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  1. 2. from back on June 1, 2004, which is the issue date of the patent 6,743,312 application 10/260,394 applied for with a file date of October 1, 2002.

    Title: Method of fabricating a ball protective mask

    the patent belongs to; Yu Hsun Enterprise Co., Ltd. in Taipei Taiwan

    inventor is Jung-Tso Shih from San Chung Taiwan

    customers of Yu Hsun Enterprises Co., Inc. for baseball is showing as Diamond Sports and Team Athletic Goods.


    1. 6,497,773 was issued 12/24/2002 on x-mas eve. application 09/920,934 filed 08/03/2001.

    Titled: Method of manufacturing a mask for team games.  mentions aluminum alloy mixed with copper and molybdenum at a temp of 410 degree C to 430 degree C

    same inventor, same company




    sorry, i reversed the date order in the post

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  2. i will give you 2 googled links which you have probably already done, for just a wimpy general answer. i would let others on here be more specific on who/whom to touch base with.

    use to be a guy on here that was from Florida and the worked both high school and college, and even if not from the exact area you mentioned, i am sure he would know or could find out the exact person(s) to contact all over florida and for all levels high school and above. good luck.




  3. at the collegiate umpiring level, if it could be done and i believe midwest ump says it just doesnt happen.

    but if if if you could work the 5 days a week that the teams play, 3 conference games on the weekends and 2 non-conference game during the week that is 5 games a week for each team and they play a 14 week schedule that would be a total of 70 games, which again, will not happen.

    but if it could happen that would be 70 games to umpire, if none go away to weather etc. there was a video, probably taken down now of someone saying the ACC, one of the big 5 or 6 conferences) pays 2200 for a weekend series (733 per game in addition to air fare, a room and meals, with one rental car for the whole crew), (no room, air fare, meals for games during the week non-con, just straight game fee) and this was prior to covid. so, if it were possible which it is not, that would be a 51k max or so for a season. However, the weekends plus 1 game during the week might be more feasible, or maybe just 13 weekends for most, with one week off.

    some of the other conferences may pay 3-400 per game per weekend so, you can see how that ratchets down. if you want to work all 7 days, you might have to work d2,d3 to get in a full 7 day schedule if you are on caffeine overload for games. dont know what the grand total could be for a maxout, but i doubt, unless you are going solo, you could make  a living when you include health care etc others have mentioned.

    And of course after those intense 14 weeks (remember conference tournament week is no guarantee nor NCAA playoff work), you would have the rest of the year to do travel ball, etc to try and make a full time living off baseball softball other sports etc., especially going back to the OP in the areas that have been mentioned as all year areas to work.

  4. here we go. there is only 1 professional official of amateur players where you can make a living, and of course you will have to work your way to that level to start with.

    It is without a doubt, D1 basketball, major conferences ie top 5 or 6 big conferences. The top lead officials, if they have not retired, Roger Ayers, Mike Eades, Ted Valentine, etc. make between 3500-4000 (all inclusive expenses included in that total, ie: game fee, flight fee, hotel fee, rental car fee, meal fee) per game and work or can work 75-105 games a year. So those are some pretty good W-2's in which you could pay for your own healt care, dental care, retirement plan etc,etc. They would be able to set up a schedule that sometimes lets you just drive from one city to another, (just dont get car fatigue and overdue it. max 200 miles sounds about right to cut down on airfare travel costs). one who has retired use to fly his own plane, but he was also a school principle or superintendant i believe back in the day (Mr. Hightower). you will be thoroughly vetted for a position on the staff due to massive betting on this sport to try and prevent an incident like happened in the NBA. The Steratore brothers of NFL fame run their own private company and do basketball D1 mens and womens hoops on the side if my memory serves me correctly.

    College football white hat for major conferences, ie big 5 or 6, pays pretty much the amount listed above but there are not enough games to make larger salaries.

    i am only including regular season and not conference tournaments and NCAA assignments in the above, but they are probably included in the total amount of games. the top guys take a financial hit to work NCAA tournament.

  5. 14 hours ago, MadMax said:

    I’m not trying to one-up @lawump at all. He’s probably seen measurably more HV pitches than me… 

    Fastest I’ve ever been a PU for was 101 MPH, dealt by the then-AA prospect for a club based on the south side of the third largest city in the USA. I’ll admit… I would have been mortified save for two factors – one was the Latino catcher in front of me who was built like a tank, and I had caught in a farm club bullpen when I was 18 (I wasn’t part of the roster; merely a guest HS kid catching in the bullpen to spell the rostered catchers (it was a different time in the 90s)), and had caught what I was told was 95-96. Still, it’s absolutely surreal. 

    Most impressive pitch sequence I’ve ever been a PU on was for a club based in the Midwest USA at a city that spans into two states across a big river. First pitch came in, I balled it as inside. Catcher asked “by how much?” I replied, “Just off”. Next pitch came in, same velocity, same spot, and I kid you not – it was perhaps a 1/2 inch towards the plate, enough to skim the black/white line. “stREEEEEEK” I delivered, with the batter looking back ever so slightly, “Did he adjust?” “Yup,” I replied, “that’s the edge”. The next pitch came in at the same spot, this time you could tell the velocity was different. Batter got his hands to it, but grounded out to 3B. 

    3 pitches, all at 92+ MPH, and all 3 within a tight grouping like that. It’s the consistency that’s so impressive. 

    pick me, pick me, pick me, ew, ew, ew, pick me, says little johnny for the first part. here is the 101 mph list. A.J. Burnett, Rob Dibble, Kyle Farnsworth, Eric Gagne, Ubaldo Jimenez, Tim Lincecum, Jose Mesa, Seth McClung, Guillermo Mota, Tony Pena, Billy Wagner. And the winner is.

    I am going with Rob Dibble. Apparently, from old ariticles, he also had a nasty (isn't that his nickname) slider to go with that fastball. hope you got to see that, sounds neat.

    gee, and you remember when the old plates had that black around them. don't tell anybody.

    and whats the old joke about accountants and engineers. if you line up 10 feet from a girl that wants to kiss you, and you her, and you make her keep walking half the distance towards you, the accountant says she will never make it. the engineer knows when it doesn't make any difference anyway.

  6. On 10/25/2021 at 4:59 PM, FranklinT said:

    The made in USA Fechheimers were the gold standard.  Nothing will ever come close IMO (I have one from 2006 ish still in near perfect shape)


    is there a label showing who is making them now?

    yes, but do you have the other jacket in the picture. come on, you know you want one. (where's the letters on some of the hats)


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  7. 18 hours ago, Velho said:

    Exactly. That's what I do with LL... but the organizers don't get paid... nor I as one of the instructors... wait... actually, my company pays LL for my volunteer hours...something's off here... 

    Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 11.41.56 AM.png

    v man-- looks like that good organizer stuff is right up your alley. do i see a future assignor in waiting. that can be quite lucrative. just dont tell them they cannot ever eject if needed or they are basically fired/shunned from any more work. and then let's extrapolate. i wiil go the school route. 10 high school sports (varsity, JV), boys and girls at $150 assigning fee at each level for each sport to the schools. So. 3,000 per school. get a wide area of 50 schools. make officials pay an assigning fee (flat right up front for the year or game by game). oh la la. quite lucrative if you can work it. notice, no travel ball is included. they can probably make their own fortune. remember, there is more coverage/accountability on unsportsmanlike conduct of players, umpires, and school personnel/, which hopefully means less incidents like those recent hockey ones, or the baseball one in Tennessee, Tennessee couple years back if you go with the schools. Also note that no freshman or middle school was mentioned above.

  8. On 1/20/2018 at 2:08 PM, MadMax said:

    How does one clean an old sofa?


    or how about this?


    That looks really appealing to sit on down and take a snoozer on, doesn't it?

    I've said it time and again, Wilson's nearly 20-year old West Vest is not doing any of us any favors in terms of using modern materials for improved protection, breathability, and lightweight-ness. In addition, while Douglas will (for a price) take back in your Douglas CP so as to recondition it, Wilson won't even take your phone call on the matter. Prior to Team Wendy having to drop the service, a number of us would have recommended that you send your Platinum CP in to Team Wendy and have them build a new padding jacket using – anybody from Wilson reading this? – technical wicking mesh and their advanced, proprietary foam called Zorbium. Not only would it be (dramatically) more breathable, but it would noticeably reduce the bulk (half the thickness / volume) while offering increased energy absorption. That service, unfortunately, is no longer offered, and there are several of us here on U-E who are endeavoring to address that absence.

    The problem isn't the West Vest Platinum (or Gold, for that matter) itself, as a piece of protective equipment. The problem is what Wilson does with it, and how Wilson treats us, as umpires, in regards to it.

    With that said, here's what can be done to revitalize your existing Platinum CP:

    • Separate the padding jacket and components from the carapace plates. The body of the padded jacket does unfasten from the carapace with velcro tabs. Even the shoulder pauldrons unfasten from their domed plates with velcro tabs.
    • In a wash tub, or a soaking tub, or a large Tupperware / Rubbermaid tub-container, or even using your bathtub (if it doesn't have a slow leak, and you don't need to shower for several hours), you'll want to place all the foam jacket pieces. The real shameful thing that Wilson did with their CP's is they use brushed nylon for the casings (cheap, cheap, cheap) and sofa-cushion foam for the innards. Every manner of microbe, bacteria, and grime is squatting in there, and we need to evict 'em. So, get a Technical Wash. Nikwax makes one, often sold via retailers like Campmor, REI, Cabela's, Gander Mountain, and (dare I say) Bass Pro Shop. Why? Because most outdoors gear is comprised of nylon. A Technical Wash is going to be devoid of perfumes and detergents that will coat the fibers in the name of "stain protection" that only defeat the material's ability to wick and transfer moisture. I'd rather you use a bacteria-killer, like Odoban, to kill the smell-causing bacteria than to mask it with a perfumed detergent from Tide or Gain, despite it using Febreeze. Make a solution of water and technical wash, agitate it (stir it up), and then immerse the padding components into it. Use inexpensive dinner plates to hold the padding down if need be, and let the components soak in there for a few hours.
    • While the padded components are drowning soaking, take stock of your carapace components. Now's a great time to clean the plastic. If you have corroded or broken rivets, these can be replaced with Chicago Screws (ask for details) rather easily. If you are planning to repaint the carapace, use an alcohol-based solution so as to prepare the plastic to receive paint. Use a fine (200+) grit sandpaper to take the lacquer sheen off, and the plastic will be more receptive to binding to the paint. Oh, and go ahead and erase all that Wilson -applied nonsense about patent numbers and MLB logos and stuff – no one really gives a hoot about it.
    • By all means, remove the stupid superfluous upper-chest / neck billow (yes, I spelled it right) cushion. It serves absolutely no purpose or function other than to deaden the "CLACK!" of the dangling throat guard against the CP when struck. You'll find that the CP's carapace isn't notched or isn't lacking under it. Once you remove it, you'll hold it in your hand and go, "Huh! So this is all it is?" and realize that it's just a silly gimmick.
    • Consider drilling holes in the carapace to reduce weight and aid in ventilation. You won't compromise the protective integrity of the ABS plastic – it can take it! It's far denser than it needs to be anyway. Why? Because the plastics industry has come a long way in 20 years!
    • Once prepared, paint the carapace. One coat may suffice if you allow for adequate drying time (at least a day). Two coats, with a 4-6 hour curing time between them, will likely do the trick. By all means, consider purchasing and using a sealant (clear finishing spray), either in matte or gloss finish, so as to seal in the color and reduce the abrasive transfer of paint to your shirt. Again, allow adequate curing and dry time of at least a day when it's all said and done. If you want to affix decals and stickers, do so before spraying the finishing sealant on, and that way, everything looks intentional and uniform. Expand your imagination... why do black when you could do liquid gunmetal? Perhaps a vinyl wrap of carbon-fiber print appeals to you? Or, maybe take a walk on the wild side and do it in digital camo, or do a fade-blend of two different paint colors, or paint it in purple (so they don't see the bruises!), or... Oo! Oo!... paint it in royal blue or cobalt so it looks like a Carlucci! Live a little! Who cares what color it is? No one does! If they did, the Platinum would have been black from the start!
    • After a few hours (2-3) of soaking, take the padded components out of their bath and, using a kitchen or utility brush, scrub out the loosened grime from the nylon. Squeeze and rinse, repetitively, a few times, and then hang the components out to dry for several hours. After a few hours, squeeze them some more to push water out, and rehang them. Painting these pads is exceptionally problematic, because painting is applying a coating to the fibers, something you really don't want to do, because that defeats the material's function of wicking moisture and heat away from your skin. Invariably, the paint will come off and transfer onto your under-clothing and skin. The only other option you have, then, is to dye it, wherein the process infuses the color – dye – into the fibers. Most off-the-shelf dye doesn't work too well with synthetics, like nylon, but Rit has recently developed a dye for synthetics called, oddly, Rit II Dye (or Dye-II or Dye-2). The process relies upon heat, and you have to get the water up to near-boiling, stir in the dye, and then soak the items in the solution for 30-45 minutes. I tried this with polyester umpire pants, and while the color came out a beautiful, near-perfect shade of deep charcoal grey, the pants did, irrevocably and irreversibly, shrink. This might happen with the padded components, but it might not to any great detriment. A benefit of getting the water that hot – near boiling – is that it will kill just about every bacteria and microbe hiding out in the padding.
    • A few days later, reassemble your CP and reattach your RayFlex harness.
    • Go volunteer at the nearest baseball game you can find and test it out!

    i believe CC would have loved you and probably tried to team up with you. that old guy that went to umpires school, showed me an old equipment brochure and i believe the company was SOS back in his day (not that there were not any others), and CC looked to continually make a much better product than they did. too bad there was not someone that could take over for CC. if it is good enough for TB after all these years that says something about the quality right there. and that is without the plastic. it was not made to say you never felt the shot you took at all, just severely limit the power of that shot.

    i believe you mentioned being a former catcher. i have never seen a catcher in garb with protective plates all over the front of it. why don't you just retrofit the best catchers chest protector out there that the MLB catchers use (back to your roots) and add or modify where needed, even if plates are just needed to protect collarbone, shoulders, etc and show the finished product. just don't get in the way of those patent protection lawyers. i would assume,,not always a good idea,, that TB still wears the pair of CC shin guards also. seems like CC was on the right track a long time ago with quality performance gear for PU's.


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  9. 11 hours ago, lawump said:

    Whatever the size of the difference, this difference can pucker an umpire's cheeks faster than anything else:

    All I know is that one day I went to rub up the baseballs before my plate job and instead of them reading, "New York-Penn League," they read "American League".  I asked the clubby what was up.  His reply was, "you didn't hear?  Gooden has a rehab start tonight."

    And that's how I found out (through the label on a baseball) that I was umpiring my first game with an actual MLB pitcher.  Talk about not being able to fit a pinhead up my a$$!  

    article in the paper the next day said you were calling by sound.

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  10. On 11/8/2021 at 8:50 PM, umpstu said:

    I enjoyed working a lot of freshman and jv games last season due to the fact of a 2.5 hour time limit.   And in our area a 2 hour time limit for conference games.

    Was made aware in Sept of the water polo fees.  Wonder what volleyball officials make?

    79 in LA for volley ball, water polo 73


    baseball 90 PU 86 BU

    solo 96 which means no multiplier

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  11. come on guys, don't let this LL president and leadership off the hook. do coaches run the show in this Little League Chapter. Squeeky wheel gets the oil.

    I do not think the poster would have to come here, if law ump or several others were running this Little League program/Chapter.

    and Presidents of Little League chapters just love to put that on their linkedin profiles.

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  12. per google. you can probably check out the softball at least in the Tampa area and that would include Clearwater, St. Pete, and further south in Bradenton, & Sarasota.

    See one softball league started in the middle of october and runs to thru first week of january.

    then a winter league probably runs through the first week in march till baseball and softball start up again, maybe baseball at end of feb.

    MLB starts first of march. and i was not checking travel league baseball. and like in arizona, you might could wave at the MLB guys if you go to a game.

    oh yes kids and cubs play at some point.

  13. 13 hours ago, catsbackr said:

    @noumpere,  I value your opinion or I wouldn't respond to your post.


    I don't think I am overstating or understating either the advantages or the disadvantages at all.  I believe  I am weighing the advantages and disadvantages and choosing to go with the mechanics that give us the most advantages.  These will primarily be Middle School games being worked solo, we are somewhat forced into this due to a reduction in our association of about 50%.


    I continue to need as much game fee information from other states as possible.  Thanks in advance for everyone's help with this.

    cat man

    connecticut-2021.  98 game fee, had a verbal notation for 1.5 times if working solo.

    Massachusetts (2019) had 2 fees spelled out= section 4 was 92 game fee and 138 for solo. section 3 was 105 game fee and 158 for solo.

    Alabama 2021---80 game fee with no mention of one man.

    it looks like 1.5 will be the main (maybe some places higher/lower) going rate for solo.

    maybe?? will look for some other states if i can find them and edit and add them to this post.


    P.S. Mr. Klem (solo) would have told us a long time ago if there was 'any' other position (greatest thing since sliced bread), other than home plate to work solo if it were true and so great, just like son, Mr. Hornsby will let you know when that pitch is a strike.

  14. double pay sounds more fair. oops i forgot, somebody has to lose. $135 then.

    waiting for connecticut group to chime in.

    added 11/6.

    So, for the most part, i am hearing the umps (plate and base umpire) normally get the same fee per game, but for 1 person, you only get 1/2 the base umpires work fee (which equals time and a half the PU), when you are working, making all the same calls/amount of calls the base umpire would work/make if they were there.

    So, why not just make the base umpire work for 1/2 what the plate umpire makes to start with when you work 2 man. since, by 1 man standards that is all they feel the base umpire is worth anyway. then it would make sense to get 1.5 pay when working 1 man, or you could say, when your partner does not show up for the game at all, but you play the game anyway working by yourself (same thing).

    oh yeh, when you do start paying the BU 1/2 the PU, i would agree to let the BU start in the B position for the whole game and never go to the A position. i would assume this been done before anyway, like in a double header when the PU took a ball off the instep like a batter, and is really hopping around/can hardly move for the second game.

    What a crime.



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  15. so, is what children are being taught by their parents and grownups in the Alleghany and Kittaning area. Total disregard/disrespect and contempt for females. Is this how it is for women in the workplace.

    What, you get railroaded/kids get verbally assaulted/you get verbally assaulted at work/etc, shunned out of the local community,  if you step up and do the right thing in these type instances. You don't get to play in the local reindeer games anymore and are branded a troublemaker locally if you take charge and refuse to condone this type of behavior, which by no action means you are condoning this.

    No adult men or women including coaches stepped up to stop the situation, or forfeit if they felt threatened themselves, if they tried to confront the situation. Why would the coaches fell threatened. If so, why is type of behavior so rampant and the consequences so dire because it is being taught as acceptable, that not even a coach will step up and do the right thing.

    even if the security personnel are only allowed to step up if something physical looks likely to happen and not verbal, why doesn't a coach just overrule everything, either the home or the visitors and quit worrying about w's and l's and just forfeit the game, or heaven forbid, do not forfeit, just suspend till another date. Guess people are scared to death to do the right thing for fear of reprisal in this area in some form. like i said, shunning, being mocked in the community and work and the same for other members of the family. if that were not so, things like this would not happen. same type of stuff like that coach in tennessee towards the umpires a couple years ago.

    first allentown and now kittaning area with hockey, only 280 miles apart.

    dont tell me people did not see that allentown stuff from last year in the hockey world.

    principles in pa need to have that talk on how they want this, game conduct, handled with their coaches whether PIAA has jurisdiction or not. just walk off.

    Where is Bob Davidson. he would have put a stop to it. bet he would have put his career on the line. if not a forfeit, a suspension or total removal of everyone present but the 2 teams.


    sometimes you got to have some intestinal fortitude.

    again, what if this was your own daughter.

  16. Here we go again. What is it with Pennsylvania again. This time a High School. No place for this in National Federation High School Athletics.

    and No adults stepped up to the plate to help. where was the administration. Where were the coaches. Where were the parents.

    So, where was the Armstrong coach to step up and stop the game and take charge right on the spot just like his Principle later said.

    rather dump the crowd right then or just forfeit the game, even if i lost my coaching job. yeh, just go ahead and try and fire me as a coach and possibly teacher for forfeiting my own team, when our own fans display this type of conduct. And once again where was some type of administrator or person in charge for whoever was the home team.

    what if it was your daughter they were chanting to.

    and don't give me it goes with the territory crapola.



  17. From articles and here.

    Never take your eye off the ball.

    let the ball pass in front of you (only behind in an emergency on a throw or ball hit 100 mph right at you for self preservation) and take you to the play.

    it is all right to anticipate a play happening (much much much less so for LL) but never/ever/never anticipate the call itself.

    timing, slow down and see the whole play through, then make the call as doug harvey would say. Nobody (not NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, ESPN, ESPN F1 to F infinity), none of them are going anywhere till you make the call.


    Disclaimer:::: none of the above guarantees that you will never/ever/never miss or kick the manure as Jim Joyce would say, out of a call.


  18. 3 hours ago, Jimurray said:

    Don't have DVR running so recalling from short term memory. Great DP by Altuve-Correa, Correa sidestepping to throw to 1B when I see R1 sliding towards him with no effect and not even close to 2B. Should have U2 called the MLB violation? "(j) Sliding to Bases on Double Play Attempts". There is a slight delay when seeing a violation at what ever level we call and sometimes if the out results at 1B we leave it alone and don't even raise a hand to signal the interference. Yes, I know we should call it upon seeing it but our natural reaction is to turn while thinking tht's INT and when a DP results sometimes we leave it alone if no runner scored. But do you think think this would/should have been called?

    i can only find the DP from the 4th inning with Pederson being the back end of the DP, not the 3rd inning one with Freeman the back end of the DP.

    see 143-153


    oops here we go below with both. from 335-347 and 435-450



  19. courtesy of comment section in ccs



    at the beginning of the year, 4 umpires remained that went to umpire school in the 70's, West(74), Davis(76), Layne(78), Hallion(79).

    1 was hired as a MLBU in the 70's. West(78).

    3 were hired as MLBU in the 80's. Davis(83), Hallion(86), Layne(89).

    Now only 1 remains who has not announced a retirement. Layne.

    Once Layne does retire, there will be no umpires that went to school in the 70's left, nor any umpires left that were hired in the 70's or 80's.

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