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  1. Yup, and the Davishield and +POS SUL are leaving the garage, too. A pair of the ol' patent leather Honig's plate shoes end tomorrow. That'll about cover the new All Star stuff coming in(don't tell the wife!) Still got another Douglas somewhere. I think I lent/gave it to one of my Junior umpires, perhaps. I'll be curious to see what you get for your +POS SUL, I have one in my bag that I haven't worn in years!
  2. No offense, but I'm glad that I didn't place any more bids...I didn't really want it, for $181...I was close to owning it. Yikes!!!! It is a problem. But it is fun!
  3. Well, I just did myself a big favor by driving up Kyle's Douglas stuff by pushing it through what I was willing to spend on this. I think I pushed it up $40 in the last minute or so...not intentionally....somebody has a very large bid...probably over $200 for the pair.
  4. Hi Kevin. I'm John and I am a gear junkie. In a few weeks my All Star CP and All Star Leg Guards will be arriving as my 1 yr old WV Gold and 8 month old Douglas begin to gather dust in the back of my truck. It's so hard to pass up though!!! Can't wait to see what else comes up this winter!!!
  5. Okay, thanks. It should be here in the next business day or two based on that.
  6. Those of you who ordered the manual....how long did it take you after you paid via paypal for you to receive your manual? Thanks!!
  7. I think the sleeves are made short intentionally
  8. Officially Sports has the New Balance plate shoes for $69 right now. and like $9 shipping. https://officiallysports.com//index.cfm? Good luck
  9. It wouldn't be wrong to consider the All-Star Chest Protector
  10. If I remember correctly Guccioni kicked one like this in New York in a playoff game against the Twins and he did not change his call. Props to the guys for changing their call.
  11. I'm pretty sure there's a fair amount of proof that while titanium is lighter, it is not stronger and the expensive titanium masks are getting dented while overall the steel ones are no longer much heavier and a lot more durable.
  12. I am surprised that we're not talking about them changing the call and placing the runners. That was gutsy at the MLB level, but seeing it gives me the confidence and balls to be able to do this in my lowly amateur games that I do. That was a bold move. I would tell Freddi, that "you know he didn't catch it, your player knows he didn't catch it, the entire stadium knows he didn't catch it, one or more of our umpires, including CB, possibly saying that he missed it, we're getting the call right, now go back to your dugout and you'll remain in the game."
  13. I ordered mine a few weeks ago. Let me know when you get your CP just as a shipping comparison. The email I received from UA, stated that it could be as soon as mid-September but as late as November.
  14. I have the above mask in my equipment bag. Yes, I use it for baseball.
  15. He recently offered this for sale via his facebook page. I haven't heard anything bad about it. I haven't heard back from him yet, but he was selling it for $35.
  16. I got hit on the shoulder gap too this summer, I knew it too.
  17. Read up in the thread and there are measurements that appear to have the CP coming down a bit further where needed, if that makes sense. That being said, I wear a 12" Gold, and I ordered a 12" All Star, but I have not tried the All Star, but like you, 15" seems too big. I can tell you that I'm almost certain that All Star designed it to be better than the Gold.
  18. It's more than likely a screenshot from that DVD that's out there.
  19. wow, I've never seen that before. Somebody wasn't where they were supposed to be. I saw U1 go out. U2, must have stayed at 2B, then U3, for some reason rotated over, U2 must have seen that it was going to be a tag play, didn't need distance at 1B, lined up the catch and retouch, as U3 thought that U2 was going to float to 1B for a throw back and retouch, but he didn't, which probably left 3B unoccupied.
  20. yeah, Helton throws out a prayer. he really wasn't close, the real time video is inconclusive, but the other angle shows the glove swiping the ground, but completely missing R1. This is not automatic.
  21. You put some time into these photos...nicely done. He is certainly consistent in his proximity to close tag plays which tells me that what he's doing is intentional. That's all I know at this point.
  22. You won't find the Black Wilsons new anywhere under $90
  23. Interesting thanks. I haven't heard that mechanic before (except a long, long time ago), but if they're teaching it in pro ball, it makes it worth considering.
  24. Yep, after watching the clip he put his foot back down where it started, no distance and direction. Balk. Announcer says, "that's the first base umpire's call." Oh, another announcer that went to umpire school. Very nice.
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