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    For the two weeks I had to call from behind the mound, I switched to a fairly understated and quick hammer mechanic. Pointing just felt silly. My verbal was the same on regular strikes ("hike!"). My strike three became a midwhacker type mechanic, and I truncated my verbal from "hike, hee!" to just "hee!
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    The mask is sweet. Nice and light and a great color way.
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    Plate umpire has it to the 45 foot line. After that it is the base umpires call.
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    The video would be so much better if he'd get rid of the coffee cup.
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    I do understand what you are saying, but when you think an umpire is having a bad day, perhaps it's you who are having a bad day. I've had coaches tell me that I missed a call, or the dreaded "that's two" and be 100% dead solid certain that I got them right. So he probably walked off the field thinking I had a bad day when, in fact, he was the one having the bad day (judging my calls, that is).
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    I'm a big fan of the STFU stare more than wasting time engaging them in any pedantic banter or offering any salvos that provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate how dumb they might actually be. Either way, if they ask me to punch their ticket, I will oblige.
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    Tsk, tsk, tsk, Cats... We're living in the COVID-19 Pandemic Age. According to ~some~ on here, we're all infected and infectious, and we shouldn't even be doing baseball yet. And if we are doing baseball, we should be at least thirty feet away from each other, wearing antiseptic gloves and double masks. Oh! And don't forget, the balls need to be sanitized after every pitch because they carry the virus, and it's deadly contagious! Do you really want that coach in your face? You're asking to contract the virus!
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    Good EJ, no good baseball guy is going to tell you that his pitcher's problems are your fault unless he wants to go. His interaction with the stands after the ejection supports the idea he was planning on getting run. In a case like this you want to keep the show to a minimum. Your refusal to discuss balls and strikes is perfect. It sets up rule support for an ejection if things go any further. Something like, "knock if off, we're not talking about balls and strikes. It's against the rules and sets a bad example for the kids". I'd say that loud enough for both dugouts and the stands to hear. After that the choice is clear. If the coach continues to violate the rules he's gone with out a big deal being made of it. Also I'll suggest that for every piece of advise you get about umpiring you add, "call more strikes", to the end of it. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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