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    Foul Tip clarification

    Yes. A FOUL TIP is a batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher’s hands and is legally caught. It is not a foul tip unless caught and any foul tip that is caught is a strike, and the ball is in play. It is not a catch if it is a rebound, unless the ball has first touched the catcher’s glove or hand. And, for Fed, we have the following Situation: 2.16.2A: B2 swings and tips the ball and a) the ball goes directly to the catcher's glove and then rebounds to the catcher's chest protector, the the ball is caught by the catcher... RULING: In a) the pitch is a strike and remains live.
  2. I purposely said this about my Platinum a MONTH ago -- still haven't gotten hit.
  3. You forgot: cup As for me, I've never done it. This year, I noticed a partner's fly down during the plate meeting. Afterward, as we were giving our "see you in 7 innings" talk, I mentioned it to him. He answered, "That's not the first time, but it's the first time my partner saw it." Poor guy.
  4. And you can take Viagra to help with the first thing. :)
  5. amazon.com sells it, as does most bookstores.
  6. I can't speak for LL, but OBR has the following. I can't imagine any ruleset using a different rule: Rule 4.12© Comment: If immediately prior to the call of a suspended game, a substitute pitcher has been announced but has not retired the side or pitched until the batter becomes a base runner, such pitcher, when the suspended game is later resumed may, but is not required to start the resumed portion of the game. However, if he does not start he will be considered as having been substituted for and may not be used in that game.
  7. When I saw a sign at the local park saying "UMPIRES NEEDED" four years ago, I didn't expect any pay -- as far as I knew, the umpires as I grew up at the Little League park didn't get paid. After taking the test and passing, the UIC stated I would get $12 per game. I was amazed. I get paid for this? In that time, I've seen good umpires and bad umpires -- all of them paid (minimally, but paid). When I joined the HS association, I saw the same (only getting paid more). Higher pay doesn't always equal higher quality.
  8. This is why I added my wife as a friend on Facebook. :)
  9. +1. It says a lot for a company to take that time. I'll be in the market for a new mask in the next year or so, and will definitely check out All Star Sports when that time comes.
  10. If you, or anyone, would like a copy of the file in a Word document, I'll be glad to send it on.
  11. I found this post on "Joyce's call" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Post Of The Month June, 2010"
  12. Is it possible it's only when U1 is inside, which would give U3 the better position to see it?
  13. I've always had an issue with the books at the local park, so I made my own way of keeping track. I printed small scorecards on card stock; each card is the size of a playing card. On my indi-clicker-thingy, I use "Inning" to keep track of the runs for that half-inning. After the third out, I record the runs on my card, then zero it out. I began using it on the high school fields, too, but only as the BU. At the plate, I use the margin of one of the lineup cards. As BU, I can use the back of the card to write down information for warnings and ejections, as well as little notes for me to remember for my journal for the game.
  14. Even as a Cards fan, I was confused. My only thought is that Herzog wasn't available, so they went to the next name on the list. LaRussa's a lot easier to get a hold of.
  15. +1. I remember getting his rookie card as a pre-teen.
  16. A wise man once said, "the easiest way to get a rule changed is to enforce it." I'd like to add "or take advantage of it."
  17. Joyce stated himself that he thought the runner beat the throw. He never mentioned the possible bobble, so I doubt it influenced the play.
  18. I carry an indicator as BU for all levels I umpire (HS on down). My first year in HS, I asked my first few partners if I should carry it -- each said I should, and that I should keep it updated. As the BU, I have never corrected the PU's count. NEVER. Even when our counts didn't match, I didn't correct him. If a problem came up, which is has, he either kept his count or looked at the official book -- he NEVER came to me. As the PU, I have never had my count corrected. NEVER. I've had the wrong count before, too. If a coach argued, I went to the book IF I knew mine could be wrong. The question now is why the BU should carry one if it's never used. Good question. If my partner wants me to carry and use it, then I will. Since my first three partners in high school wanted it, I did it. Since then, I haven't asked -- and no other partner has complained. I didn't think it was that difficult.
  19. I bought a Plat this year. Wore it through high school with no hits. Left it at home today; I had the smaller kids and 90° heat. In the 4th, I took a foul that glanced off my left shoulder. I didn't feel it, but wished I had my Plat on at the time.
  20. If I'm a coach, I'm having my sub-Mendoza Line players throw the bat their first two times at bat. Nothing like having your 2-6 batters as the only ones hitting. :)
  21. This. In my definition of "vicious," a coach isn't around too long. As far as tending to the player, I'll let him after the ejection -- once the player's off the field, though, the coach is at the parking lot.
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