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  1. Why not just reach out to Joe himself at his website?  Maybe he's got some old stock lying around?



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    2. Thunderheads


      yeah ..no biggie .....  heck , if Joe doesn't have any,...geeeez ....

    3. BrianC14


      Well I see that his website says "Get ready for the 2016 season".    LOL    

    4. Thunderheads
  2. YEs, sorry for the double request... BC

  3. Warren, How do payments get handled via the Classifieds? Thanks, Brian

  4. IP chaser?! ME?!? I"m as computer stupid as they make them! Your user name/ avatar-picture thing says "Rhode Island" below it.... and I've been to the Ocean State enough to know how small it is! LOL I was in Woonsocket to appraise a shopping center last Friday, then spent the weekend up in Maine visiting family. (Yep, I"m a Maineianc)!

  5. Couldn't you just do a "5" for the overall?

  6. Warren, Something caught my eye the other day with the ratings ... .the ratings go from 1 to 5 (no problem there) but then the overall rating goes 1 to 10... .that's a bit odd, and out of the ordinary for statistical analysis purposes (e.g., the highest you can rate any particular category is "5", and yet the overall is "10"). Is there a way to make those consistent? I think that either all categories should be 1 to 10 or the Overall category should be 1 to 5. Your thoughts? Thanks, Brian

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