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    2 things ......... 1) all black shoes make you look like you have dress shoes on (moreso in the field) 2) as you get older and slower.... white on your base shoes makes you look faster!
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    I have no problem with the ejection. But you might consider this response, which is defensive. In some of these cases, I'll move directly to "Knock it off. There's no arguing judgment calls. This is your warning." Typically, these jackwagons will step over the line immediately, and I'll facilitate their departure. An intermediate step, for a coach who's been OK so far, is to put him in his place a bit. "Coach, if you have a question, you may come out and ask in a normal tone of voice." That frames the allowable parameters for mature discussion among adults, and gives him a gracious way to STFU. Again, if he can't observe the parameters, he may rant and rave outside the confines of the ball field. If he does come out, I'll start: "What did you see?" I'll give him his say, in a normal tone of voice, which is mostly what he wants. When he's done, or a reasonable time has elapsed, or he starts to repeat himself, I'll say: "OK Coach, I had the ball beating the runner and the tag down in time. He's out. Let's play ball." And that's it: a direct exchange of views, politely delivered, and ended promptly. We should tolerate and indulge in nothing else. He's accusing you of cheating. Call him out: "Coach, are you accusing me of cheating?" If he says yes, dump him. If he says no, then tell him to KTSO and that's his warning. If your league allows restriction to the dugout, do that. He's lost his privilege to discuss calls with this remark.
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    Who is Heather Grey and what did she do to cause this animosity?
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    I am working on a few things right now and hope to have some testing done in the next month or two Exterior ABS protection with pad for impact displacement Separate additional pad (washable) for comfort and impact Also working on a generic low profile pad replacement idea
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    How about integrity...I supplied them with products including adding their logos. CP Harness U-Bag Lineup Folders both sizes. One condition was they could not do any custom graphics...couple of months later I start seeing them all over the internet. Called them and they just said it was an emergency job then I showed him the email thread where his last comments was I will send you the logos. Never happened. Late paying the invoice too but they don't care. I cut them off over a phone call informing them thy broke the agreement. He started getting pissy with me and I told him he was done and no further products would be offered by me to them. 2 months later they knock off 3 products and publicly are saying screw UMPLIFE they do not have a patent and we can do what we want. That shows how they have no integrity or professionalism and completely sabotaged All Stars launch of a new product One thing is fact...they did not meet anyone from All Star and you can see the only credible comments came from Jim Kirk of Ump-Attire.com who has been involved with this project since day 1
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    I also am disappointed with Outwest due to lack of customer service and accountability. I had a problem back when they did the “sale” on plate coats for Black Friday. I ordered one and when I finally got it in late January, the size was way off so I emailed, giving him a chance to make it right.. I got a response basically sweeping aside my concerns and ending the conversation, so I left a review that I didn’t recommend them for others to buy from. He was quick to respond to that though, directly to my messenger, trying to bully me for leaving a bad recommendation/review. I don’t trust them and will never do business with them again. I hope to show others their true colors and they are really just out to make another dollar, not the service aspect they try to present. Ump-attire is always my go to supplier and I trust them over any others! Thank you to @JimKirk and the rest of his crew that take care of all of us!
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    One of my fondest LL umpiring stories. Batter swings and immediately the lights go out! I wake up in a bed in the emergency room with my wife taking next to me. After an X-Ray and some tests I'm OK to go home (with a good size lump in the side of my Head from the thrown bat). Head out and the waiting room is full of coaches, players and parents from both teams. PRICELESS
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    I appreciate your opinion. I look at it from an opportunity cost perspective. When we talk to a shoe mfg about making smaller size shoes, the answer is “it costs too much”. When you ask a uniform mfg to make an investment in a women/youth/smaller frame line, the answer is the same. However, I see a lot of money being spent on two sets of shoe colors and two sets of pant colors at all levels in the industry. Seeing things on all sides - retailers, suppliers and customers, I’d like to think I am being open-minded about trying to look out for all parties to make things mutually beneficial. Right now, usa/ncaa softball is reviewing potential changes to the uniform requirements. Many college softball umpires are pushing for changes. Most dislike the heather and want the option to have some white on their shoes. So, I am just trying to help that push with what they want with a perspective from a different angle. I definitely do not have the power to make leagues/others change their requirements, but I am looking to steer things a bit for the better when things are up for decisions.
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    No need to watch the video. This is the only pair of shin guards you will ever need. The only decision you need to make is which size to buy.
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    I need to clean up my garage & gear bag. I've got too many projects or pads I meant to put on something but then didn't get to yet. I'll list asking prices that will include shipping within the US, but feel free to IM me with any offers. Schutt lightweight mask with Honig's throat guard. Frame weights a little over a pound. With TG and wrap-around pads is around a pound and a half. - $25 shipped (with Wilson wrap-around pads for $45 shipped) Wilson's black wrap-around pads (I believe they have been used, but are very clean and have a lot of life left) - $25 shipped New Adidas harnesses - $12 shipped each, 3 available (all 3 for $30 shipped) New Adidas burgundy pads - $20 shipped each, 2 sets available (both for $30 shipped, both sets with all 3 harnesses above for $50 shipped)
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    I’ve got to brag on my man Tony! I just sent him my Allstar 4000MAG and had it powder coated gunmetal. Not only did he do a great job, but he’s also just a great guy and takes a lot of pride in his work. As soon as he finished my mask (he received it on Monday and finished it in less than 24 hours) he sent me pictures to make sure I was happy. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using him for any face mask needs.
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    Here is my communications with All-Star..... looks like it’s in the works.
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    Wanted to make everyone aware we’re encouraging 2 things in the marketplace on the uniform end with leagues, associations and groups. One is to get everyone on the same page with a darker grey pant (no light or heather grey) - that means baseball and softball. The second is to reduce requirements for an all-black shoe, especially on the plate. I know someone will chime in on shirt colors, but that will always be something the marketplace wants. Plus, you’ll read further to understand why pants and shoes need to be the main 2. 1 pleated pant in base, plate and combo in one color has over 40 SKUs. Add a flat front, you’re at 80+. That’s a lot of inventory investment and space requirements for one color. 1 NB plate shoe with D, 2E and 4E is also over 40. Add the low-cut, and we’re over 80. Same issues there - just to have no-white on an N logo - actually more-so as shoes cost more and take up more space. Given that there is a huge need for smaller size plate shoes (for women, youth and others) and given there is a need for better fitting pants for the same demo, by changing these requirements, the industry could free up the large amount of investment in pants and plate shoes to provide these needs. (Getting rid of say a navy or chartreuse shirt color only takes away 7 SKUs, so I’m going 80/20 rule here with the 2 items.) This is something the manufacturers and retailers want to move toward, but as long as their is still some marketplace desire here, manufactures and retailers are going to be pressed to continue. If you have any influence on your side at your level, help press for these 2 changes: -Make Heather Grey Go Away -Sack the All-Black I have already started to press from the industry angle and will continue to do so.
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    I mean...I can't think of an easier ejection not involving an assault of some kind. The quoted rule is brilliantly crystalline there... I'm also continually amazed at younger players and senior citizen players whose default reaction when they are HBP is to take it personally that they were plunked on purpose. Get out of the way or wear it...either way, cut the theatrics and let's play ball. ~Dog
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    Au contraire: better still is all the hot moms who are glad to see me.
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    Based on your comments, I made the suggestion to All-Star 2 weeks ago. They were interested. Stay tuned.
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    Thank You for Your Service! It's good to see you're striving to improve, and by coming here and sharing your experiences and seeking advice proves it. I have read previous posts, and the one thing that stands out is in every situation, someone is yelling at you. Stop that behavior quickly! Sometime, we have to keep coaches in the game so we can educate them, not only for ourselves, but for the next guy. Not to mention, a lot of these coaches move up as their child does, at least in my area, so you're likely to see them for years to come. We have to be more professional than them. We have to gain their respect. Ejecting them doesn't get respect, it just gets you scratched A couple thing to share. Well, a few. Appearance! Shoes cleaned, shirt and pants pressed, hat cleaned and pleated , ball bags too is a start. I once went to do a game out of town, AAAA school, nice stadium, I had the dish. At the end of the plate meeting, I asked if there were any questions? One of the coaches replied, " not today, you look like you know what you're doing and I plan on sticking around". Positioning and crisp mechanics! Long fly ball down 3BL, get down there! Normally the manager is coaching third and has a better view of it. Once had the coaches son hit a shot that was definitely going over, only question was if it was fair/foul. Before he could turn around and plead his case it was fair, "FOUL"! He said, "You scared the SH*# out of me! You're the only umpire I've seen make it this far. (with a smile) Good call". I asked, "about a foot"? He replied, "ten inches". Don't yell back! Well, try not to. If you do, don't be justifiable. "Not today coach". "Time! You have something you wanna say to me coach come and talk to me, but you're not gonna yell at me from 90' away"! Sometimes it works for both sides because the other coach hears that you're not going to tolerate that behavior, as well as the players and fans. There is also the line up card technique. There is also a lot of time during the game you can have a little 1 on 1 time. I prefer " The Look". Don't have rabbit ears! What you can't hear can't offend you. Run away when you can and get back in position. Especially after a close call at the end of an inning. The coach may want to question it but he sees you running into RT CF, he may just abandon his efforts! As I understand it, you're doing games solo. Be in control but not controlling. "Coach, in my judgement..." Is a useful tool. They seem to understand their next words can have consequences. An assistant coach was coaching 1st as they usually do. The first banger of the game, of course, he jumps up yelling and signaling safe! "OUT" was my reply, along with, "Coach, if you're not going to make any OUT calls today, please don't make any SAFE ones". He smiled and nodded his head. On the next banger, I looked at him, he looked at me with his eyes wide open holding his breath trying to restrain from his usual antics. There was a disturbing pause as I pointed to him to make the call, "OUT" he said. I confirmed his call. Everyone in the ballpark laughed. One more coach I never had to worry about. This is coming from a guy who once dumped 3 coaches in 40 seconds. They deserved it but I also wanted to show I wasn't gonna tolerate their SH*#. I was the new guy in town and still here. They, on the other hand, were replaced the next season. Sometime they have to go. Make sure they deserve it. Good Luck! Disclaimer: Some things mentioned may not work for everyone.
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    Nobody puts Baby in the corner! Oh, wait ... that’s Jennifer Grey.
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    I'm in! Time to hit social media with a peaceful protest. Join in with me.............Come on guys.........you know the words!! Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......
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    I showed my wife some cool handbags they had on sale for $25 dollars and then slipped my motherlode in there too. She doesn’t question me as much when she gets something out of it too. Plus we ordered some extras as Christmas gifts for family members who love to travel.
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    You're not alone brother. So many of us are just longing for a return to the "normal"... the problem is, I'm not sure that's going to happen even once we clear this stuff. Things have changed now and I'm afraid we'll not get some things back. If anyone ever needs to just talk, please reach out. Mental health is just as important, if not more so, than physical health. I'd add spiritual health there too.
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    Most Little League umpires wonder if they will ever see the dreaded 7.13 "Poof!" play. But I had an equal rarity in a District Tournament. R2, R3, 1 out. I am U3 in a four-man crew. B4 hits a weak popup behind 1B near the line; F4 and F3 are aggressively trying to get under it. R3 tags up figuring he had a chance for a sac fly. R2 thinks there's two outs, so he's running like a scalded dog. The whole stadium was watching the catch attempt (which failed), but I guess I was the only one who saw R2 pass R3! Even the coacher didn't see it! I'm calling R2 out for passing, and when the ball drops, R2 and R3 touch home. After the mayhem settles, I call time and go to the PU. We then go to the scorers table and inform them of the ruling: Only 1 run scores, and there are now two out, B4 on 2B. Scoreboard corrected, much to the chagrin of the Offensive team. There wasn't a lot of griping! But you could hear a pin drop, as nobody else had ever seen that call before! Mike Las Vegas
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    Wow. Maverick to Goose... Eject! Eject, eject, eject!
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    B is the proper position with R1 in two man. You don't need to go to or toward deep B unless you are one of those guys that does not feel comfortable (I know quite a few) in the B spot. With R1 only you can drift back with the throw. With R1 and R3 as @humanbackstop19 says, you hold B and don't drop back because F4 may be charging the throw to cut it. You still pivot with the throw in either case.
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    And while we're on this sun visor topic. Am I the only one who wishes they would cover the entire top half of the inside of the mask? Force 3 is the best fitting sun visor I have ever seen on a mask. Outside of F3 though, it can be a pain in the neck for someone who is a neat freak like me to fit one of these into the top of a mask by attaching it to the padding. Then, it will shift or make the pads fit uneven or something like that that drives me crazy! I wish it would offer full coverage from side-to-side (ear-to-ear along top eye port) and from the eye opening up to the top of the mask a la F3. While we're inventing the perfect sun visor for the FM4000 steel and mag mask platform, let's also update and fix the "other" visors so they ensure "full coverage" and look great too! Notice how F3's visor is fuller (bar-to-bar coverage) and even all along the bottom and top of the mask? They don't have the stupid black plastic bar at the top of their visor either, like every other manufacturer does. There are times I wish F3 would make a conventional mask without springs as their stuff is top quality. I wish I had the capability and equipment to manufacture my own gear. I know I am nit-picky, but I like what I like and what I'd produce would be top-notch.
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    Some umpires eject if you look askance at them. Some won't eject if you shoot them with a 9 mil. This batter gave nobody the opportunity to defuse. Throwing equipment and charging the mound are immediate ejections at any level. Game management is no doubt an art, not a science, and I discourage the use of 'automatic', but that's the end of the spectrum the play described approaches. All this assumes, of course, that events transpired as described (I see no link to video).
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    I'm guessing that is one of the groups from which I got banned for calling out moderators lying.
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    Bro...in the foot? Really? We're tawkin' 'bout...in the foot? I don't wish anyone HBP, of course...but, I'd be curious to see what this player thinks is an appropriate response to a HBP above the waist...or to the head? Any of which could be accidental, especially at that age... In the foot... As for stepping out in front of the plate when there is a HBP...make sure you do that EVERY time, or never. Preferably, all the time. ~Dog
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    True. In fact, the parent would probably be mad at the coach if he removed little Johnny! That's where we are at these days.
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    I'm happily married. But who doesn't like the attention of hot moms?
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    ........................what? No "50 shades of Grey" remarks??? (Yes, SWMBO made me watch it with her one evening). Did I mention I really don't like this stay at home mess?
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    Good morning everyone ........ Let's keep this thread all about the new All-Star Cobalt Chest Protector, please. What's gone on with other 'retailers' is irrelevant; it's out there, it's been discussed, ...let's drop that portion of it, and stick to being gear whores!
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    WHAT? We've been asking Brad Jurga for YEARS for on a visor for the FM stuff ...... "NOPE" was all I every got .... hopefully @JimKirk has the magic touch!
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    This. Absolutely looks like dress shoes. That should go with a navy shirt. Some white, some trim, some sort of contrast does indeed look better.
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    Ordered, received (even on the road, here!), and just used last night. My custom powdercoated FM4K has gotten beat up (the eyeport bar took another foul ball, and got bent for the third time), so I’ll be pounding it back out and “retiring” it to be my “back up north” mask. I’ll keep it with a few shirts, some hockey shins (so I can use them for skating, too), a rebuilt Schutt AiR Flex II, some polyspandex slacks in Combo... just so I can call games, if needed, while I’m up visiting from Arizona and don’t have my primary gear bag. Still could use a visor... actually, 2 visors now.
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    I'm all for standardizing pants. Heather grey is just a bad look. Having worked a long time for an athletic shoe manufacturer I understand the cost of multiple SKU's. It seems like there is a simple solution. Only make shoes in all black. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    There was a good discussion in the NCAA video bulletin 3 this year. I'm biased and NCAA drew no conclusion but if you watched the B plays and the C plays I think B shows as better. http://ncaabaseball.arbitersports.com/front/105039/Video/player/34904/38242
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    Funniest 2 one-liners in a row on Umpire-Empire ever. I think Heather and Jennifer are sisters.
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    Just a vote for Deep B with R1 in 3 and 4 man here.
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    Makes sense He's arguing balls/strikes that you're calling from behind the mound. He deserves to get tossed.
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    He is a grinder for sure and he was more interested in talking about what I was doing. Just shook it off where many umpires would have took the rest of the day off. I read him some of the comments and support he was getting on the UL FB Page and he just laughed and could not believe it. He is is legend and a true pro who thought of his crew and the game before himself. Tough as nails and proud to call him a friend.
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    Per the conversation on @RazzerFacebook Live post today. I would LOVE to see this chest protector in the hands of someone like Ray who could really market this thing and bring out it's true potential.
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    Interestingly, I think this is being worn in the by Seattle catcher, but with an All-Star logo! (Which is great because I like AS better than Under Armour.) Compare this pic (sorry the quality is not great) to the pic on Ump Attire. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/UAFM2-WP-BK_Under-Armour-Silver-Umpire-Mask-with-Black-Windpact
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    I hope so. We recently developed a female umpires committee made up of baseball and softball umpires to help with expertise and awareness for manufacturers. https://www.ump-attire.com/Company-News/Female-Umpires-Committee-to-Advise-on-Gear-Clothing-Needs
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    Mr. maven, it may be a myth now but from 1887 through 1909 there was a rule that a batter-runner was liable to be put out if he turned left after overrunning first base. In 1887 a new rule (in rule 53, subparagraph 9) was introduced that said— If, in over-running First Base, he also attempts to run to Second Base, or after passing the base he turns to his left from the foul line, he shall forfeit such exemption from being put out.
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    I agree with everything you are doing to be safe on the field and at home. I also fully agree that umping football is (probably) not smart--not intended as a jab. But as stated above I really feel like I need to be out there, risky or not. The couple of baseball games I was able to do this year felt great, despite being 90+ and 80% humidity. Heck, I was smiling as I walked to the field. In fact, I even went and watched about 8-10 games of coach pitch, minors (9-10) and ozone (11-12) youth ball just because I saw them out there as I drove home, or a buddy would tell me he was doing a couple of games that night...who does that on a Tuesday or Thursday night, with no kid playing?
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    Did you see all the people freaking out about "what if that breaks" and such? Cause... you know... it isnt like those are never used on masks already!
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    Lightning and baseball coaches/parents will never cease to amaze me. Every time the umpire is the bad guy. It doesn't make any sense. I had a game a few weeks ago where we threw a pitch, and then there was lightning w/some rain. Clear the field guys, lightning. 10 minutes later, rain ends, the teams apparently take the field (I'm in the locker room) and a coach is like blue, everyone's ready to go. I'm like no, it's a lightning delay, not how this works. Game eventually restarts after we follow correct protocol. Few innings later, you hear thunder (but don't see lightning). Not a huge one, but we all heard it. Guys, clear the field. This is the actual conversation that followed after I said clear the field. Coach: That was thunder, not lightning (serious comment) Me: Where does thunder come from? Coach: ........................... Me: Exactly Coach: Well that was like 10 miles away As I leave the field, about 15 seconds later a huge clapper hits. I'm still close enough to say "10 miles away huh?" Throughout the delay, I see a kid on the field with a bat, and all parents just hanging out behind the outfield fence. Only when it rained did anyone head for cover. Because as we know, rain can kill you if it soaks through your clothing. I had a game last year where we did have a thor guard, and it went off...and 20-30 minutes later (while still darkish) had people approach my car to ask me "hey, what do you think, can we play now?" I don't...I can't...what? Kids all over another field playing an impromptu pickup game with coaches (they were waiting for the next game). What the hell are we doing? I'll never, ever understand it, but I'll never, ever budge when it comes to lightning. Too many coaches coerce young, inexperienced umpires into playing through it or restarting because it's "far away" or "has cleared" etc. I wish every park had a thor guard, so there would be less arguments. Every time an umpire is the first one to catch the lighting, and says clear the field, they are jumped on. WHERE? SHOW ME? I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING! As if I'm making this up. As if I want to sit at this field any longer than I have to. What's the benefit to me, exactly, for claiming lightning if there isn't any? Then inevitably everyone looks in that direction and sees it within 30 seconds.
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    Excellent! I'm always looking forward to see what comes of your plans.
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    I don’t understand what your problem is @Umpire in Chief ... the rule book is for games. This was just practice ... it’s fine.

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