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    My son makes double pay, but still could not "live" of it if he were flying solo. How? I give him my money as well. I tell him that my pay is being outside with my son while doing what we love. He knows the rules, is firm with his calls, and has gained an understanding of the games dynamics, as well as the respect of the coaches. I give him my pay, he is 17, a big kid, a good student, and I get to work with my boy. We only work on the weekends and have a great time. I am lucky in that we quiz each other all the time, and role-play situations. He is much more confident student, and i am a proud papa.
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    If it wasn't obvious that it hit the leg, I'm pointing fair. I don't follow how this " gives the defense an unfair advantage."
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    Point ... point emphatically ... and for the sake of all things under the sun, do NOT SAY "FAIR BALL!"
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    Your job is to communicate. Point fair. There's no reason not to. The baserunner, if he's doing his job, and if he has been well coached, knows that no ball is foul until an umpire says it's foul...so if he stops running that's on him. Defense too. It removes any doubt and confusion, and lets people know that you know. It removes any question of integrity and people thinking you got convinced into making one call or the other after the fact. It doesn't give anyone an advantage. What it does is actually communicates your call to the players, which is your F*#King job.
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    I'm of the school to interpret things a little more loose than when I was coming up.....back then any line drawn or action like drawing was an instant EJ. However, not knowing what was said, I cant rule this EJ out as valid...........when I started, I was amazed at the things that were said to me and my partners and the thought that as long as they didn't look at you, they could say anything they wanted...........pretty common then...... I don't tolerate abuse..........
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    I don’t know ... the catcher’s leg is touching the field, so it may just be part of the field, not part of the player ...
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    I was thinking more the Michael Jackson one...
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    Actual game footage:
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    Disco is coming back.
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    Metallic looking gloves fit in better with robot umpires. IMO, I cannot see any way this wouldn't be considered distracting.
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    Because they might not like those actual pads. It is possible to like the actual pads without liking the aesthetic of them.
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    Maybe it's just me, but why would you want a metallic/reflective glove anyway? I thought gloves were supposed to be leather...
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    First touch in fair territory. Fair ball.
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    That one slipped by me because
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    Seriously, are we not doing "phrasing" any more??
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    I"m having a hard time thinking the end of the bat is where he thought the pitch was and then drew the line behind him .... FOR ME, that looks like frustration on the players part with himself. BUT .... BUT ..........you can't do that in any way shape or form (as he's learned) our you'll get sent packing!
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    Make friends with some a-holes and have them role play with you. I've got a number of friends that can roll off a string of insults if you wake them up in the middle of the night and when you laugh them all off, it's easier not to take it personally, or be caught off guard when you get it on the field. Here's a good video:
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    $40.00 per hour for umpiring amateur baseball? On what planet does that happen? I've done the math every which way and you can expect anywhere from $18.00 to $22.00 per hour gross pay. Maybe sometimes $25.00 per hour on a good day. No one factors in taxes, travel time, time between games, expenses. It usually works out to be about $10.00 or less per inning on all levels. USABL in my area pays about $90.00 for an excessively long 9 inning game, usually 3 hours or more. Both my boys play adult baseball and I know many of the umpires. It's at least a 4 hour commitment, that would get you about $22.50 per hour gross, not including taxes and expenses. If you do a DH, you'll spend at least a 8-9 hour day making $180.00. You can do the math. It's a decent part time job to make some extra money, that's about it. You can't earn a living just with umpiring amateur baseball, heck, even in the minor leagues it's usually poverty city. Yes, I know a few minor league umpires. High school and college pay the best in my area, but it's still a part time gig. No one I know that umpires amateur baseball, owns a home, maybe is married, has kids(maybe some in college), and owns a decent car or two, officiates full time as their primary source of income. They either: 1. Have a full time good paying job and umpire on the side for extra money. 2. Are retired with a good pension and umpire on the side for extra money. 3. Have some source of external income and umpire on the side for extra money. Unfortunately, the people that I see umpiring baseball as their main source of income look like they are living out of the back of their cars, or live with their parents. I'm not judging people for what they do, but that's just my observation. I realize it could be different in other areas, but unfortunately I live in a very expensive state and that's just the way it is out here. Yeah, $20- 25.00 per hour sounds decent, but coupled with the fact that you can't work consistently 8 hours per day, 40+ a week umpiring baseball, and that it is gross income, it's not great money. Oh yeah, and forget about any benefits, you're an independent contractor. About the only perk is getting to write off some expenses, but most people don't really understand what that means. YMMV, but that's the reality of the situation.
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    It's all right ... have another one.
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    I watched a good chunk of this game and the at bats prior to this. I saw no hints or history. (We can't hear the dugout) I do find it humorous that we some how absolve a D1 freshman as some innocent soul who just couldn't and wouldn't...Give me a break! I'm not popular for this, but I have no issue w/ the ejection. Try to get cute with an experienced umpire who knows what he's doing and you win a prize. Lesson learned to everybody else who saw the video.
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    Hey Blue, did you see him obstruct my runner??!?!?!!
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    @beerguy55, I agree with you. This situation seems so basic that I wouldn't expect anyone to question it, much less an umpire on the field. Maybe 5.08 should become 1.01.
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    plus, it wouldn't be aesthetically appealing to the eye. Someone may mistake if for a discarded Astros jersey............
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    FWIW, I didn't consider the mention here as mocking at all, but a show of respect. Maybe I've got different glasses on, though.
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