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    Fair or foul?

    Foul. The rubber is in front of an imaginary line drawn between first and third base. The ball went into foul territory before passing first or third base.
  2. Have you ever driven through Kansas on I-70?
  3. mrumpiresir

    Out of play

    When a coach says it's one plus one, he has revealed his lack of rules knowledge. A coach who says this needs to spend more time with the rule book. "Though one plus one is not the rule it is usually the outcome" I disagree. That is never the outcome when a runner is retreating on the basepath.
  4. I let his comment go once he returned to the dugout. Didn't feel an ejection was necessary at that time. But he was on thin ice. But there is more to the story that indicates he was a jerk. Later in the game I ejected the the first baseman when he said " That's three you missed." When the coach came out to find out why F3 was ejected and I told the coach what he said, his response was " I agree with him." That is when the coach was ejected. As the sub was coming out to replace the ejected F3, he stopped to kick dirt on the plate. My partner ejected him as well. All in all this team was undisciplined and began acting like a group of jerks when they fell behind. I later learned F3 was the coach's son.
  5. Being a military retiree, I try to apply the same ideals to my umpire uniform as I did to my military appearance. With clean pressed shirt and pants, a clean creased hat and shined shoes I think the patent leather belt looks great, but there is nothing wrong with the full grain belt. If you wear a uniform that looks like you slept in it it really doesn't matter.
  6. During an American Legion game, I was in C when the batter hit a ground ball to F6. The throw to F3 was high and the BR touched first while F3 was still in the air. I called the runner safe and the defensive coach came out and asked me to get help. I refused and told him I had seen the play clearly and stood by my call. His response: "So you blew that call all by yourself?" I told him to go back to the dugout which he did. He did eject himself later in the game when he told me "That's three you missed." Turned out he was a daddy coach and was an ass all game long.
  7. mrumpiresir


    I thought so. Would it not be in this scenario?
  8. mrumpiresir


    I should have said third would be the award, not second. Brain fart. I fixed it.
  9. mrumpiresir


    I'm not sure the award would be home on this play. The OP has a line drive caught for the first out which is not a play for the purpose of this rule. The throw to first is the first play by an infielder so the award is from TOP, which would be third base.
  10. mrumpiresir


    Assuming the pitch was not in the strike zone, batter should be awarded first on the HBP. Not pulling the bat back is not an attempt to offer at the pitch.
  11. Watching baseball this season, I coudn't help thinking there is no need for base umpires. They get the no brainer calls right, the calls when there is no doubt in anyone's mind of the correct call. But the close call that must be analyzed from five different angles in super slow motion make the original call of the umpire moot. I guess we would still need someone to determine obstruction or interference. I just don't believe robot umpires will add to the game or accomplish what non umpires think it will.
  12. I thought it hit the fingers of the glove first. But it doesn't matter. It simply shows Buck doesn't know the rule.
  13. Did you hear Joe Buck sying he might have left before the ball was in the back of the glove?
  14. When the umpires make an obvious incorrect call they have the authority to fix it according to 8.02(c) (Old 9.02(c)) 8.02(c) If a decision is appealed, the umpire making the decision may ask another umpire for information before making a final decision. No umpire shall criticize, seek to reverse or interfere with another umpire’s decision unless asked to do so by the umpire making it. If the umpires consult after a play and change a call that had been made, then they have the authority to take all steps that they may deem necessary, in their discretion, to eliminate the results and consequences of the earlier call that they are reversing, including placing runners where they think those runners would have been after the play, had the ultimate call been made as the initial call, disregarding interference or obstruction that may have occurred on the play; failures of runners to tag up based upon the initial call on the field; runners passing other runners or missing bases; etc., all in the discretion of the umpires.
  15. mrumpiresir

    Play at first

    I agree. I want to see some sort of intentional act by the BR before I have interference. As far as the out, Mavin has it right. Once the ball is securely held by F3 in conact with the bag, the BR is out. A subsequent action that causes the ball to come loose doesn't change that.
  16. Order the pitcher to wait until the batter is ready for the pitch. If he continually ignores you, I think you could use 9.01(b) to justify an ejection. 9.01(b) Each umpire is the representative of the league and of professional baseball, and is authorized and required to enforce all of these rules. Each umpire has authority to order a player, coach, manager or club officer or employee to do or refrain from doing anything which affects the administering of these rules, and to enforce the prescribed penalties.
  17. My judgement on this play will be influenced by the actions of the the runner. In my judgement, he made a move to intentionally hinder the fielder making a play on the throw that any pro player would routinely catch. I agree with the out call.
  18. Any player that throws any piece of equipment in a display of disagreement with a call will be immediately ejected......especially if that equipment hits me.
  19. You make a good point but we would not need IR on this play if he was 3blx.
  20. A pitch which is tipped and goes sharp and direct to the mitt and is held is a foul tip. A pitch which is tipped and goes sharp and direct to the mask is a foul ball. It is immediately dead and cannot be caught for an out. In the OP the correct call is foul ball, no out.
  21. mrumpiresir


    It appears the cub announcers are following in the footsteps of the idiot Hawk Harrelson, berating the umpires for a correct call that goes against your team.
  22. Associations i have been involved in do not allow the umpires to call a forfeit. If an ejected coach refuses to leave, we should suspend the game, leave the field, and let the league handle it.
  23. Do it the way lawump says. ​I remove my mask and say "knock it off" or "that's enough" when I feel it's time to send the message that I've had enough. Knowledgeable coaches know what comes next.
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