meant to do that, in fact, I wrongly thought it was a bit humorous. So my apologies for making a comment that upset people. Okay...moving on...this is too good of a board for back and forth bickering about nothing.
  11. Not that it matters to Rite-Temp, but GD should ensure they keep a stock, then. I agree with you 100%...I feel like the person at GD isn't doing their job of keeping them in stock if Rite Temp has them in stock. I've had an order in with them since July 20th with weekly emails to check the status. They are good about responding to my emails, but bad about having the product in stock. Jax, did you have any luck w/ Rite Temp directly?
  12. Couple of good EJ's 1. Throwing equipment in protest of a call. 2. Chirping from the dugout. It was fun to lip read on #1 and a little bit of audio on #2.
  13. YES, what Slo8140 said, .... back off. 10 games worn BEFORE I reviewed it. Don't be a hater because you weren't involved Lighten up...a little sensitive aren't we? I couldn't care less if I was involved in testing it out or not...Based on the final product, it seems like they did pretty well without me and many others. My comment had absolutely nothing to do w/ sour grapes...absolutely nothing. I will be buying one regardless. Find something else to misinterpret besides my post.
  14. Yep, the zippers are for changing in and out the cooling packs.
  15. GD is out of stock. Anyone know where else I can get these? Call ritetemp directly. (321)724-1022 I was told that they will sell to you directly if GD is sold out.
  16. This was going to be my second question, but I knew you'd be the first to answer, and I knew you'd bring up positioning!! Posted this 'somewhere else' also, and was told positioning was correct He must have been blocked out...the camera didn't give us angles from anywhere else except where the umpire wasn't.
  17. Which probably explains why he's been drilled a couple of times.
  18. It might be easy...from what I'm reading they gave a CP to some guy to test who only wore it for like 10 games.
  19. I really don't think it was the heat. It certainly could be...just not too likely. I really don't know.
  20. mazza, thanks for the above post. I had an issue with this exact thing last weekend. Setting up in the slot, LH pitcher, LH hitter crowding the plate, large, large catcher taking away my slot and w/ pinpoint control F1 starts pounding the inside corner. It is very uncomfortable working that high and right over the top of F2, but that's the only success I had on those pitches. While I did possibly miss a couple as I experimented with different techniques, the one you suggest, seemed to be the only one that worked. Thanks!!!
  21. Just an update...I spoke w/ Honigs on the telephone last week and it seemed like we were going to try and work something out. If I have time tomorrow, I will call them, because it doesn't seem like they're going out of their way to call me back. I've washed my shirt three times now and worn it once, but the track marks are still there...certainly not as prominent, but still there.
  22. Guys, I've made a couple of calls and from who I talked to, it's coming in over $200, with an MSRP of $218
  23. Well, the pants are probably shot, but hopefully I can save my shirt. I guess I thought the pants would fade out and become garbage before the rubber failed along the waist line. I work far more plates than bases over the course of a year so it really surprises me that this occurred so soon.
  24. Great! When you get it make me a copy! Ha, ha, ha
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