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    @JonnyCat ... glad to see you are coming around on some of this and @Matt thank you for the direct information. Not from a finance standpoint, but from a labor and resource standpoint ... my wife is working on a COVID-19 floor. COVID-19 patients are very labor and resource intensive. Her floor is normally labor and resource intensive due to their specialty plus they are an ICU overflow. Their capacity has been reduced to a fraction of what they would normally have yet they are burning through more far resources (PPE, billable care items, labor, etc.) than they normally do. From a hospital standpoint, you have also lost a major percentage of your business from elective and even necessary-but-lesser surgeries, treatments, etc. They aren't making up for losing vasectomies, wart removals, and knee scopes by charging more for COVID-19 patients. This is further evidenced by hospitals that are furloughing and laying off staff from these other areas. A flawed analogy: you were hired to work six 10u games with 75-minute time limits at $40/game as part of a two-man crew. You arrive at the tournament and find out the 10u bracket was canceled, but you are going to work 14u games instead. However, you are only going to get 4 games with 120-minute time limits ... and you are working solo ... and you are still only getting $40/game ... and all your games ran over, plus there was a rain delay so you lost another game. You went from $240 for a pretty easy 9- or 10-hour day to $120 for a 12-hour+ day. The TD feels sorry for you, so they give you an extra $5/game or $15 ... OH THE OUTRAGE!! You made more per game!!!!
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    Umpire forum? Is anyone umpiring these days?
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    Sorry, I must have messed up, I thought I was logging in to an Umpire Forum!
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    How so? It would be one thing if you had high margin patients, but if you don't, why wouldn't you try to increase those margins on the patients you do have? Just because in your estimation, covid 19 patients are low margin, if they're all you have, of course any business would be trying increase the margins on the business they do have. If you see enough covid 19 patients, then you could increase your revenue on volume even though the margins are low. Many business' operate on that principle and do very well. Honestly, it is entirely possible hospitals somewhere in the US are increasing their revenues through covid 19. Even if their revenues are not what they used to be, they can see an increase with covid 19 patients. A hospital could definitely make more money seeing covid 19 patients than one that didn't see any covid patients.
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    It looks like each PU has a breath mask, as do most of the BUs. I just ordered in my breath mask: Another one that appealed was this: Lightweight, and has a UV SPF rating of 40+, so it gives me the added benefit of keeping my neck and cheeks from getting sunburned. I think a gaiter-style one will be easier to manage with an umpire mask than just a mouth covering. Won't get displaced by taking the umpire mask on and off. The balls won't have the viruses on 'em (go ahead somebody; prove it!), and I won't be touchin' anybody, or my face until I wash my hands at the conclusion of the game, so no reason for gloves.
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    No, they don't. They get reimbursed more to offset the extra expense, but they do not make more money.
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    I think I've already gone through this in great detail, and I don't care to do so again. Turns out it's all moot in my case, because our governor has postponed opening by another two weeks. ...and there's not much doubt about this.
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    If only it were as simple as" risk go for it." By "going for it," you risk infection, which you can then spread, perhaps while asymptomatic, to others, who, in turn.... And the virus spreads. Your analogies to blood clots and falling down stairs (and risks generally) are inapposite: neither is contagious.
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    HA! This is just a Seinfeld episode. A show about nothing. I'm here just for the comedy.
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    I mean, according to parents, the PU can sit/stand anywhere behind the backstop and call balls and strikes just fine! Hey! Those parents do it all the time! I'm in this same camp of thinking. Here's the thing – to whose benefit is placing the PU behind the mound? The Umpire's, or the players that come to the plate? The ingress path for this virus is through the nose and mouth. Not in the ears, not thru the skin, so typical, physical contact itself is not causing you to contract the virus. Sure, okay, it gets on your hands, and then you touch your food (or seeds!) and eat, or you pick your nose, or you bring your hand up to your mouth to stifle a cough or yawn, or you wipe your nose with the back of your hand, etc. etc. etc. Unless it is comprehensive PPE (medical-grade, essentially), the wearing of the a mask isn't to prevent you contracting the virus, it's to restrict / lessen / reduce the transmission of the virus from you to others. So, if I'm wearing a mask as the PU (an actual respiratory mask, not our umpire mask alone), then... how am I being affected by the players? Or, how am I affecting them? I don't make contact with the players anyway (none of the buddy-buddy claps on the back or shoulder like some of our... jovial... colleagues will do), and I don't foresee any coaches getting in my face (not that did before, anyway)... So where's the problem with working in the normal position?
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    If you think F6 going to the warning track is ordinary I have a bridge for sale.
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    I’m pretty sure that’s a Mizuno Belgard. I took too quick of a look at it, but the semi-rounded ear guards and pads are definitely Belgard.
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    @Majordave , this sounds like a problem. And here I was under the impression and experience that you, sir, are a "Solutions" guy. It sounds like you're letting a problem get in the way. I'm sure you could call in a favor with MAC (Military Airlift Command, for the un-acronym savvy) and have a set of gear parachuted, can-dropped, or choppered in to your "deployment". It might not be your gear, but it would be useable gear.
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