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    Ball or Balk

    The 2009 Baseball Preseason Guide, page 3, "Pitching requirement changes". My quote may be worded a bit differently, as my scanned copy cut this page in half for some reason: "...that going to the mouth while in contact with the pitcher's plate is a balk, not because the pitcher is going to his mouth, but because the action simulates the beginning of the pitching motion."
  2. No love for the Fed Case Book, mazza? :violin:
  3. Let's take it a step farther: R3. Batter swings and the bat slips out of his hands on a pitch that goes to the backstop. Bat hits F1 in the legs as he's running to the plate to cover on R3 attempting to advance. F1 is unable to reach the plate in time to make a play.
  4. OK. So similar to softball mechanics, where you're outside the infield.
  5. "The situation will find you."
  6. What did you tell the coach when he asked?
  7. Apparently not. :smachhead:
  8. This is where communication between batters and after advancement is key for umpires. A quick show of the outs and a pointed finger to the cap would have saved a lot of face in this situation. I occassionally get partners that don't communicate. Even if he doesn't respond to my signals, I still do them. It keeps me in the game, and it's an easy reminder of what will happen.
  9. The version of J/R I have says the following (bolding mine): Reading this, I'm calling it if the whole bat interferes, whether the batter released it on accident or on purpose. I don't read "slipped" anywhere in the rules that allow the interference to be ignored, and unless you can show me something that defends the point, I can't see how you wouldn't call INT in any code.
  10. I'm going with the medium-sized shirt. Those aren't the old Elbecos are they?
  11. yawetag

    Just curious...

    Not me. He's already had his warning.
  12. yawetag

    Ball or Balk

    And it makes no sense at all. If going to the mouth is balk because it simulates the start of the pitch, why isn't it the same for going to the hat?
  13. This is one of the things I definitely need to work on as PU. The problem is that it's virtually impossible to practice. I can call balls/strikes by watching games, I can practice my stance and strike three calls, I can even practice all the mechanics; however, I can't practice watching a play develop. My problem is that I almost always go 1BLX. I know it's wrong, and I know it after the play ends. But I started that when I started umpiring, and it's a bad habit to break. I'm trying to remind myself to take the point and move with the play, but I'm always confused on where to go to see the play the best. Watching the MLB guys, and even more-experienced guys in my association, it seems so easy.
  14. FED 7-3-6: ...If a whole bat is thrown and interferes with a defensive player attempting a play, interference will be called. PENALTY: The batter is out and runners return. If, in the umpire's judgment, interference prevented a possible double play, two players may be ruled out. NCAA 7-11-n: A batter is out when: A whole bat is thrown into fair territory, whether intentionally or not, and it interferes with a defensive player attempting to make a play. Interference shall be called.
  15. That's not nice. I was keeping my brush in there to sweep the pitching rubber between innings.
  16. It's so nice, it prevents you from realizing he's out of position for the call.
  17. Give him some credit -- the shins aren't on over his pants.
  18. yawetag

    Ball or Balk

    Yet going to the hat isn't. :spit:
  19. Or when the Cardinals are in town!:o
  20. Ah. I thought you were playing on a cricket field. :o
  21. Not only that, U2 heard it and saw it -- or he wouldn't have banged him out so quickly and easily.
  22. Just like mine that has "protected" me dozens of times without a scratch? I won't go so far as to say it's a conspiracy? However, it's widely known that companies (especially car companies) will weigh the benefits and downsides to replacing as needed or making a recall. If you've seen Fight Club, you'll know what I'm talking about.
  23. No backstop? I hope the catchers block well.
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