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  1. What is going on with Honig's?   I see from their website that they now have just two retail locations working, the original in Ann Arbor, and in Colorado (Sheridan, a suburb of Denver).  

    Last week (mid week) on the way to a game, I stopped by to check on some plate shoes and couple of new shirts.    Surprise!  They're closed.   Being the inquisitive type, I noted that lights were on in the showroom / office area.   Hmmmm..... across the driveway I see they have a warehouse in an adjacent building.   Over there, the lights are on, and I see someone near the door so I knock.  He answers the door, and says, "Yeah, we're closed for inventory."    Darn it.   Wasted trip.

    The next day I call them (getting smarter, I am) to see if they are open.   "No, we're still closed for inventory, check back with us Friday morning."    Really?   

    Fast forward to yesterday (Sunday).  I'm working a double header with a guy... "in the know" about the company.  (Let's leave it at that for attribution).

    He tells me that the Ann Arbor location is either closed our about to be closed, and everything in stock is being sent to the Colorado store.   Wow, now that's some news.

    So today I call in to them, asking about NB plate shoes (the idea was to try on a couple of different sizes, just to be sure).    First thing they tell me is, "We are only accepting cash."  Then they say,  "No, we don't have sizes 10, 10.5 or 11 in the New Balance plate shoe."     ::::: mic drop :::::

    There's my review.    

  2. I wear a size L on both base shirts and plate, and I use the Platinum. An XL for me would look as though I'm setting sail  so that's out.

    One way to put on your shirt is to put both arms into the sleeves, then pull the shirt over your head; sometimes it's a bit of a wrestle to get the shirt over the shoulder pads, but not always.

  3. What a surprise I got today!

    Well, they say that an umpire should never be surprised. In this case, a surprise was a good thing!

    Jim Kirk, you are a class act!

    Today I received an "Ultimate Pro Umpire Ball Bag" in the mail! I won't bore readers with a repeat of Dave's well-written overview, (since I agree 100%) - but I will say that I'm very impressed with the appearance, quality and workmanship of the Ultimate Pro (and I even gave it the Dave Teater patented "stress test" on the corners), and the Ultimate Pro passed with flying colors.

    The color is right, the size is right, and the extra features... well, they'll have to wait until next weekend, when I hit the field (fingers crossed for no snow here) for a few scrimmage games.

    Thanks, Jim! I'll be reporting back with a more thorough review.
    OK, I finally got a chance to use the new "Ultimate Pro ball bag" last weekend when I worked a college double header.

    Straight away, the zippered pocket came in very handy, as I was on the dish during the afternoon game. The skies were mostly cloudy, but we had periods of sunshine during the game. The zippered pocket allowed me to carry my sunglasses safely (Oakleys are expen$ive!) until I decided to wear them, so that feature alone makes the Ultimate Pro worthwhile.

    I normally don't like (or use) the inside pockets, so I was a bit concerned that the inside pockets might make it difficult in retrieving a baseball when I needed one. However, the material of the Ultimate Pro that makes the pockets is sturdy enough to prevent the 'floppiness' that some ball bags have on the inside.

    Overall, I rate the Ultimate Pro ball bag as a "Must Have" in any umpire's kit.

    Thanks again to Jim Kirk and www.ump-attire.com
  4. I just bought one pair each of the plate (PBS2) and base (PBS1), the poly-wool slacks.

    All I can say is 'Wow!' Very nice material, well constructed, and quite simply, they look great. Although they are on the pricey side, but quality has its price, doesn't it?

    One issue I have is that their website states:
         "All Honig's slacks are washable, permanent press, polyester."

    That's not the case, however, with the poly-wool slacks, which have a tag inside them that reads:
         "Dry Clean Only"

    I plan to use Dryel the first couple of times to see how that works. If it does work it's certainly cheaper than taking them to the dry cleaners shop, and it avoids the hassle of that as well.

    We'll see...

  5. I got my first use of my new Shock FX this past Sunday, and I now rate this product a "10". (Previously was a '7', until I had at least one game use).

    We had a bright, sunny day, and so I wore my sunglasses underneath with no problem at all.

    The view is so much better than the Dynalite mask that I'd been using, which made tracking the ball a great deal easier.

    Some guys says that the HSM is too hot - but I do not necessarily agree with this. We had a day that hit 90 degrees, with not even a hint of a breeze, and no clouds. I worked a double header, and granted, at the start of the 1st game (I was on the plate) it was a bit cooler, but still, by the end of game 1, it was quite warm - maybe 85. I tried to make a comparison (subjective, of course) of how hot my head felt during Game 2 while on the bases and wearing a standard wool hat. I actually felt more comfort with the Shock helmet due to the vents on it, that allowed heat to be dissipated, whereas wearing a wool hat, which holds in the heat. Again, this is quite subjective, and I'll try to pay more attention next time around, and of course, your mileage may vary.

    Overall, though, I really like wearing the Wilson Shock FX. It's light, has a great view, and I'm very glad I bought it.

    I put 'N/A" on "Look", as I'm not a fashion hound when it comes to my gear - I prefer function over form.

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