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    This is the 10 year anniversary of the Joyce/Gallaraga game .... and NO, this is NOT to be negative but to remember a perfect game pitched, and a display of humility and sportsmanship that became the feel-good story in sports for 2010. AND, lest not forget, probably the catapult of replay review in MLB. Wow, ...time flies, and look where we are now w/ replay, etc? Just sharing a tid-bit of history
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    I'm a big fan of the STFU stare more than wasting time engaging them in any pedantic banter or offering any salvos that provide an opportunity for them to demonstrate how dumb they might actually be. Either way, if they ask me to punch their ticket, I will oblige.
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    Give me a few days to draw the plan and post it, but the way I see this going, the aim is to not involve elastic at all, but to run the 1" flat webbing from the shoulder arch plate to the ailette (gap protector) separate from the 2" flat webbing that will run to the bicep guard, which we will invert and reposition so it now becomes the shoulder pauldron (cap). On the shoulder arch plate, we'll be killing the two rivets that were being used to connect the elastic tendons before the guy cut 'em. This is best accomplished by turning the plate over and drilling out the rivet's shaft until it pops back out. Do the same to the ailettes. Once you've got those rivets out and the parts ready, I'll have the drawing ready for ya. We can post it here... maybe it will inspire someone else.
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    Tsk, tsk, tsk, Cats... We're living in the COVID-19 Pandemic Age. According to ~some~ on here, we're all infected and infectious, and we shouldn't even be doing baseball yet. And if we are doing baseball, we should be at least thirty feet away from each other, wearing antiseptic gloves and double masks. Oh! And don't forget, the balls need to be sanitized after every pitch because they carry the virus, and it's deadly contagious! Do you really want that coach in your face? You're asking to contract the virus!
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    Good EJ, no good baseball guy is going to tell you that his pitcher's problems are your fault unless he wants to go. His interaction with the stands after the ejection supports the idea he was planning on getting run. In a case like this you want to keep the show to a minimum. Your refusal to discuss balls and strikes is perfect. It sets up rule support for an ejection if things go any further. Something like, "knock if off, we're not talking about balls and strikes. It's against the rules and sets a bad example for the kids". I'd say that loud enough for both dugouts and the stands to hear. After that the choice is clear. If the coach continues to violate the rules he's gone with out a big deal being made of it. Also I'll suggest that for every piece of advise you get about umpiring you add, "call more strikes", to the end of it. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    When he said, "that's on you." Time to dump right then and there. No need to discuss it any further. He's implying either you're incompetent, or you've favored the other team. No need to tell him anything else, IMO.
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    ...............all I know for sure is this. SWMBO is ready for me to stop working from home...............
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    HA! This is just a Seinfeld episode. A show about nothing. I'm here just for the comedy.

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