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  1. One more question: how big of a difference is there in the leg width of the Gerry Davis PLATE pants vs the Gerry Davis COMBO pants? Thanks in advance!
  2. I see the Gerry Davis pants are down to $39....could I expect them to go any lower later on in the fall or is that pretty much the bottom line?
  3. I'm a relatively small guy (under 6', 150 lbs) and am looking for a new chest protector. I want something that will do the job it's supposed to do, but I'm doing mainly youth league rec and tournament ball, so it doesn't have to be able to stop a speeding bullet. I mention my size because I also want something that fits as "unseen" as possible under my shirt and doesn't make me appear as if I'm wearing a bullet proof vest and/or football pads. So any suggestions on a reliable chest protector that is relatively thin and not too bulky in both the chest and shoulders?
  4. So what makes the All Star better than the others, just the comfort? Are they lightweight compared to the competition?
  5. What's the expected life on the 2500?
  6. Trying to decide from a variety of hockey style helmets. Main focus is on light-weight and comfort...I do mainly select type baseball, very little high school, so I don't need the greatest protection in the world (relatively speaking of course).... Any opinions on the following? (I am completely ignorant on this topic...) Rawlings CFA1 COOLFLO® Adult Hockey Style Catcher/Umpire Helmet Rawlings CFA2 CoolFlo ABS Hockey Style Catcher's Mask Diamond DCH-EDGE Umpire Mask Champro Hel-Max Adult Catchers Baseball Helmet All Star MVP2300SP BK hockey style headgear Any other suggestions? (I can find all of these in the $75 range, so that's what I'm looking for....) Thanks!
  7. I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere before, so sorry for asking again...a quick search yielded no easily found result... Anyway, getting ready to buy a new pair of Gerry Davis combo pants and have a question about the waist size. I wear a 32-33 in most khakis/shorts and have a 34 in my Smitty's umpire pants, which are PLENTY big enough. I know the GD pants have some "give" in them, so for you guys who have them, do you recommend a 32 or 34?
  8. ZING! Nice haha.... But in actuality, it was a serious question (believe it or not)...
  9. I am on the verge of retiring a pair of +POS combo pants and bought a pair of Smitty combo pants last year to break in. In contrast to the +POS pants, the Smitty seem to be a bit baggier in the "crotch" area. Has anyone else found this to be true, and if so, is there any brand of pants out there that fit more closely to the +POS?
  10. All I do - and plan to do - is little league stuff, so it sounds like this might be OK. I'm a relatively small guy; is this one particularly bulky or relatively thin?
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