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    Great idea! Your post prompted us to put your suggestion on yesterday’s product committee meeting. As a result, we are putting the black LUC mag pads on order this coming week.
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    @JimKirk would love to see UA carry some All Star replacement mask pads (specifically the LUC pads for the Magnesium mask and the standard LUC pads that fit their traditional masks.)
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    Looks like a Wilson titanium. Wires are too small to be steel
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    A force out is one where the runner was forced too advance due to the batter becoming a runner and is retired before reaching the base he was forced to. Therefore, the BR can never be forced out, though it looks very similar at first and is essentially the same. If the BR is retired before reaching first on a play the third out is recorded on, no runs can score. So, if the BR abandons his attempt to first for the third out, it doesn't matter what happens, no runs score. Similarly, if the third out is a force out, no runs score. In your situation, R1 is forced to second and is retired for the third out before reaching the base he was forced to. Thus, no runs would score.
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    This is all I would quibble about. Umpiring used to be all about projecting authority, and men—especially athletes, especially pro athletes—usually don't recognize women's authority (a defect, but there it is). In the era of "get it right," women are just as good at that.
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    Well, I hate that. I would love something more low profile that gives as good of protection as my platinum CP. Here's hoping something comes about in the near future.
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    So my response to UmpAttire on Twitter wasn't correct? and here I thought it was Liberating Unused Cash
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    Thanks. Those look pretty sharp. Hasn't seen them before. Still don't know who/what LUC is.
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    Agree. Mask off (as indicated by the OP and the photo of the article). Sunglasses can remain on in my book, however, I like to keep them off for the plate meeting for that first intro to the coaches. Then, they'll stay on after that.
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