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    Do you want to know the #1 thing a catcher can do (in all seriousness) to become my new favorite player? The answer: keep everyone else on his team off my back. Let me give an example. 2-2 count. The pitcher delivers a fastball that is either just on or just off the corner. Umpire calls it a ball. Dugout begins to make noise. Maybe the pitcher glares in at the umpire. At this point, if the catcher hops up, throws the ball back and says something such as, "Just bring it in a little and we're in business (or something similar)," he has just become my best friend for the day. Without throwing his pitcher under the bus, he has just told his dugout and his pitcher that the ball was just off the plate (even if it wasn't). He has just gotten everyone off my back. Afterward, if he wants to get back down in his crouch and before the next pitch he quietly says to me (while looking straight ahead), "Matt, we need one of those last two pitches. If you're not going to give us the inside corner, I need the outside corner. Otherwise, we'll be here all night," (or something similar) I am going to listen to him and seriously consider his request. Why? Because he just defused a potential volatile situation. He took all the heat off of me. (What coach is going to argue balls and strikes after his catcher just said, "bring it in a little"?) At that point, I want to work hard for that catcher!
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    For our newer members:   Umpire-Empire.com has its own personality and its own personalities, and it can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. To help you get started here, we’ve created this cultural primer. This is a small group. The world of umpiring is not a large segment of the population, and the subset of umpires that frequent this board is even smaller. This group has everything from members that have been on various boards for the better part of two decades to people like you just coming on board. Because of this: Some relationships on this board are longstanding, and have the ups and downs of connections lasting that long. There are inside jokes that predate this board, there are ongoing discussions that get rekindled every now and then, and unfortunately, there are also grudges. There is a higher-than-normal rate of posters who know other posters in real life. There’s a significant chance that there are posters here who know you in real life. It is up to you how much of your background and personal information you want to share. Just beware, details can be pieced together—if you want to have some level of anonymity, keep that in mind. So, if you post things about partners, remember that very partner may be reading it, and figuring out that it is about them, and thus who you are. We are a diverse group with diverse personalities. Do not assume malice when there is a disagreement.  ​Some folks are in their first year officiating kiddie ball Some are current or former professionals, and most are in between. We even have (shudder) coaches here.  Our members ages range from 13 to ... well lets just say "very experienced"  As you frequent the site more you will get to know some of the personalities of our members so being more active (even if just reading) will help you put the personality context behind the post.  Because emotion cannot accurately be read into posts consider using a smilie/emoticon to help relay the emotion you are trying to convey. We have hundreds of smilies which you may find helpful.                     Some members will go out of their way to state their experience, others don’t. Some may be exaggerating or not telling the truth. You can decide for yourself how credible individual posters are. Umpires do not become successful by being overly sensitive. The more-experienced umpires are where they are because they are direct in what they say, are able to take criticism, and don’t suffer fools well. What may seem as an abrupt, rude, or condescending statement is most likely simply terseness or conciseness. If you think something may be out of line, please take it up with the person who posted it via PM, unless it is egregious enough to be moderated.  Because of the fraternal nature of our group, don't take offense to little jabs in the ribs. Even if that little jab crosses the line, just like when umpiring, sometimes you just have to let that personal pop shot go and not respond. There are a variety of styles that posters use to answer questions. Some will quote you the proper rules chapter-and-verse. Some will hint at concepts so you can try to find the answer on your own. If you don’t get an answer in a style you find helpful, please ask for clarification or additional help instead of getting in a huff. Remember that aside from that minority of trolls that are found on every board, everyone is here to help and be helped. People generally don't post here to waste time or get a rise from others--they have something substantive to say. You can neither dictate nor predict how threads will develop. You may start a thread asking about proper mechanics in a particular situation, and it will turn into seven pages on whether jackets should be tucked or untucked. We understand that this can be frustrating if your question hasn't been answered. If that happens, please feel free to reiterate what you are asking (our members are generally good at self-policing this.) If your question has been answered, just go with the flow. Also, understand that just like a face-to-face conversation, a topic may drift into several salient points that you hadn't considered each with its own set of relevant facts and opinions. If you feel a topic has swayed too far off topic, notify a Moderator. They may be able make the side-bar its own topic The search function is your friend. Please use the search function, if possible, before posting questions. Because of the characteristics  mentioned above, some of our more seasoned posters have heard the same questions hundreds of times and can be somewhat gruff in answering them. It may be difficult to find the proper terms to search on, but please give it at least a cursory try. For All Members Rules to live by: When starting a thread, please use as descriptive a title as possible. This not only helps you get the right answer from the right people, it also helps others down the line when they want to find answers about similar concepts. Similarly, in your posts, list the relevant rule set(s). There are differences between them that may play a role in developing the correct answer. Words mean things. In each rule book, there are definitions for words, and these definitions are important. We avoid using terms loosely or colloquially because that engenders confusion. If you use a word incorrectly, there will most likely be a correction. Understand why you are being corrected, learn from it, and move on. PMs work. If something goes over your head, you feel someone may have been out of line, you don’t get the inside joke, or anything in general, PM the poster in question. It’s best to keep one-on-one conversations to a minimum on the boards to allow other posters easier understanding of the threads as well as to minimize the chance of public spats. Don't assume a moderator is reading each and every post. For many years I was able to read each and every post made here. Now that task would be impossible. If you see something questionable please inform us. Re-read your posts before posting. I've confronted people about posts before and the #1 thing I'm told is that they didn't realize their comment would be taken in a certain way or intend for it to be taken the way it was. So re-read your post; you may intend one meaning, but deliver another. Give others the benefit of the doubt that what they are saying is not a personal attack and don't react assuming it is a personal comment. Never take anything posted here as the word of the Lord. Anybody can post here and say virtually anything no matter how ridiculous or true. Remember umpiring is filled with gray areas. If it weren't for this there would be no need for interpretation manuals or even this site. There are situations in umpiring where there is technically no right answer, but possibly better ways to come to a decision about handling those gray areas.  If you ask a question, be ready for responses, correct, incorrect, sarcastic ... It is often actually the weeding through all of the responses that actually help the most in deciphering and truly understanding the correct answer.  Don't go looking to be offended. If you are looking to be offended, you will find it. If you feel a poster is "trolling" don't feed the troll (reply to the post). Report the post and let the moderators handle it rather than giving the person what they may want. Just have fun This site is designed to be both informative and social. We will go off topic, we will discuss personal situations and our lives outside of umpiring. We are a fraternity, we not only support each other but like to have fun too. So expect an occasional jab in the ribs, a joke at your expense, and even some heated disagreements. These can be an overall sign of your inclusion and acceptance into the group. It does not mean you are not welcome or appreciated. Remember at the end of the day we are all on the same team. Even the members you may have a disagreement with, when push comes to shove will be in your corner. Share your accomplishments! Whether it is your local league's in house tournament or your going to Omaha you won't find a more supporting group to share your news with. For our Experienced Members:   Remember our membership changes on a daily basis. Besides the +/- 250 registered members who actually sign in every day, Umpire-Empire.com is visited by thousands of individuals everyday who never either log in or register.    I have been asked repeatedly about creating a "No Flaming Zone" for newbies. Of all the suggestions I've received over the years, this is the one I've been adamant about refusing because I believe this implies the rest of the site is open season for flaming. One of the principles Umpire-Empire was founded on is having a good environment where a rookie can get a legitimate answer from someone much more experience without the fear of being scorned or ridiculed.  Be welcoming to our new members.  Take a look at the members profile you are responding to take into consideration if they are one of our veteran members or a new member. Look at their join date and look at their post count. What do you know about their experience or personality Take that into consideration when responding  When someone asks a question If a topic has been covered ad nauseam, be kind give a brief answer and then direct the user to where it may have been covered (providing links are great). Please don't give the curt answer of it's been covered, use the search feature. Remember different people have different competency levels in using this site and the internet as a whole. Remember others may not have the same experience level as you and what you may consider simple or even a stupid question is not for them Also the person asking the question may be opening themselves up, admitting an embarrassing mistake or otherwise putting them self in a vulnerable situation. We've all been there to some extent. They're here for help so lets give them the help they are looking for. In Conclusion   Remember, that noobie who is asking the "annoying questions," uses the incorrect terms, makes seemingly simple mistakes or doesn't use the site effectively may become the next (insert your favorite member here). I was once that guy. I doubt 10+ years ago MSTaylor, @Majordave , @Stan W. , @LMSANS and too numerous other people to list who I met in similar forums would have thought then I have become what I am as an umpire and these people along with so many others I've met online have really helped develop me as an umpire. I can remember probably 8-10 years ago pretty much harassing Majordave about chest protectors for about a year. Boy I was annoying.   On the flip side of the coin, I received a personal message from a member here not too long ago who is moving up the ladder in their umpiring career and not only wanted to let me know but wanted to thank me for my role in helping them move up. This is such a rewarding feeling I want everybody to experience at some point.    So for our new members, welcome to the Empire! I hope you find the site interesting, informative and fun. For our veteran members, you have all done a terrific job in helping make this site what it is and I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. Let's keep up the good work and not only help develop our new and future members, but new and future generations of excellent umpires.   Warren  
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    Carb up for 2-3 days prior to game day. Raisin bran, bagels and bananas game morning. Water and power bars all day long game day. UNLESS it is 8U- THEN it is Jack Daniels and morphine all game day.
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    I've been meaning to weigh in on this...   One of the primary goals of Umpire-Empire is to help umpires. We are not all fortunate enough to have had excellent mentors, attend top tier camps or clinics, much less a 4-5 week pro school or even receive adequate local training. Do I think a forum is suitable for truly delivering training, absolutely not. But it is excellent for is sharing of ideas.    This sharing of ideas is what will make you a better umpire.    How???   On a forum like this you will be exposed to ideas you have either never heard of or run completely contrary to what you have been instructed or personally believe...and that is a good thing. It gets you thinking weather you accept it or not is a completely different thing. Nobody here is asking you to prostrate yourselves to anybody else based on their experience, post count or anything else.   I can personally say this site (as well as others before U-E) have helped me evolve as an umpire. Here's 3 quick examples... On a hit by pitch I use to exclaim "Dead Ball!" -- Now I use "Time!" I use to be an advocate of the FYC --- Not any more I've overturned a call by conferring with my partner to get additional info in the spirit of "getting the call right" that I probably wouldn't have a few years ago. I'm sure some of you have similar stories. Nobody beat me into submission, but with what others have said, I changed my opinions.   As someone who now mentors new umpires, I tell every one of them not to take anything I say as the word of the Lord. All I ask is that you listen, be open minded and take what I tell you and what others tell you see what works for you. Ask questions. Don't settle for that's just the way it is. Because if you understand the why's as you develop you can better put the pieces of the puzzle together that will make you a better more complete umpire.    I also tell them that if I tell you X and another umpire tells you Y don't completely dismiss either. While one of us may be completely wrong there may either be a nugget of truth in it or worse case scenario you give it enough thought that you can determine what is real and what is bunk.    Here's some points I wanted to make on this thread...   Arguing-- There is a big difference between Arguing and Discussion- I fully encourage discussion. Arguing can be tolerated up until the point it gets personal. Friends argue from time to time and that's fine. Just remember agree or disagree we're on the same team here. We catch enough grief from ignorant fans and coaches, we don't need to catch any here from our comrades.   I have noticed over the past few months a significant uptick to the number of "arguments" and I want to see that number drop back down. Here are some suggestions: Let things dye a natural death. Person A says ________, Person B says different. Unless you are adding something new, asking for clarification or clarifying your own statement let it go. Outright challenging another's statement puts things in an escalated state where an argument could ensue. Re-read your posts before posting. I've confronted people about arguing here before and the #1 thing I'm told is that they didn't realize their comment would be taken in a certain way or intend for it to be taken the way it was. So re-read your post you may intend one meaning, but deliver another. Plain text is awful for relaying tone. Consider using and emoticon/smilie to help convey tone or emotions. Give others the benefit of the doubt that what they are saying is not a personal attack and don't react assuming it is a personal comment. Use the ignore feature -  If there is another member you find you just prefer not to deal with add them to your ignore list. Go to the top right corner and click your username --> Select "My Settings" --> Select " 'Ignore' Preferences" from the left hand column. You will not see that user's posts, BUT you will see when a user you do not ignore quotes them. Report objectionable content. The moderation team will review and take appropriate action as necessary. ​ Social Content This is a social media site. I know others disagree that forums being true social media but IMO they are. I want this site to be a social media outlet for umpires to laugh, cry and overall share with one another - EVEN IF the content isn't related to umpiring. The only limitations to what I place on content are pornography, hate, drug, violence AND political postings. The others are pretty self explanatory, but politics is not in the scope of this forum and brings out such visceral reactions in people. It quickly becomes a moderating nightmare and nothing anybody posts about any politician or political party is going to change anybody else.   But as a social outlet I we develop friendships even if we never meet in real life. I've been fortunate to have met more than a few members her and a few have become what I consider true friends. I can only hope the same is true for others.    Going even further, as friends, we shouldn't be afraid to or get overly offended by busting each others chops every once in a while. Just friendly locker room/ frat house type antics.    Members Different people utilize the site in different ways. While the stats at the bottom of the page show we get between 150- 200 member visits a day, the site averages about 2000 unique visitors a day in the peak of the spring season and has a secondary peak around the World Series and stabilizes at about 1200-1500 unique visitors a day otherwise.   We have members from all walks of life. Young Little League volunteer umpires, mid level umpires in HS, College ... , seasoned umpires and even professional umpires.    Some members are very active and rack up high post counts - and that's fine.  Others don't post too often but have a very high like count - and that's fine. Still others post little to never post, but visit regularly and that is fine too.   When it comes to reading posts from others here, this is what I recommend. If you are new, get to know the other members a bit. If you visit regularly you can get a sense of their personality, style and ways they come to decisions, handle situations and more. Never take anything posted here as the word of the Lord. Anybody can post here and say virtually anything no matter how ridiculous or true. Remember umpiring is filled with gray areas. If it weren't for this there would be no need for interpretation manuals or even this site. There are situations in umpiring where there is technically no right answer, but possibly better ways to come to a decision about handling those gray areas.  If you ask a question, be ready for responses, correct, incorrect, sarcastic ... It is often actually the weeding through all of the responses that actually help the most in deciphering and truly understanding the correct answer.  Don't be looking to be offended. If you are looking to be offended, you will find it. When it comes to replying to others here's what I recommend Try to consider what you may know about the poster; their age, experience level, their online personality, and how they typically respond use this information to respond/not respond appropriately. Use emoticons/smilies to convey emotion since plain text can not do this. When practical while replying try to cite a source or give a little of the why behind what you are saying. If you feel the poster is "trolling" don't feed the troll. Report the post and let the moderators handle it rather than giving the person what they may want. If a topic has been covered ad nauseam, be kind give a brief answer and then direct the user to where it may have been covered. Please don't give the curt answer of it's been covered, use the search feature. Remember different people have different competency levels in using this site and the internet as a whole.
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    Coach: Where is your zone? Umpire: For you or for them?
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    The lesson to be learned here, don't work men's rec slow pitch softball. Nothing EVER good happens here, and it doesn't help you become a better umpire.
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    On his hands and knees gasping for breath....
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    Thanks for the kind words guys! I treat every game with the same level of effort and respect regardless of the level. I got my umpiring start in LL so I always give back to the kids by volunteering my umpire talents at the local, state, and Regional level. As @Jocko stated above....I treat every game from LL to D1 like it's Omaha...and tonight will be no different. Thanks for the support!
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    13U USSSA Game on Saturday OT has bases loaded. DT requests Time and is granted time and a visit with F1 and infield is made. DT Coach returns to dugout. We are ready to start again. I get behind F2 and start to give the count again when F1 throws to 3B and a run down starts since he caught R3 off the bag. I immediately have my arms in the air and am loudly saying "The Ball is not in Play". DT Manager asks me why the ball is not in play? Because you requested time, I granted Time, You made a visit to the mound and I have not said Play yet. Response, "OH". Between innings my BU partner came in to ask something as this was his first USSSA Tournament. While we are talking a DT Coach comes over and asks "What is the difference of me putting the ball back in play after the time out and not after a foul that occurred shortly after? Before I can respond my partner states, "He puts the ball back in play every single time". Coach responds "well he made a mistake that time and didn't". My response is "Coach we are done discussing this, if Art (the Manager) wants to talk about anything, we will talk to him and him only as covered at the plate meeting". He continues on his way to the 1B coaching box. Putting the ball back into play is one of my pet peeves and this is a good example of why you always do it. I hate being the BU and have a PU who fails to do this.
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    I only did it once but a travel ball coach ask me how big my zone was. Sometimes my self censoring button doesn't work so I replied," Well, let's see how the pitching is and then I can decide."
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    I knew this a few months ago but I didn’t share it here. I have been hired into college baseball at the D3 and NAIA level in Southern California. Looking forward to this year and many more. Feel free to hijack this thread if you’ve been hired into a higher level
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    I'm very excited to be doing my first pro game in an independent league tonight. I've been doing various collegiate leagues all summer and when asked yesterday, I hopped right on it. I can't wait to work this level tonight.
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    Clarify something for me.... you were walking around and involved yourself in the game? You stopped a game to throw your 2 cents in? Ummmmm.....nope. I would have walked off the field and left it with you. Then made sure you were never "UIC" over a tourney I was working again. Handle this stuff OFF the field between games UNLESS you are asked DIRECTLY to get involved or by way of protest. Until then, you're a spectator.
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    Primarily me    But all the moderators have the ability to mark a response as best answer.   The mods have been given specific directions on designating responses as best answer. Here is a few: The original post must have a specific question stated Best answers must be correct & concise and not buried in a lot of extraneous information  Citing rules is a huge plus There can only be one best answer per post (system limitation)  Best answer will be given to the first post which meets these requirements. If in doubt on a best answer it will not be marked as best answer and mods can get together to decide if needed.    I think this is a great feature because people come here looking for answers many times and if they use the search feature they can get more useful information. Also I want to encourage people to ask questions and get a reliable direct answer.   If we as the Moderating team get one wrong, we have the ability to fix it. And we try to use good timing to make sure a better answer doesn't come further down in the thread.   Oh I forgot a rule ... The best answer can not come from @JaxRolo 
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    Hope everything fits her.
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    I keep from walking away by just walking away. It's not personal. Dont let it become so. I love the game. And I love umpiring. There are times during the dog days when it's 150º and I'm sick of the rats that I wonder wtf am I doing here? Why do I do this? Then a perfect rotation or a whacker that I see in HD happens and I'm reminded of my calling. When I'm on the field, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.
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    I was looking for an old post of mine but couldn't find it. I had an experience where I was asked to work a game and meet a partner there, I was in full uniform and my partner was wearing his shin guards over his legs, in shorts, his chest protector over his wife beater and his red hat on backwards. I was like, Holy God in heaven, who hates me. Anyway, he was a great umpire, just never had a mentor. He did all the right things behind the plate, signaled me on timing plays and echoed my Infield fly and out reminders. So I talked him into joining my group. I bought him a shirt and hat, and first year let him wear long grey sweat pants, with shin guard under. End of that year he "won" a gift certificate to a Umpire clothing provider. (He bought pants) Now he is in 3rd year and looks great and is one of my best umpires. He also just graduated from St. Joes University with a 3.8 GPA. Find em, fix em, reward em. They are hard to come by!!
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    Carl was my brother Jimmy's best friend in high school, sort of a protective big brother to Jimmy, who was a year younger. Carl was the captain of the football team his senior year. An offensive lineman and linebacker, Carl was a natural born leader, and my brother Jimmy desperately wanted to be as good and more like Carl, in spite of Jimmy's smaller size. Carl was his idol in many ways. Despite the times (Carl graduated in '67), he volunteered to enlist in the Marine Corps, and of course was sent to Vietnam. May 19, 1968 was a fateful and terrible day. When Jimmy got the awful news, he would go to Carl's parents house nearly every day after school, asking "Is Carl home yet?" Carl was buried in our local cemetery. I don't remember much of the events of those days (I was only 10 years old), but I recall that Carl's death seemed to make Jimmy a more somber person. Just a few weeks' later, Jimmy would graduate high school, and was planning to head to a local college to being working on a degree. A little more than two months after graduation, and exactly three months to the day that Carl was killed, we lost Jimmy when his motorcycle was hit head on by a drunk driver. Those events I remember as though they were yesterday, even after all these years. On the day we buried Jimmy, my Mother was inconsolable. She walked away from the grave site service, and moved along the gravel road just beyond a short hedge, and stopped to look at the first gravestone that was there. She called out to my Father, who went to her side. There they stood, not believing what they were seeing. It was Carl's grave. Jimmy's grave was located just to the opposite side of the hedge; they were buried head-to-head; friends for eternity. This Memorial day, let us remember the real meaning of the day. Take just a moment, if you would, before the barbecue grills are lit, before the first beer is opened, and remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Here's to you, Carl. Semper Fi. Never forgotten.
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    I saw this post, so I wanted to say something. I'm a coach at the organization (Affton) where the original poster works. (10u house... if he had said 10u select, I think I would have known exactly what coach!). And I have an older son who has been playing there for seven years. (He wants to begin umpiring there next fall) 80-90% of the coaches are fine - a few will get a little heated now and then, but nothing serious. Then there's the BAD 10-20% and you umpires absolutely need to crack down on them! Be quicker with the ejection and we will ALL have a better game! One thing I'm baffled by in this organization is seeing problem coaches returning year after year. I guess the administration doesn't want to get tough with them. This organization hires a lot of young kids (down to age 14) for umpires and they are dealing with an umpire shortage this year. I wonder why...? Anyway, we coaches (the sane 80%) appreciate what you are doing -- stick around. Just get tougher with the bad apples and don't let them drag it out!
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    I just keep taking off clothes until they leave.
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    Unfortunately there is no mandatory formal universal umpire development or training program. This guy is most probably not experienced or properly trained in the unwritten customs and courtesies of the game. Or then again, maybe he's a dick.
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    His partner to players: I'm gonna eject the next one of you sonsabitches that looks at strike 3.
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    Obvious to me isn't obvious to you and vice versa. I'd balk a kid if he fell off the mound, or if he dropped the ball while in contact. Other than that I'd probably do quite a bit of preventive umpiring on mechanical stuff. It's 12 year old baseball. Talk with the coaches. They aren't gaining an advantage at that age. They aren't cheating. They can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. They're just starting to come into their bodies. Sing a verse from Frozen and let it go.
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    So last night my partner for my game today cancelled due to a personal situation. As of 10:00 pm I still had no partner.   So I say to my daughter, "You don't have any plans for tomorrow so I'm going to need you to come to my games with me and be my umpiring partner."   My daughter says back to me, "I can't be an umpire I don't know anything about ladders or flees I can't be an umpire."   "What the hell are you talking about ladders and flees?"   "It's in a poem we read in class about baseball."   Me: "You are definitely not umpiring with me. Go to bed."
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      This was my thought. As well.
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    I've been a member here almost 4 years and have never consciously met anyone from the forum. Our little Cal Ripken association here is hosting a 10U All-Star state tournament and my assignor was having trouble coming up with enough umpires and started mentioning names that quite frankly gave me pause from past experience as well as knowing what these games would be like. So I asked him if it was OK if I gave him a name or two before he made his decision. He said sure. I stopped doing HS ball a couple of years ago because of my real job, and while I considered contacting a few of the guys I worked with, it didn't feel right as I pretty much suck at staying in touch and the meager game fees likely would not have influenced these guys to travel up to where I am for "lower level" ball. But @boyinr had sent me a PM recently and I remembered he had moved somewhat close to me in the past year. Also, like me he is a transplanted New Englander so he had that going for him . Anyway, I shot him a PM asking if he would be interested, and he was. So I asked my assignor to include him on our weekend crews. This based solely on some friendly PM chatter and seeing (and respecting) his posts on U-E, nothing more. Well, all I can say is that the weekend was awesome, the most fun I have had on the field in a long time. I got to work with Roger on Saturday for two games, we worked separately yesterday and we'll be back tonight on a 3-man crew in the championship bracket. We worked great together on Saturday (even with me still gimpy from a gout episode) and I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did, it felt like we had worked together for years. And to put the U-E touch on it, we were the best-dressed and best-performing crew on any field - creased pants and caps, polished shoes and crisp mechanics. I am glad to say the forum is a bit less anonymous to me now.
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    You're asking us to judge a play without seeing it and the devil is often in the details. One man's "shove" might be another's "putting hands up to lessen the collision". You say that the throw was off-line and the catcher was drifting into the baseline to catch it. Is it possible that had the catcher not moved into the runner's path, there would not have been a collision? When a fielder suddenly, unexpectedly or unavoidably moves into the path of a runner, sometimes a pretty spectacular collision can result. But it's not the runner's fault. It's not automatically interference and the runner isn't automatically out. I'm sure that you're looking for some kind of indictment of this runner's actions, some way to "prove your case" that he should have been out. We can give you the rule (no, you can't plow over the catcher), but we can't judge all of the circumstances surrounding the play- because we didn't see it. And make no mistake about it, interference is always a judgment call.
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    This happens to me when I am not relaxed. When I am not relaxed, I can't hear the pop and the thump and I would get a bit of tunnel vision. When the infield is throwing to 1B between innings, use that time to practice watching the release of the ball, leaning on bad throws, shifting your eyes to the bag and listening to the pop. Imagine a batter runner hitting the bag at the same time. I am relaxed during this time and I can see everything well. If I don't have the same feeling during the inning I know I need to remember to back off and breathe and that gets me back on track. Don't change too many things at once, but pick one thing to do a little differently until you notice an improvement. A clinician once told me that if a batter runner appears to be "standing" on the bag when the ball pops, then he is probably safe. If his body is not there yet and only his foot is extended to the bag, then he is usually out. Not scientific, but just another sanity check. And remember that the ball is moving a lot faster than the Batter runner.
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    Many sites over the years have collected a good stable of experts, covering rules from LL to HS to college to pro. As popularity has grown the so did the guys that just want to argue and name call. PIAA and I have lamented many times that we did not have the advantage of the internet or clinics that are out there today. The problem that has plagued every board out there has been the inability to discuss rules and mechanics without getting personal. Every board has reached it's peak and then when the squabbling got too much, guys either just quit coming or they started their own board. Then they would gain popularity and then the squabbling starts and another dies. I believe this why Umpire-Empire exists today. I DO NOT want to see that cycle continue here. We are umpires and we ar the arbiters on the field. This means we are to know and understand the rules, then by doing so control the game without losing our cool. Then guys get on the internet and want to argue to the point where the tempers flare and the personal attacks start. I do not understand why that happens. Why can we not disagree without attacking each other. Does the anonymity of the internet do something to people's personalities? There has been some of what I am speaking of and I really would like it not to happen. I will not call any names but I will start contacting guys on PMs. This is not at the request of Warren, it is a personal plea to keep the board as intended.
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    I just finished my 2018 season with what I feel was a great way to end it. I was fortunate enough to be selected to work the Tennessee State baseball tournament this year. I also was fortunate to be selected for the Class A championship plate. One team had a Vanderbilt signee, probably top 10 MLB draft selection on the mound, throwing 91-95. The other team also had their #1 going, so I was looking forward to a good game. I was not disappointed. The game featured 23 strikeouts from both teams, went 12 innings and ended 1-0. MTSU stadium was packed, wonderful environment, crowd was loud and rowdy. I had two batters interference calls, one on each side, 2 runners on same base, both left base and were tagged out. It was just a great way to end my year. Folks that don’t umpire don’t understand why we do what we do, but I know you guys will be able to relate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    While Tony and MaskIt were working on my +POS ZRO-G to apply the Sky Blue Metallic, I puttered around with some other masks, and stumbled upon another Honigs K-4. This one is decidedly older than the current version, which sports the extended crown guard, huge ear guards, and stubbier chin guard. Of course, I got it for a steal because it was navy. For some stupid reason, certain states cling like barnacles to the traditional-style navy shirt, but think it looks perfectly okay to pair up a navy shirt with black gear (masks especially) and a black hat. Based on how many states refuse to update, you'd think there'd be far more navy-colored masks in circulation. So I decided, if these states want to be so stubborn patriotic, let's go all-out. I ordered up some All-Star bicolor leather pads in scarlet and tan, and here's what I came up with: Cooperstown Dreams Park, here I come. I would also fit in for a HS tournament visit to Ohio, or Indiana, or Wisconsin, or Virginia, or Pennsylvania, or...
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    Congratulations go out to our own Umpirechick1 on being selected for the plate for the championship game for week 12. Don't suck!
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    Well here is the latest update. I went for another checkup and the doc said after the cat scans, xrays, and ultrasounds there is still no sign of cancer. My next checkup is not til Nov. As for my onfield activities. I have been really busy. I have done HS varsity baseball, ladies fastpitch softball, and some ladies slo-pitch. Two weeks ago I did 11 games over 3 days and this week I did 8.5 games over 2 days. The reason for the half game was that one of the young umpires was taken out because of heat exhaustion, I told the assignor to pay him for the full game. Next weekend I am doing U14 provincial championships, then I am DUIC for the U12 provincial championships in August. So all in all things have turned out pretty well. One more piece of news was that when they took out my bladder they also removed the prostrate and guess what, it had early stage cancer. Also I want to thank everyone who wished me well and prayed for me, The thought that so many people cared was a big part of my recovery. Thanks guys and gals Tony
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    My advice about my method-Camps, clinics, showcases, networking. I got into college baseball right after my second high school season during my second year of umpiring. Guys who worked college in my high school association asked me if I wanted to move up. They told their assigner about me, SEC/ACC/CWS umpire Jay Asher. He invited me to attend a college camp/clinic that September, Music City Umpires Camp/Clinic, at Austin Peay U conducted by SEC/ACC/CWS umpires Scott Erby and Tony Walsh with others like SEC/ACC/CWS umpire Jeff Head, a guy they called "Onion" (cannot remember his real name but he's the umpire in a YouTube famous vid ejecting an Arkansas batter who fakes a hit by pitch then argues it) and a lot of others. Did okay. Was clueless in 3 man but got a good enough eval to be asked to join SIUA in Kentucky and told to join CBUA. Got about 8 dates of two man NAIA and one JUCO date my first season. Then I went to Tony Thompson's International Camp/Clinic in Atlanta the following September. Met a guy there from the east coast. He worked in Cape Cod League. He hooked me up with CCL assigner Nick Zibelli (not sure who assigns it now.) Tony's camp in my umpire resume and this guy's recommendation were enough for Nick. I was all set to go to the Cape and work 4-5 dates for Nick in summer 2009 but a new job and a divorce got in the way and I didn't get to go to the cape and work. Since then I've moved to KC area and essentially started over. Got some college summer ball by being persistent with assigner, working a game with him for free and having connections and recommendations from former college umpiring trainers and partners in KY (one of my assigners in KC was pro umpiring partner with a guy who recommended me from KY--small world umpiring college baseball). Been working my way up here in this area where there are A LOT of great umpires. Many have pro ball or pro school attendance experience. I work all I want from D2 to NAIA to JUCO so long as I'm not picky and will travel. I'm a happy camper. Baseball been bery, bery good to me. Anyway, that's how I started. Find college umpires where you live and talk with them. Go to camps and clinics. Even if the clinic is not in your area the D1 guys have a very wide network. If you're good they will let their friends and assigners know about you. Final advice: when you make it to the next level, don't be a dick to lesser level guys. Help those who ask. Don't criticize those who don't know what to do. Share your knowledge with those who want it and not with those who don't. Don't force your opinions on others. Some guys get it. Some don't. Some never will. Just work your ass off to be the best umpire you can be. And...have fun. I sure do. My .02.......
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    JV baseball and below is ALL about teaching. Give lots of latitude on non-safety related issues. Enforce the safety-related issues.
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    I just wanted to publicly offer a nod of approval and a thanks to Jim Kirk and his Ump-Attire.com staff for opening up the selection of equipment offerings and selling the +POS and Force3 ProGear by Ump-Attire.com in addition to the significant amount of offerings already for sale. I think the cooperation and offering of what is essentially competitor gear helps us out tremendously. We all know that the customer service and communication facets of dealing with +POS has been a bit spotty at times although anyone who has worn or used their products was, for the majority of us, extremely happy with the products. As for the Force3 ProGear, they are definitely an innovator in developing and offering new technology products for our protection and comfort. The cooperation is great. So, @JimKirk and @UADirOps. Thanks for sharing and expanding your offerings. It is in our best interest that you are doing so. My .02.............
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    What we'd like to do. What we shouldn't do.
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    My son makes double pay, but still could not "live" of it if he were flying solo. How? I give him my money as well. I tell him that my pay is being outside with my son while doing what we love. He knows the rules, is firm with his calls, and has gained an understanding of the games dynamics, as well as the respect of the coaches. I give him my pay, he is 17, a big kid, a good student, and I get to work with my boy. We only work on the weekends and have a great time. I am lucky in that we quiz each other all the time, and role-play situations. He is much more confident student, and i am a proud papa.
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    #1 isn't a mechanics issue, it's a rules issue. And he's wrong. #2 is a mechanics issue, and he's still wrong. He also sounds like an arrogant, ignorant jackass.
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    Why are you making a simple question so frickin difficult? Just give a simple, honest answer and don't be such a redass. Good lord.
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    Picture of my son before working his first HS varsity game and his older distinguished partner.
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    I was doing 13u Majors today. I was BU and an AC (while I'm in A) started going off on my partners strike zone (which was spot on). My partner is mostly deaf so didn't hear him but I told the coach we're not discussing strike zones and that's enough. Then he came out with "I've umpire for 26 years!" I cut him off with "Well then you should know better". He was quiet the rest of the game.
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    Looks like a character building exercise is coming your way. Another way of looking at is this: Adversity does not build character. It reveals it. Just sayin'
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    Well since moving to Utah in May I have been welcomed with open arms by those who assign baseball and other sports. I not only umpired all the 13 and 14 year old Southern Utah State Championship games for Babe Ruth but was also the Tournament Director for the site. At the end of the tournament the State Director thanked me and commented that I was the only site he did not have to respond to for a problem/issue over the 4 days. Last week I signed up with the Utah High School Football Officials Association and the Baseball Association. That was done through Arbiter and am waiting for my packet to arrive with my rulebooks and materials to take my tests for both sports. Attended my first local association meeting last night. This was a general meeting and included officials from all the sports. Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling. Football uniforms will be ordered in a couple of days. Saturday it is a two hour drive to Salt Lake City to attend the High School Football Clinic. School starts Aug 20th and the kids which they call Little League Football around here start playing that week. I have a couple of guys who are helping learn football mechanics. I will work the wings most of the year. Head Linesman or Linesman. I am being told that there will be 3 kids games on Wednesday night, JV games on Thursday, Varsity games on Friday and then 3 kids games on Saturday. So could be up to 8 games a week to work. Also any High School that doesn't have a football team will be playing Fall baseball, so there will be baseball games in the mix as well. Looks like I will be busy till about Thanksgiving. So things are going pretty good here and am looking forward to a new adventure in Football. May step into Basketball after that.
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    There is no substantive difference between "That call was crap," and "You made a crap call." There is a substantive difference between "That call was crap," and "You're crap." The word "you" is neither necessary nor sufficient to make a comment personal. Not necessary: "Cheater!" Not sufficient: "You made a crap call." Umpires who eject when they hear the word "you" and are not sensitive to these distinctions don't advance far, because they never get good at game management.
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    Everybody of every level should be able to ask clarifying questions on here. None of us knows everything.
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    No such thing as a EX-Marine. Once a Marine, Always a Marine
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    OK, so I lied about shutting up about it. I didn't want to start a whole new thread, but I no way am I not posting this. 6/9/2012 CA D24 Junior League Tournament of Champions Championship Game Cam is U3 Back to work.
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