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  1. ​No. Tejada had legal possession of 3rd but was not touching (occupying) the bag when Murphy was tagged. Murphy is not out unless he is tagged while Tejada is also touching the bag.
  2. ​I think you would be wrong. If Murphy is tagged while touching 3rd base while Tejada is off the bag, Murphy would not be out.
  3. ​Gotta disagree. Ball was definitely within a step and a reach so fielder was still in the act of fielding the ball and is protected. Interference is the correct call. Running lane has nothing to do with this call.
  4. ​The responsibility for knowing the situation is totally on the defense. Calling time here would be the wrong thing to do. Let the play continue.
  5. Yeah, that's one of the rules at CDP, stupid as it is.
  6. ​No. Offensive team does not have an option in this scenario. There is an option when a doctored baseball is delivered by the pitcher. See 6.02(c) 2 through 7
  7. Also you should know that when a runner is forced to advance it does not matter if he or the advance base is tagged, it would still be a force. Many years ago I had runners on first and second with two out. The batter hit a ground ball to the shortstop but for some reason the defense got the runner from second in a run down. I have no idea why they didn't throw to third for the force out. While this is happening the runner from third touches home plate, then they finally tag the runner out. The run does not count. R2 was forced to advance because the batter became a runner, thus a force out. No run can score.
  8. 7.05 Each runner including the batter-runner may, without liability to be put out, advance— (c) Three bases, if a fielder deliberately throws his glove at and touches a fair ball. The ball is in play and the batter may advance to home base at his peril; Before I looked up the rule I was thinking it addressed a batted ball, but it says fair ball. If he intentionally threw his glove and hit the ball, it should be a three base award. The deflection is irrelevant.
  9. 8.01 COMMENT indicates that disengaging must be done with the pivot foot. By implication, stepping and throwing is done with the free foot. FED 6-1-3 explicitly states that stepping and throwing/feinting must be done with the non-pivot foot. It's still there. Dickey was disengaging and throwing, not stepping and throwing. Ok I see. I looked at the video again and it does appear he legally disengaged first.
  10. Whatever happened to the requirement to step ahead of the throw with the free foot? I thought it was a balk.
  11. Also note that the adults you refer to in an 8u LL game do not have the slightest idea of the rules to the game. I could entertain you for hours with the idiotic things i have heard from the parents in youth ball games. Your best course of action is to not hear what they say because they don't exist.
  12. Why should the runner be "hyper conscious" about which way he turns when we all know turning left is not an attempt to advance? Hopefully at upper levels, (NCAA, PRO), the officials know this and will call it correctly.
  13. Sounds as if you were correct. But you should know that the name of the player is what counts, not the number. In other words if Jones, wearing number 42, is due up but the lineup card shows Jones is 24 instead of 42, the only thing we need to do is correct the lineup card and move on. The correct batter by name was at bat and that's all that matters.
  14. I hope you are kidding. Thought it'd be obvious. My bad! No problem. It just confused me to see a response from an umpire I know to be knowledgeable post an incorrect answer.
  15. I hope you are kidding.
  16. Woodie, One more question that occurred to me. I have asked coaches to help me out and make sure an open gate is closed prior to beginning a game, and as a courtesy they always comply. But what are you going to do when you tell a head coach he is responsible for keeping a gate closed and his reply is: "No I'm not, that's not my job" ??
  17. mrumpiresir

    DH re-entry

    The role of the DH is terminated when the DH plays defense or the player he is batting for plays offense. The new batter could simply be a substitute for the DH and would not terminate the role of the DH.
  18. My experience with new umpires is that they tend to call low strikes, sometimes pitches that are in the dirt. I believe this is caused by not tracking the pitch all the way into the catcher's mitt. I suggest you concentrate on this and see if your strike zone improves.
  19. As stated by others, it is the pitchers job to deceive the runner. Deception is legal unless he violates one of the pitching rules. In other words, if you call a balk, you had better be able to state which rule was violated. Telling a coach the balk was called because the pitcher deceived the runner will seriously impact your ability to move up to higher quality of games.
  20. mrumpiresir

    foul ball

    I'm with noumpere . I'm surprised we have three pages on this. A batted ball that goes sharp and direct to the catcher's hand or mitt and is held is a foul tip. A batted ball that goes sharp and direct to the catcher's hand and pops out but is subsequently held, even if it rebounds off the mask, is a foul tip. A batted ball that goes sharp and direct and hits the catcher anywhere besides his hand or mitt is a foul ball and immediately dead of course. I guess if the players are eight years old this could happen. Doesn't really happen with big boy ball.
  21. I've been out of the loop for a while. What is the change?
  22. I've heard of this. It's a misconception. The PU has the official line up and it is to be followed throughout the game. BOO does not change the order. A couple of years ago I had a disagreement with two umpires at CDP who insisted the coach gets an option on whether to take the penalty for a balk or the result of the play. They walked away when I pulled out a rulebook to prove them wrong. Where does this crap come from?
  23. Thanks for the answer Rich. That certainly sounds reasonable. Why in the world does the rulebook include "bounds to the outfield"? If I had my way, I would revise this to be more in line with the way it is called. "A batted bounding ball that crosses over any portion of first or third base is a fair ball". It's the outfield because it's beyond the infield. Where does it say it has to be the fair part of it? It's not in the outfield if it crosses the bag and leaves the infield perpendicular to baseline and ends up in foul territory. A FAIR BALL is a batted ball that settles on fair ground between home and first base, or between home and third base, or that is on or over fair territory when bounding to the outfield past first or third base, or that touches first, second or third base, or that first falls on fair territory on or beyond first base or third base, or that, while on or over fair territory touches the person of an umpire or player, or that, while over fair territory, passes out of the playing field in flight. I was hoping you would chime in because I know you tend to be a literal interpreter of the rules. I understand your previous post concerning the point of the base being pretty much the same as the bag. In the OP. I was trying to make it clear that the ball never reached the outfield.
  24. Thanks for the answer Rich. That certainly sounds reasonable. Why in the world does the rulebook include "bounds to the outfield"? If I had my way, I would revise this to be more in line with the way it is called. "A batted bounding ball that crosses over any portion of first or third base is a fair ball".
  25. I agree with you 100%, That's the way it is called and should be called. I was just wondering if this had been discussed before and what thoughts others have on this. My thought is that it's not worth much thought nor discussion. We know the book is flawed, so pointing this out isn't terribly interesting or new. I was not aware that this error in the book was well known. Just trying to start a discussion on something I found odd, and because I find myself with too much time on my hands.
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