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    ......................speaking of @MadMax, I don't recall seeing many posts from him as of late. Is he on sabbatical? @KenBAZ, everything ok in the land of sun and fun?
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    Thank you all for your messages. It's been an incredibly difficult time this past week, and we are putting one foot in front of the other as best we can. Christine's passing was unexpected, though she had been battling illness for many years as a result of radiation treatment for Hodgkins when she was 17. It truly does make a difference knowing that my family is in your thoughts and prayers.
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    Great idea! Your post prompted us to put your suggestion on yesterday’s product committee meeting. As a result, we are putting the black LUC mag pads on order this coming week.
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    NCAA does not require a pitcher in a 9 man lineup to be declared as P/DH. The difference in FED is that it is a PLAYER/DH, although most of the occurrences will probably be with a pitcher.
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    But those with the little white stripes are now out of date. Gotta have the big gray stripes, right? Naw. Here's my uniform take: We've been lead aound by the nose by what MLB guys wear. But their designs and materials have (my opinion) been dated and awful. It's time that the largest group of umpires on the planet start wagging the tail, instead of the other way around. Who? Little League umpires. I've been BEGGING Jim at UA to get with Williamsport, and become the official supplier to LL (currently, it's Honig's, and they do zip for LL). Design a new, unique and improved uniform, and corner the market on baseball umpires. Come out with a new design in time for the LLWS, and you've got instant, televised world wide marketing beamed out to the single largest umpiring group. No more weird blue shirts, half sleeve smocks, etc. Smart, classy uniforms, made with modern, athletic material. No more dazzle shirts(remember those?) and wool pants. A guy can dream, can't he?
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