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  1. Stretch

    Crazy Play

    Matt, point being the coach has an option because of the CI. We agree on the enforcement/s. In pro-ball, the mangers are supposed to know they have an option. In lower level ball, I am expecting someone to come out and ask what just happened and if there is an option. I didn't say I'm running over to the dugout and explaining this thing and saying "coach you have an option here". So, I'm not sure what the "nope" is referring to.
  2. Stretch

    Crazy Play

    If I understand Umpschool’s directions on how to handle a balk followed by a CI: Let everything play out. Give the coach/manger his option (because of the CI) for the result of the play or CI penalty. If the result of the play does not fulfill the requirements for a balk to be nullified (all runners including the batter-runner advancing one base safely) enforce the balk. Now, if he wants the CI penalty, you put the batter on first and move runners that are forced to advance (keep in mind the runners stealing and squeeze play wrinkles). Did this fulfill the requirements for a balk t
  3. Stretch

    Crazy Play

    There was a similar thread on this topic. From page 2 of "Balk with catcher's interference" topic in Rules: Posted by umpschool: "If I could chime in: We teach that you enforce penalties as the provisions provide for. For instance, in order for a balk to be nullified, all runners including the batter must advance one base safely. However, if it is followed by a catcher's interference, you must first enforce the catcher's interference (if necessary) to see if all runners, including the BR advance. And that requires that you let the entire play end. Take the following play: Bases loaded,
  4. Stretch


    Did you call it both ways?
  5. No they are still up. Try honig's whistle stop in your browser's search option. I tried honigs.com and it came up with some goofy thing about the domain name being up for sale. The other way got me to their web site.
  6. Did they run out of shoe laces to tie together to make a string from home to first? Remember kids...cell phones and line chalking do not mix.
  7. I wondered what was to be "won" by the stand-off. Then it dawned on me... an vacation ejection.
  8. No update required. The players left the line when we warned them. I guess they didn't want to explain to their head coach why he(the head coach) was ejected or didn't want to be the cause of the head coach being ejected.
  9. They tried this stunt this past Saturday. We nearly got 5 from each team and the head coaches. One side didn't even hide it was about to happen because you could hear "stand-off stand-off" from one of the benches.
  10. Hey Jason, I think we have found a new topic to add to your clinic. "How to prevent premature bristle loss"
  11. Warren, you should have asked her what Layne Bryant panties go best with poly-wools or an Un-equal chest protector?
  12. Might be good game management experience. Make the "wrong call" and you have unhappy parents and unhappy kids. They paid to be there just like some leagues and tournaments. Good luck.
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