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  1. Congratulations to all 2010 NCAA Post Season and ABUA Umpires! 2010 NCAA DIVISION I BASEBALL REGIONAL UMPIRE ASSIGNMENTS 1 Alden, Craig 2 Arnold, Darrell 3 Asher, Jacob 4 Assmann, Kevin 5 Baker, Linus 6 Bennett, John 7 Benson, Phil 8 Bruns, Randy 9 Buck, David 10 Bullock, John 11 Burleson, Joe 12 Busse, Charles 13 Cacciatorre, Joseph 14 Cannon, Fred 15 Carilli, Anthony 16 Catton, Timothy 17 Cerra, Michael 18 Chambers, Barry 19 Chapman, Mark 20 Cline, Scott 21 Collins, Daniel 22 Condon, David 23 Conlin, Michael 24 Corvi, Steven 25 Coskey, Chris 26 Costello, Perry 27 Cox, Jack 28 Ditsworth, Mark 29 Doy, Jeffrey 30 Droll, Michael 31 Duffy, Michael 32 Durham, Kenneth 33 Erby, Scott 34 Everett, Daniel 35 Garman, James 36 Gillis, Mike 37 Gonzales, Kelly 38 Graham, Edward N. 39 Graham, Scott 40 Greer, Harry 41 Guillie, Paul CC 42 Haggerty, John 43 Head, Thomas G. 44 Henrichs, Jeff CC 45 Howard, Gregory 46 Hungerford, Bradley 47 Jackson, James CC 48 Jenson, Blake 49 Jones, Heath ACC 50 Katzenmeier, Travis ACC CC 51 Kennedy, Russell S. 52 Kovach, Theodore 53 Leible, Raymond 54 Letendre, Scott 55 Lewis, Johnnie Marc 56 Lostaglio, Anthony CC 57 Luker, Dale 58 Lyon, Chuck ACC 59 Manders, Steven ACC 60 Maners, Tony CC 61 Marion, Joseph 62 Marshall, Chris 63 Mascorro, Daniel CC 64 Mattingly, Steve 65 Mele, Mitch ACC 66 Mobley, Terrence 67 Neves, Frank 68 Norris, Anthony 69 O'Toole, Timothy 70 Perrotti, Carmen 71 Riley, David 72 Riley, Patrick 73 Rodriguez, Gustavo CC 74 Rogers, David ACC 75 Rogers, Jason 76 Savage, David CC 77 Scarbery, Rickey 78 Schaly, James ACC 79 Schepis, Joshua 80 Schultz, Michael 81 Sealey, Darrin ACC 82 Shields, Michael 83 Smith, Grady 84 Spieler, Patrick 85 Street, Greg ACC 86 Svehla, Thomas 87 Sylvester, Frank CC 88 Uyl, Mark 89 Van Raaphorst, William 90 Venzon, Jason 91 Vessey, Timothy 92 Walsh, Robert A. CC 93 Wetzel, Randy ACC 94 Wiley, David 95 Williams, Douglas 96 Woodall, Lawrence------------did not work Alt Carey, Timothy Alt Gimbi, Dave Alt Goller, Donald Alt Grace, Mike--------------------worked for Woodall Alt Oros, Gregory Alt Sanders, Steve Alt Wendel, Andrew Alt Winters, Mark CC = Crew Chief ACC = Assistant Crew Chief Note: All assignments subject to change Note: All CAPS indicates an umpire change. SUPER REGIONAL UMPIRE ASSIGNMENTS 1 Asher, Jacob 2 Benson, Phil 3 Burleson, Joe CC 4 Catton, Timothy 5 Chapman, Mark 6 Cline, Scott 7 Collins, Daniel 8 Conlin, Michael CC 9 Corvi, Steven 10 Costello, Perry 11 Erby, Scott 12 Everett, Daniel 13 Garman, James CC 14 Graham, Edward, N. 15 Head, Thomas, G. 16 Henrichs, Jeff CC 17 Jones, Heath 18 Katzenmeier, Travis 19 Lyon, Chuck 20 Manders, Steven 21 Maners, Tony CC 22 Mascorro, Daniel CC 23 Mele, Mitch 24 Rogers, David 25 Schaly, James 26 Sealey, Darrin 27 Street, Greg 28 Sylvester, Frank CC--------did not work 29 Walsh, Robert A. CC 30 Wetzel, Randy 31 Wiley, David 32 Williams, Douglas Alt Cannon, Fred---------------worked for Sylvester Alt Droll, Michael Alt O'Toole, Timothy Alt Rogers, Jason Alt Woodall, Lawrence 2010 NCAA DIVISION I BASEBALL CWS UMPIRE ASSIGNMENTS 1 Coskey, Chris 2 Ditsworth, Mark 3 Gonzales, Kelly 4 Guillie, Paul CC 5 Jackson, James 6 Lostaglio, Anthony 7 Rodriguez, Gustavo CC 8 Savage, David Alt Katzenmeier, Travis Alt Mascorro, Daniel Alt Mele, Mitch Alt Wetzel, Randy Umpires Eight umpires will be assigned to the Men’s College World Series. Six umpires will be assigned to the regionals and four umpires will be assigned to the super regionals. Four umpires will be assigned to each tournament game, except six umpires will be assigned to the Men’s College World Series Finals. If different umpires are assigned to the continuation of a suspended game, the umpiring fee will be divided equally among the officials. The umpires must report to the tournament director one hour before the game they are to work and be on the field 15 minutes before the start of the game. An umpire shall not work more than two games in one day except in an emergency situation. It is recommended that the host institution for regional and super regional competition provide seats for nonworking umpires. Umpires for regional and super regional tournaments and the Men’s College World Series will be selected by the baseball committee based on recommendations of conferences and a review of the umpires by the national coordinator of umpires, and the Division I baseball committee. Each umpire will receive $1,380 for regionals, $945 for super regionals and $3,685 for working the Men’s College World Series, plus coach airfare or 50 cents per mile. A $45 per diem is also provided. The NCAA will reimburse the umpire for the above expenses. Each crew chief should collect the completed NCAA Officials Expense Forms (provided by the host institution tournament director) for each umpire on their crew and return them to Chad Tolliver at the NCAA national office via fax (317/917- 6710) or e-mail (ctolliver@ncaa.org). The host instiution tournament director should make all hotel lodging arrangements for any umpires working at their regional/super regional site. While the quality of lodging for the umpires should be consistent with that of the student-athletes, the umpires should not be housed in the same property as any of the participating teams. The host institution should be responsible for the umpires’ lodging costs (room and tax only). The host institution should work with the hotel to set up a direct bill back to the institution for these charges. Policies. A sports committee or games committee may not require membership in any specific officials’ association as a prerequisite for selection to officiate in an NCAA meet or tournament. Officials shall be selected and assigned by the sports committee or games committee, which shall ensure that officials adhere to the Association’s policies relating to gambling activities and drug and alcohol use. Furthermore, officials must conduct themselves in a manner befitting intercollegiate athletics. Failure to do so may result in termination of the officiating assignment. Please note that again for the 2010 championship, the conference umpire coordinator or baseball administrator from a particular conference must have attended the annual umpire coordinator’s meeting the previous year (e.g., 2009 meeting for the 2010 championship) in order for that conference to receive an automatic umpire assignment for the championship. Comparison with women's NCAA D-1 Umpires Three qualified umpires will be assigned to all games. The umpire-in-chief and the NCAA representative will assign regional umpires. If different umpires are assigned to the continuation of a suspended game, the umpiring fee will be divided equally among the officials. The umpiring crew shall be dressed alike in powder blue, short-sleeve, pullover shirts (major league baseball style button placket with navy and white trim); navy blue slacks and socks; and a plain navy cap. The ball bag and jacket and/or sweater must be completely navy blue, and shoes and belt must be black. A T-shirt is optional to wear under the powder blue shirt; however, if one is worn it must be white. Four umpires (one of which will be designated as the umpire-in-chief) will be chosen for regional and super regional sites. All of the umpires and the umpire-in-chief may use air travel or ground transportation, not to exceed jet coach airfare. The Women’s Softball Committee (or it’s designee) will select all umpires. The regional umpires will receive a flat fee of $1025 (UIC $1125) and the super regional umpires will receive a flat fee of $800 (UIC $800), each. The committee (or its desginees) will select six umpires to officiate at the finals competition of the Women’s College World Series. All of the umpires may be reimbursed for air travel, or ground travel to the site, not to exceed jet coach airfare. In addition to the six umpires, an umpire-in-chief will be named to coordinate the umpires. The umpire-in-chief and umpires will receive a fee of $3,000 each plus per diem reimbursement. Travel/Per Diem. Travel expenses for the officials will be paid according to the actual mode of transportation, not to exceed jet coach airfare or 50 cents per mile, but not including terminal or other local transportation. Officials who receive approval for air transportation must make flight arrangements through the NCAA travel service, Shorts Travel, 866/821-8547. Hotel expenses (excluding incidentals) for officials required to stay overnight at the championship site shall be paid by the host institution and later reimbursed by the NCAA. Officials will receive a $45 per diem allowance for meals and incidentals for each day of the championship, beginning with the day of arrival and ending with the day of departure. (Officials not required to remain overnight at the site also shall receive a per diem of $45.) Mens playoff compensation is same as last year. D-1 basketball just got a 2010 per game fee raise for March Madness from $700 to $1000 for round of 64 and 32. $1000 to $1400 for round of 16 and 8. $1400 to $2000 for semi-finals and finals. Nice to get a 40% raise in one year. They also get 75 per diem rather than 45.
  2. Will be interesting to see who the 4 retirees are and who the 4 new Triple A hires will be. __________________ Dan ============================================================== Well let's remember, West's quote says "plan to retire", so who knows, the 4 could come from anyone on the staff. Here is some information per retrosheet dot com. There are 4 umpires left that were signed in the 70's. Cousins, Crawford, Reilly and West. West is the youngest of the group. West just became the WUA President and negotiated the new contract. Joe would probably work through the full contract and not retire until sometime during the new contract that will be negotiated for 2015. The next group of umpires that were hired from 1980-85 are Davidson, Davis, DeMuth, Hirschbeck, McClelland and Welke. McClelland is the oldest at 58, with Davidson and Davis at 57, Hirschbeck is 55, DeMuth 54, and Welke is 52. The only question with someone in this group retiring before the 2015 contract "would probably be health issues". Only Hirschbeck (that I can find on the internet), so far, has alluded to the fact in an article in the New Haven press (Nov. 20009) "I'm 55, and I don't plan on working a whole lot longer". He also mentioned that he found out he had testicular cancer Aug. 23, 2009, and missed the rest of the 2009 season, after missing the entire 2008 season due to back surgery. Hirschbeck has also mentioned in a radio interview that he had 6 concussions so far in his career. Of course there could be others with "health issues" not mentioned in a public forum. At the end of 2010, all of the above group with the exception of Davidson of course, will have the maximum number of years (27), to acquire the full amount of compensation and benefits allowed under the old contract, and unless they added to the number of years, probably the current new contract. The next group of umpires were signed from 1986-89. They include Darling, Hallion, Hohn, Joyce, Layne, Scott, and Tschida. This group would probably not retire "unless health issues force their hand", until sometime in the 2015 contract, or in Scott and Tschida's case (hum and maybe Welke from the 1980-1985 group??), maybe not till a contract in 2019 or 2020 since they got to the bigs at 26 years of age. Apparently, since West says 5 umpires retired in 2010, Chuck Meriwhether "will retire" after this year on the DL list, like Poncino did after his year on the DL. Meriwhether had said in an Interview with the Tennesseean that it was "probably over" for him. So it looks like Knight will "probably" get that spot. The AAA guys with the most MLB games going into this season after Knight are Angel Campos (259), Mike Estabrook (229), Todd Tichenor (227), and Mike Muchlinski (150). The 4 new ones will probably come from the guys working the most games this year, which could include someone that is not in this group with the "most" games so far, and they will probably fight it out in Spring Training 2011.
  3. http://articles.latimes.com/2010/may/29/sports/la-sp-shaikin-20100530 I am adding the article that includes more information and mentions West's comments about the retirements. The original article above was not the full article. http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2010/05/29/1454424/baseball-playoffs-not-always-a.html
  4. And read palehose's comment at the bottom. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20100529&content_id=10576124&notebook_id=10576130&vkey=notebook_mlb&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb
  5. Not trying to promote Joe West but his tribute to the Military at the end pretty much sums things up. Quoted from Joe's CD below. "Tony Blair was asked by a member of his parliament, why he always took up for the American's, and he responded by saying, You judge a country by how many people are trying to get into it, and how many people are trying to get out. And you have to remember, there are only 2 people who've ever died for you, Jesus Christ and the American GI. One died for your soul, and the other died for your freedom." And yes, per the internet, Blair said the first part (although in different words) and some internet forwarder penned the 2nd part.
  6. Now you will find out how much the league really backs its umpires. Keep this in the back of your mind going forward. Concerning the comment from the HC---that should have been a reason for AC to skip the game period, or just view from the sidelines if that might make him more emotional in an adverse situation and he should pull the plug on being the AC for that game himself. A man has to know his limitations at all times. While you cannot help but think about the funeral, that is no excuse for future conduct and deportment lapses. You must think of these things before you become a HC or AC period and you must be in charge of your own conduct and deportment at all times or face the consequences including and up to expulsion. Hopefully, that will not be a reason to go "lightly" concerning the boards decision. Lets hope the board has the intestinal fortitude to pull the plug on this guy considering the level of play and participants of the players involved and the seriousness of the offense that they just witnessed at such a young age. At this level of play, who would even want to think about taking up umpiring upon seeing this type of abuse, whether they be an adult watching or the kids who might have considered umpiring later in life but remember this incident and say, no way am I taking that abuse. The board must consider this side of the equation. Not only must they take up for the kids having to see and be involved in this type of conduct and deportment, they must think about the current umpires and possible future umpires involved in this.
  7. Previous article and interview with Mr. Hirschbeck http://www.nhregister.com/articles/2009/11/03/sports/3_hirschbeck_feature.txt http://audio.weei.com/m/30783321/inside-pitch-john-hirschbeck.htm
  8. Well, since Pitch f/x is all the rage and apparently an evaluation tool, everyone can go to brooksbasebal.net and pull up all the pitches Juan Gutierrez threw to both Berkman and Pence in the 8th inning. The 3rd pitch to Pence which was a called strike was on the outer edge of the plate and just nicked the square of the strike zone. All the other called strikes to both Berkman and Pence were completely within the square. Upon further review, pitch f/x shows Runge didn't miss a pitch against either batter all day. However, it does show Pence swinging at pitches out of the strike zone during the day. The above information does not count if you don't believe in pitch f/x and any faults that have been found in their system of technology. Even though it might be in use by MLB, it could easily have faults that both MLB and MLBU know about. But, since f/x is the system used (at least it looks like this is the system used) and the article is about the 8th inning concerning Berkman and Pence, the above stats were brought up to refute the writer's claims in the article. One would think the writer would do some proper research using the technology now available, before popping off about the strike zone. He could have mentioned this f/x technology and the fact he disagreed with its conclusions on the pitches in question if he so desired. For the whole day (and I do not count as good as I once did) there were 259 pitches thrown. 138 pitches had to be ruled on by Runge. The others were fouled off, swung at and missed, or put into play. Runge erred on 10 pitches according to pitch f/x, which means 93% of the pitches were called correctly. Of the 8 pitches missed on Houston pitchers, 4 strikes were called a ball, and 4 balls were called a strike. Of the 2 pitches missed on Arizona pitchers, 2 strikes were called a ball.
  9. Quote: Information gathered from a radar gun may not be communicated to a coach during the game. Does this mean HC or AC or both? If AC is included, that would make it illegal for the AC to use the RG in the the first place, since he would have information that he should not have. Not trying to nit pick, just asking. Thanks for the help.
  10. And don't forget last year in the Rays game against Toronto, Crawford was hit in the mask and then had to leave the game 2 innings later with back spasms. Tom Hallion took his place and was drilled by a fastball the exact same way as Crawford was last night. So Brian O'Nora had to finish the game which means there were 3 plate umpires used that night. Hallion did come back out and work third. http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=6312415
  11. I have been listing the ones seen in 2010 Spring Training under the original Rob Drake post 2/19/2010. Anyone not on the list just provided from the WUA site must be a PBUC scheduled umpire. Mr. Causey, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Colon from last years call up list are not on this 2010 Spring Training list. Mr. Thompson was calling an NCAA game last weekend.
  12. Apparently Mr. Reed has unofficially officially retired as he is not listed as a crew chief. Since Mr. Meriwhether is on the DL, that will open a 5th spot for someone to immediately start as a call up if they do not get selected full time. Also, it lists Guccione, who just went up in 2009 with 3 years service credit. They must be able to add a couple years for call up time. Also it would probably bump him up the payscale another 2 years or at least count towards his retirement. tw--Chuck Meriwether said in an article at a Vandy game that he has bad knees with arthritis. He said it is a bone on bone situation and he is sitting out the year but it is "probably" over for him. One of the best orthopedist in baseball for knees is Dr. Andrews who use to have a clinic at UAB. Maybe Chuck will go there to have them checked out and see if anything can be done. Or, maybe he has already been, and there is nothing much that can be done. I read an article once that said Andrews is a straight shooter when it comes to telling you how good or bad your knees really are, and what he can and cannot do for you.
  13. Also updated some info on "ump news from around the web" with the 1st and 3rd, mainly the 3rd, post's under Mike Reilly.
  14. Mr. Rapuano has worked a DS, LCS, or WS every year since 1997 with the exception of 2007 which also includes All Star games in 1995 and 2008. Mr. Rapuano started his career at age 27, in 1985, in the NYP, compared to umps that start at 20-23. However, due to his outstanding ability, he was a "call up" by 1990 and promoted to full-time in 1991. He has been on Joe West's crew since 2006. There should be plenty of stories to tell that both Ed and Joe have been involved in. You may not want to hum that you can't run with the big dogs if you act like a puppy song that he has probably heard a million times. Since you are trying to move up the ladder, it would seem Mr. Thompson also has an International clinic you could try in the fall, if you have not done so already. It might be interesting from reading posts on your forum to get a take on how he expects umpires to handle the college coaches and situations for the schools he contracts. What steps does he expect the umpire to take to avoid an ejection, and at what point does he want them to be ejected, no questions asked, both "borderline ejections" and obvious ones "fu", so that he would back the umpire to the hilt versus ejections that he feels are not warranted, and cannot back up the umpire, and therefor make him look upon an umpire unfavorably for moving up the ladder and future assignments. It seems this area is just as important, if not more important for every umpire. The umpires he assigns can probably call the plays (ball, strike, safe, out) exceptionally well to start with or he would not assign them, so what is it that he looks for in handling game situations and coaches that really will make an umpire stand out and continue to move up the ladder versus handling situations and coaches the wrong way, which could stagnate an umpire or put his career in a southward trajectory? Will he talk about this topic or is that a taboo subject that should not be asked? It would seem like there are lots of situations that he could offer guidance and insight on how he expects things to be handled versus not handled at the D1 level. Enjoy your camp.
  15. Well, Mr. Drake, a MiLB umpire, has worked the most MLB games (1218) (per retrosheet.org) of all the current "call up" umpires, which is like calling a full 9 seasons worth of games at 134 games per season. Mr. Drake started with 3 games in 1999 which gave him technical seniority, if you go by date started, over Mr. Guccione who started in 2000. However, after the 2008 season and just before his 2009 selection to replace Mr. Poncino, Mr. Guccione had worked 1255 games to Mr. Drakes 1065. Mr. Hoye has worked 734 games, Mr. Fairchild 561, Mr. Knight 553 although Mr. Knight first went up in 2001 and Mr. Hoye in 2003 and Mr. Fairchild in 2004. Mr. Johnson 391, and Mr. Barry 350. Guess they will fight it out in spring training. Last years 2009 call up list included the following, alphabetically--Scott Barry, Damien Beal, Angel Campos, Kevin Causey, Delfin Colon, Rob Drake, Mike Estabrook, Chad Fairchild, James Hoye, Adrian Johnson, Brian Knight, Casey Moser, Mike Muchlinski, D.J. Reyburn, R.J. Thompson, Todd Tichenor, and Chris Tiller. There is absolutely no precedent for a "call up" umpire that has worked over 1,000 games and 11 years as a call up, not to be signed full time. However, just because one is called up, that in no way guarantees full time employment either. If we go back in history, (per retrosheet.org) Mr. Poncino who started MiLB in 1977, Mr. Craft, Mr. Meriwether, Mr. Cederstrom who all started MiLB in 1979, Mr. Hickox who started MiLB in 1983, Mr. O'Nora who started MiLB in 1985, and Mr. Culbreth worked quite some time as call ups, but they did become full time. However, Mr. Lepperd in the AL and Mr. Grinder in the NL worked 3 and 4 years respectively as call ups, but were not signed full time. There was a Mr. Barnes in the NL in the 90's that worked 10 years as a call up, for 352 games, and was not signed full time. Mr. Poncino began in the NL working call up games in 1985 and worked 6 years and 292 games before signing full time in 1993 after working 16 years as a MiLB. Mr. Craft and Mr. Meriwether began in the AL working as call ups in 1987, with Mr. Craft working 6 years and 391 games as a call up before signing full time in 1993 after 14 years as a MiLBU. Mr. Meriwether worked 6 years and 362 games as a call up before signing full time in 1993, after 14 years as a MiLBU. Mr. Cederstrom began in the AL as a call up in 1988 and worked 9 years and 665 games as a call up before signing full time in 1997 after working 18 years as a MiLBU. The previous record in more modern times, for working as a MiLBU, before signing full time, was 17 years, held by Mr. Rennert. However, Mr. Cederstrom has been making up for lost time by working 4 consecutive LCS's the last 4 years after working the 2005 WS. He became a crew chief in 2008. Mr. Hickox began as a call up in 1990 and worked 9 years and 795 games as a call up before signing full time in 1999 after working 16 years as a MiLBU. Mr. O'Nora began as an AL call up in 1992 and worked 7 years and 573 games as a call up before signing full time in 1999 after working 14 years as a MiLBU. Mr. Culbreth began as an AL call up in 1993 and worked 6 years and 531 games before signing full time in 1999. In more recent times, the call ups have been Mr. Barksdale, Mr. Guccione, Mr. Drake, Mr. Hoye, Mr. Knight, and Mr. Fairchild. Mr. Barksdale began as a call up in 2000 and worked 6 years and over 800 games before signing full time in July of 2006 at the age of 39. He had worked 13 1/2 years as a MiLBU. Mr. Guccione began as a call up in 2000, and worked 9 years and 1255 games, before signing full time in 2009 at the age of 34, after working 13 years as a MiLBU. Mr. Drake began working as a call up in 1999, and has worked 11 years and 1218 games. He has worked 16 years as a MiLBU and is 40 years old. Mr. Hoye began as a call up in 2003, and has worked 7 years and 734 games. He has worked 14 years as a MiLBU and is 39 years old. Mr. Knight began as a call up in 2001, and has worked 9 years and 553 games. He has worked 14 years as a MiLBU and is 35 years old. Mr. Fairchild began as a call up in 2004, and has worked 6 years and 561 games. He has worked 12 years as a MiLBU and is 39 years old. Also, Mr. Johnson began as a call up in 2006 and has worked 4 years and 371 games. He has worked 12 years as a MiLBU and is 34 years old. Mr. Barry began as a call up in 2006 and has worked 4 years and 350 games. He has worked 10 years as a MiLBU and is 33 years old. It appears from old contract articles that umpires need to get in 20 years for the full retirement package to take effect. Several of these umpires would have to work till 60 to make that happen. It does look like they have something in the MLBU contract that can allow for some service time to be credited for call up work from the past. Mr. Cedarstrom signed full time in 1997 yet his service time is showing as 15 years as of the end of 2008. Mr. Barksdale signed half way through the 2006 season, but is showing 5 years of service time at the end of 2008. Mr. Reliford, who worked as a call up in 1989 and 1990, signed in 1991, but is showing 19 years of service as of the end of 2008. I believe Mr. Reilly stated in an article on another area of this board that this will be his last full season, (oops, or will it after reading it again), rather than stop in the middle. Mr. Crawford has technical seniority if you go by first game worked, 1976, when he first went up for Mr. Gorman and then various others. He worked 45 games as a call up in 1976. Mr. Reilly has worked more games, and therefor has more game seniority than Mr. Crawford, since Mr. Crawford has missed more games in his career. They were both hired full time in 1977. Mr. Reilly stated in his article he is 60 years old and started as a MLBU at an early age which has helped him work so many games. Mr. Crawford is 62 and Mr. Cousins 63 and Mr. Marsh 60. Mr. Reilly can now say he has worked in 5 decades as a MLBU as can Mr. Crawford, Mr. Cousins, and Mr. West. In an article from MLB4U talking about the old 2005-2009 contract, it said that the umpires have from Febuary 1 until April 30 to decide whether to take the retirement package that was offered under that contract. It does not state whether that decision could only be made in the 2005 year or whether that was for each year of the contract. It can probably be assumed??, that there would be something similar though not exact in the new contract. So, maybe others could be talking to their financial advisers and contemplating retirement also. Who knows if any other Crew Chiefs are contemplating retirement like Mr. Montague. Mr. Montague only worked 23 games last year, and if he was one of the ones that suffered a concussion last year, it would have probably entered into his decision to retire. Since Mr. Montague is a crew chief, this also means a spot for Crew Chief is available for the 2010 season. Mr. Montague retires having worked 4369 games with 7 DS, 7 LCS, 6 WS, and 4 all star games to his credit. So far in spring training 2010, the following Crew Chiefs are working, Cederstrom, Cousins, Crawford, Darling, DeMuth, Hirshbeck, McClelland, Scott, Tschida, Welke and West. Mr. Davis, and Mr. Reilly have now reporteded for the 2nd half of Spring Training. It would just seem if they were going to retire, they would not go to Spring Training at all, or maybe they are using Spring Training as a gauge for that final decision. Once again, who knows. Oh well, Mr. Marsh and Mr. Reliford have now retired as reported just this evening. They will now become supervisors as Mr. Springstead, Mr. Garcia and Mr. McKean have been let go. Now that Mr. Marsh and Mr. Reliford have just retired, there will be 3 openings for new Crew Chiefs. Mr. Davidson, Mr. Hallion would have 28 and 24 years respectively without the ordeal in 1999 for seniority. Mr. Joyce has 22 years and Mr. Hohn and Mr. Layne have 21 years seniority. Crew Chiefs have not necessarily been picked by seniority. The rule for picking Crew Chiefs states "While the Office of Commissioner may consider seniority along with other factors that it may deem appropriate when exercising its appointment discretion, seniority shall not control in the Office of the Commissioner's choice of Crew Chiefs". Well, it appears Mr. Gorman, Hallion, Layne, and Kellogg have the 4 crew chief spots, with the 4th retiring crew chief still a mystery. Probably, the crew chief with the worst health issues the last 2 years has been Mr. Reid. He had a stroke in May of 2008 and then again in February 2009. Then in May 2009 he had a hairline fracture in his foot. He finally made it back for the final 41 games last year. Mr. Gorman is the son of the late Tom Gorman, who was a longtime NL umpire, crew chief, and then a NL supervisor with Mr. Barlick and Mr. Donatelli. The senior Mr. Gorman also pitched 5 innings and 4 games with the 1939 New York Giants. Brian Gorman, began his MiLB career in 1982 in the New York-Penn league. He worked his first call up game in St. Louis against the Reds 4/24/1991 with Mr. West, Gregg, and Reliford. He worked 1992 as a call up before signing with the NL full time in 1993. Mr. Hallion began his MiLB career in the New York-Penn League in 1979. He was a call up umpire in 1985 working his first game 6/10/1985 in San Francisco against the Braves with Mr. Engel, Quick, and Pallone. He signed full time with the NL in 1986. Mr. Layne started his MiLB career in 1978 in the Appalachian League. He signed full time with the NL in 1989 and worked his first game 4/19/89 in LA against the Reds with Mr. Wendelstedt, Montague, and Hallion. Mr. Kellogg began his MiLB career in 1985 in the Appalachian League. He worked his first call up game 6/12/1991 in New York against the Braves with Mr. Tata, Ripley, and Hohn. He worked 1992 as a call up before signing with the NL full time in 1993. Mr. Marsh, a 31 year veteran, was one of the 8 umpires who refused to work during the 45 day strike in 1979 due to sympathies with the striking umpires. As part of the next contract in 1982 , those 8 umpires were to be the next ones brought up. Mr. Marsh worked as a call up umpire in 1981 for 50 games with his first game 5/22/81 in Cincinatti against the visiting Dodgers. He worked his first game with Mr. Weyer, Mr. Rennert, and the just retired Mr. Montague. He became a full time member of the staff in 1982. Mr. Marsh worked 14 years as a MiLB starting in the Appalachian League in 1968. He worked 5 DS, 9 LCS, 5 WS, and 4 All-Star games. Mr. Reed worked his first MLB game 5/9/1979 as a call up for Mr. Hendry (who had already signed his full-time contract as a new MLBU prior to the called strike) during the 1979 strike. Mr. Reed became a full time member of the staff in 1983. Mr. Reed worked 10 years as a MiLB starting in the Appalachian league in 1973. He worked 3 DS, 3 LCS, 1 WS and 2 AS games. Mr. Reliford, a 20 year veteran, worked his first game as a call up 5/29/1989 in Atlanta against the Cubs. He worked with Mr. McSherry, Mr. Crawford and Mr. West. He worked 1990 as a call up before signing full time in 1991 after 8 years as a MiLBU. Mr. Reliford worked 4 DS, 3 LCS, 2 WS and 2 All-Star games. So far for Spring Training 2010, the following MiLBU's have been spotted, with the number of MLB games worked as a "call up" in parentheses, Lance Barrett(0), Scott Barry(350), Toby Basner(0), Damien Beal(73), Dan Bellino(32), Cory Blaser(0), Vic Carapazza(0), Chris Conroy(0), Rob Drake(1218), Mike Estabrook(229), Chad Fairchild(561), Tyler Funneman(0), Manny Gonzalez(0), James Hoye(734), Adrian Johnson(371), Brian Knight(553), Jon Merry(0), Casey Moser(35), Mike Muchlinski(150), Alan Porter(0), David Rackley(0), DJ Reyburn(55), Mark Ripperger(0), Will Robinson(0), Todd Tichenor(227), Chris Tiller(56), John Tumpane(0), and David Uyl(0). All of the above were just listed on the WUA website as receiving 2010 MLB Spring Training. Although not on Spring Training List on WUA, Angel Campos (259) is working a full schedule making it look like an oversight on the list. First timers are Gonzalez, Merry, Basner and Funneman. Others spotted but not on the list, unless a mistake was made, and probably assigned through PBUC include Lou Acello(0), Jason Arends(0), Chris Bakke(0), Craig Barron(0), Jason Bradley(0), John Brammer(0), Travis Brown(0), Mark Buchanon(0), Darren Budahn(0), Fran Burke(0), Johnny Conrad(0), Derek Crabill(0), Clint Fagan(0), Shaun Francis(0), Takeshi Hirabayashi(0), Mike Jarboe(0), Barry Larson(0), Jeff Latter(0), Mark Lollo(0), Eric Loveless(0), Michael Lusky(0), Jason Millsap(0), Brad Myers(0), Brad Purdom(0), Brian Sinclair(0), David Soucy(0), Dixon Stureman(0), Art Thigpen(0), and Justin Vogel(0), Chris Ward(0) and Chad Whitson(0). Missing from last years "call up" list so far in Spring Training 2010, and the number of MLB games they have worked include, Kevin Causey(81), Delfin Colon(46), Shawn Rakos(11), and R.J. Thompson(4). Mr. Thompson was listed as working a NCAA D1 game at East Tennessee State University in the Atlantic Sun Conference last weekend. Mr. Basner and Mr. Barrett appear to be moving very quickly at a young age. Steve the umps website shows Mr. Basner starting in the Applachian League in 2005 at the age of 20, South Atlantic League 2006, and then in 2007 at the age of 22, going to the AA Southern League where he was for 2008-2009 also, unless he moved to AAA during the year of 2009. The South Atlantic League is a low A league and unless he went to a high A league for half a season in 2006, the jump to AA the next year would be a big jump. It does not even show him going to any of the Instructional Leagues over the Winter, unless an assignment was missed. His first Winter Assignment shows as Venezuela after his first year in AA. Of course Lance Barrett has moved quick also. It looks like he started in 2003 at the ripe old age of 18 in the both the Gulf Coast and then over to the Appalachian League. 2004 in the South Atlantic, 2005 California, and 2006-2008 in the Eastern. He moved from AA to AAA during the 2008 season at the age of 23. With the 4 newly created openings, they "could" but they "do not have to", hire the 4 call ups with the most games, Mr. Drake, Hoye, Fairchild and Knight. All of these have over 500 MLB games under their belts. Then in the future with the retirements of the senior umpires, Mr. Cousins, Crawford, and Reilly who are 60 or older, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Barry could be signed full time with each of them having over 500 games by that time. Appears that there is a 5th umpire to retire according to Mike DiMuro. It says that due to contract provisions, the 5th umpire will not be given that spot until the end of the season. This would now allow the top 4 umpires with the most call up games (Drake, Hoye, Fairchild, Knight) to get the 4 spots immediately and the 5th umpire with the most call up games (Johnson) to work all year as a call up, and then be added at the end of the year per the contract. Mr. Merriwether is mentioned as retiring, but is listed on the DL on Mr. West's website with the new crews, much like Larry Poncino was on the DL all of his last season before retiring. Mr. Merriwether said in a recent article at a basketball game in Tennessee that he has arthritic knees (bone on bone) and that he is taking this year off, but that it is "probably" (maybe Dr. Andrews can help) over for him because of the knees. So, 4 of the umpires will be named to start the season, and the other call ups can fight for that 5th spot at the end of the year based on their performance ratings during the 2010 year. The announcements have been made and the new additions to the staff are Rob Drake, James Hoye, Chad Fairchild, and Adrian Johnson. There will be a 5th umpire added at the end of the year due to the way the contract is written. Mr. Knight a "call up" will start up with Mr. Davis's crew to start the year as that 5th umpire to be named at the end of the year. Mr. Knight probably has the inside track on that job, but nothing is ever guaranteed. Mr. Knight is also the senior call up umpire in years and games worked. The first call ups of the 2010 season are Scott Barry, Dan Bellino, Vic Carapazza, Todd Tichenor, Mike Estabrook, Brian Knight, Mike Muchlinski, Al Porter, DJ Reyburn and Chris Tiller. Mr. Porter and Mr. Carapazza have just worked their first games as call ups. Mr. Carapazza worked his first game 4/9/2010 in Tampa for the Rays versus Yankees. He worked with Wally Bell, Laz Diaz, and James Hoye. Mr. Porter worked opening day 4/5/2010 in Pittsburgh for the Pirates versus Dodgers with John Hirschbeck, Larry Vanover, and Mark Carlson. Cory Blaser is working his first call up MLB game 4/24/10 in Colorado with Joe West's crew, as part of the first game of a day night double header. He is working 1b with Drake, Hernandez and Schrieber. On the night game he is working 3rd with West, Hernandez and Schrieber Preliminary 2010 AAA Rosters from their respective leagues prior to any games---Looks like they are not totally accurate yet. PCL--Dan Bellino, Cory Blaser, John Brammer, Mark Buchanan, Darren Budahn, Angel Compos, Jason Dunn, Clint Fagan, Shaun Francis, Tyler Funneman, Takeshi Hirabayashi, Mike Jarboe, Brian Knight, Barry Larson, Jeff Latter, Eric Loveless, Mike Lusky, Jason Millsap, Casey Moser, Mike Muchlinski, DJ Reyburn, Mark Ripperger, Will Robinson, Dixon Stureman, Todd Tichenor, Chris Tiller, John Tumpane. Bellino and Reyburn are listed on both the PCL and IL which is strange. Jon Merry and Vic Carrapazza move over to the IL. Hirabayashi comes over from the International. Missing from last year are Delfin Colon, John Kiser, Shawn Rakos and Jake Uhlenhopp. IL--Chris Bakke, Steve Barga, Lance Barrett, Craig Barron, Scott Barry, Toby Basner, Damien Beal, Dan Bellino, Jason Bradley, Travis Brown, Fran Burke, Vic Carapazza, John Conrad, Chris Conroy, Derek Crabill, Mike Estabrook, Manny Gonzalez, Mark Lollo, Jon Merry, Alan Porter, David Rackley, DJ Reyburn, Art Thigpen, Justin Vogel, Chris Ward. Once again Carrapazza and Merry are showing as transferring from the PCL. Bellino and Reyburn are showing on both leagues, so one or the other is wrong at this time, and would need 2 other new umpires. Uyl was in the IL last year, and is missing, but he was in 2010 Spring Training so something is wrong there also. Missing from last year are Kevin Causey, Rob Healy, Jason Klein, Bobby Price, Brian Reilly and RJ Thompson. The official MLB call up list for 2010 Lance Barrett, Scott Barry, Damien Beal, Dan Bellino, Cory Blaser, Angel Campos, Vic Carapazza, Chris Conroy, Mike Estabrook, Manny Gonzalez, Brian Knight, Casey Moser, Mike Muchlinski, Alan Porter, David Rackley, D.J. Reyburn, Mark Ripperger, Todd Tichenor, Chris Tiller and John Tumpane 2010 updated PCL crews---1. Chris Tiller, Jason Millsap, Matt Schaufert---2. John Brammer Mike Jarboe, Clint Fagan.---3. Jeff Latter, Darren Budahn, Jason Arends---4. Barry Larson, Takeshi Hirabayashi, Brian Sinclair---5. Eric Loveless, Dixon Stureman, Shaun Francis----6. Will Robinson, Mark Ripperger, Brad Purdom---7. Casey Moser, Tyler Funneman, Michael Lusky---8. Corey Blaser, John Tumpane, Mark Buchanan Local fill in umpires working games---Joe Nelson 2010 updated IL crews---1. Jon Merry, Art Thigpen, Stephen Barga---2. Justin Vogel, Mark Lollo, Craig Barron---3. Manny Gonzalez, Lance Barrett, Chris Ward---4. Al Porter, Chris Bakke, Travis Brown,---5. Damien Beal, Fran Burke, Derek Crabil----6. David Rackley, Jason Bradley, Toby Basner---6. Chris Conroy, Vic Carapazza, Johnny Conrad. Local fill in umpires working games---Jim McNally, Tom Augustini, Dave Elliott 2010 AA Texas League umpires--1. Dan Oliver, Jimmy Volpi, Brandon Misun--2. Brett Robson, Kelvin Bultron, Stu Scheurwater--3. Jeff Gosney, Brian Hertzog, Alex Ortiz--4. Brad Myers, Kellen Levy, Seth Buckminster Southern League---1. Jordan Baker, Will Little, A.J. Johnson--2. Anthony West, Chris Sega, Nick Bailey--3. Quinn Wolcott, Brent Rice, Spencer Flynn--4. Tripp Gibson, Jason Cooksey, Kolin Kline--5. Gerard Ascani, Sean Barber, Travis Carlson Eastern League--1. Joel Hospodka, Andy Dudones, Max Guyll,---2. David Soucy, Scott Mahoney, Matt Cunningham--3. Jon Byrne, Travis Hatch, Tom Honec--4. Adam Hamari, Karl Best, Joe Hannigan,---5. Cory Hinga, Chris Hamner, Jordan Ferrell--6. Chad Witson, Jon Saphire, Tim Eastman. California League--1. Greg Stanzak, Tom Woodring--2. Adam Schwarz, Brett Terry--3. Blake Davis, Matt Benham--4. Justin Sassaman, Charles Billinton--5. Mike Goebel, Ryan Blakney Carolina League--1. Matt Cumbee, Jay Pierce--2. Joey Amaral, Tyler Wilson--3. Chris Graham, Doug Vines--4. Shaylor Smith, Jacob Danielsen Florida State--1. Brandon Hinson, Roberto Medina--2. Allan Alvarez, Luke Hamilton--3. Mathieu Moisan, Ross Nickel--4. Ben May, Marcus Pattillo--5. Matt Neuhold, Ian Fazio--6. Jason Born, Jeff Morrow Midwest League 1. Nick Mahrley, Ryan Goodman—2. Nick Lentz, Asa Gaddy---3. Matt McCoy, Rocky Craig—4. Javier Cantu, Chris Nguyen—5. Will Thornewell, Eric Gillam---6. Gus Curtis, Jeff Woods---7. Matt Jones, Brett Houseman---8. Taro Hamano, Jeff Klinghoffer South Atlantic 1. Lawrence Reeves, Jose Esteras—2. Shane Livensparger, Tim Rosso---3. Aaron Larsen, Aaron Roberts==4. Derek Molica, Garrett Corl—5. Jonathan Bailey, Ryan Karle---6. Brian Debraywere, Gabriel Morales---7. Shaun Lampe, Mike Walsh
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