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  1. Maybe the farmers should offer a living wage instead.
  2. yawetag


    To be fair, it's all amateur sports officials. In a typical weekend of volleyball, I can make $400 or more. But I'm there for about 14 hours on Saturday and at least 8 on Sunday, not including the travel to and from the venue. It comes out to $18-20 per hour. In that weekend, I'm officiating anywhere from 12-16 matches, each lasting 45 minutes to an hour.
  3. If the Internet has taught me anything, it's that the lay person in any subject knows little about the subject. Even a casual student of a subject knows only enough to be dangerous.
  4. yawetag

    Pitchers Glove

    Disco is coming back.
  5. Then why register in Kansas, other than cost for both states?
  6. yawetag

    First game

    So ... black or camo?
  7. Yes, but... If you have a half-decent attorney yourself, they'll have documentation and communication (notes, emails, testimony of other officials at meetings) to prove you were instructed to play the game with the unapproved baseballs. Of course, NFHS, NOCSAE, your officials organization, the state organization, both coaches, both ADs, and the school districts will all be sued, too.
  8. I married a woman who doesn't gauge my love for her on what I get her on 3-4 specific days of the year. It's made both of us, and our checking account, happy.
  9. I'll keep this in mind when I begin to worry about what the crowd seated behind me thinks.
  10. You won't go wrong being in C, though. Yes, B is the standard position, but C will work, too.
  11. What's next, once the baseball standard is good? Fencing? Netting? Bases?
  12. Any indication on whether they have NFHS/NCAA/OBR approval to use their rulebooks for profit?
  13. As I said on the Facebook page for UEFL: I 100% would have voted for Strikey McBallface.
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