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  1. Received a package today. 6 of the 10 items, and a receipt for the full order. The package was marked 1 of 1 so now I have to chase this guy down. Oh Yea. UPDATE: Left a voice mail and did receive a call back. I never received the e mails they sent informing me of a credit, ( not uncommon since people do miss spell my e mail address from time to time) and did receive a credit for the balance. Very nice women I spoke with they where a bit overwelmed with the response of the sale. Some people ordered 10 of the same items.
  2. Im glad I came on to read that SOS is backed up. I ordered on 8/13/2010 have order number 7280. I ordered 10 items. The over under is 7 for items received.
  3. Welcome Eric! Im from the Tampa area also, New Tampa area.
  4. I purchased a pair of REEBOK MAGISTRATE II plate shoes from e bay for $59.00 They arraived today and seem to be Magistrate I shoes, notice the sides arent all leather. ( Picture isnt a plate shoe but shows the soft sides) This is the picture that was on the top of the e bay add. Is there a big difference between the shoes? Im guessing cleaning is a bit harder.
  5. WoW that was fast. Ordered the West Gold Cp and the Wilson Chrome face mast Sunday and they arrived today.
  6. Thanks for the input guys, ordered the CP and Mask. Working my way down the list.
  7. I need advice from you guys on umpire gear. I just finished a three day Umpire school that educated me about the basics of umpiring in the two man system. The A B C positions, angles, where to move to when the ball is in play, balks, home plate stances, balls and strikes and angles on plays at the plate, etc . I'm new to Umpiring and have been asked to do Little League and adult league games starting in the fall. Should I buy the best gear now? or start with lesser gear? The Wilson Platinum Chest Protector is $144.00 at Ump-Attire. some of the others I have looked at online are around $90.00, not much of a difference. As far as mask goes it's hard to pick one out without trying a few on, I have a big head, size 8 hat, Not sure if that matters, I hear NB plate shoes rock, Any thoughts to gear would be a big help. I'm 6'2, 220 and not too concerned about the cost. I plan on going up to the High School level in the future and live in Florida so over heating can be a concern. BTW The Strike Zone is the name of the umpire school I went to in ft Myers FL. www.strikezoneumpires.com
  8. Greetings from Tampa! I've been reading the forums for three weeks and joined today, what a great source for information! I'm 50 years old, was asked to volunteer as a base umpire twice this year and loved it, so this football coach is going to start this fall as a little league umpire. Fall ball in Florida is not as competitive as spring ball so it seems the perfect way to start. I'll start doing 10-11, 11-12 games and go from there. I found a place called Strike Zone Umpire Training school that offers 2 and 3 day clinics, if anyone knows of other Umpire clinics in Florida let me know.
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