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  1. Is that the same one Chris Hickman wears? I must have it!!!!
  2. Is this the same hood Chris Hickman wears? I must have it.
  3. The polywools are great...I know that ump-attire.com is coming out w/ their own version of polywools. That being said, the Honigs ones are great. I had a problem with a pair of mine and I will say that Honigs stood behind their product 100%. I am thinking that I'm going to wait for Ump-Attire's version to be released because I want to have a "Tournament" set of gear from the plate or base cap down to the shoes that I only wear for "big games" while I umpire all games the same way, I have read that other umpires in here have a "Tournament" set of gear so they always look the very best when working high profile games. You can't go wrong w/ the poly-wools. Take the advice you've been given on here, but tread very, very lightly if you are going to try to wash them on your own.
  4. hopefully none...I would like to see his mask collection when he's done collecting them all.
  5. Is that the same one Chris Guccione wears?
  6. This made my morning!! Good one Jax
  7. Just another add making the umpire look like a complete moron. Set up that far outside, indicator in the wrong hand...about the only thing that was right about his mechanics was his timing...it certainly wasn't too quick. yeah, the umpires are always made out to look like idiots.
  8. The WUM has some EJ protocol suggestions in it...that is the first time I've seen some ejection guidelines in place outside of the vagueness of the rule book and MLBUM
  9. Seeing plays like this makes me feel better about making the occasional mistake...it even happens at the highest level. We just don't have the cameras to confirm or reject our call.
  10. Typically I will haul my gear in this trailer for night games, I have a blue one for day games. Seriously...will it be this bad someday?
  11. I say this with the utmost empathy and respect: Johnny, you are ill. Hi Kevin...thank you. Yes, I know I have a problem. I hope nothing new comes out now...I truly will have to buy more gear to haul my gear. :-)
  12. Looked like a Riddell Power to me, ...but I may be wrong .... I wasn't watching last night, but a lot of the MLB guys wear the Power and if they're wearing their plate coat, sometimes they'll throw a WV sticker or Wilson sticker on the power.
  13. Happy, happy day! I just received my shipping notification on my new All Star stuff. It should arrive by Thursday or Friday.
  14. Looks like a single knee version. Very nice. Cheaper too!
  15. Swing and a miss. That's a hockey goalie mask throat extension. Johnnyg, That appears to be a red Bic Velocity 2.0 pen with a cushioned grip. Available in packs of 10 at your local Office Depot. People: stop feeding trolls. I know, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!! :-) It is pretty fun! Are you sure that is the pen that he has? I must have that exact one. Are they available this year? Or will I have to wait until 2012 until the new pens come out???
  16. What kind of pen is in his pocket? I want that!!!!!
  17. What type of belt is he wearing? I must have it
  18. This thread has become my favorite one to read!!!
  19. Okay are you positive this is the exact one the Gary Darling wears? As I'm dying to know. Stop feeding the trolls.
  20. Got my WM yesterday. Excited to dig in. I agree...some of the print is very small. But I think it's going to be a great resource.
  21. I think there is something to appearance like what Kyle is saying...politicians are all about appearance...I mean ALL about appearance...it's not reality, it's about perception. If facial hair was looked upon as being favorable and trustworthy, we'd see it in Washington. Remember, in many cases, perception is reality. Like it or not.
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