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    Well, three managers and a GM just got fired.
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    BOOM! There it is!
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    Figured this was relevant. I bought this mask from @wolfe_man a while back. This mask really reminds me of this mask, it is an old Honig’s
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    Crap, you're right, I'm wrong! .... rounded chin isn't Rawlings! @MadMax .....help!
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    That was amusing. @wolfe_man yes it's lightweight. Thanks @EAA_umpire_Sam! And y'all did it without the help of @MadMax
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    Purchased base shoes from @Stk004 Smooth communication, included traking #, shoes got here as advertised and quicker than expected. Thanks brother.
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    No,....FM25s have a square throat extension... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I found the following interpretation from Rich Marazzi at baseballrulesacademy.com. It is about a catch made by George Springer of the Astros in a game played against the Brewers at Miller Park on September 4, 2019, when Springer made a leaping catch to rob Ryan Braun and end the fifth inning. It is similar to our OP in that the fielder fell backward and landed on his back side and was hurt—he then discarded his glove with the ball inside it. Video does exist if someone can find it and post it here that would be great. Here is an excerpt from Marazzi’s analysis that might help us here… If the ball fell out of his glove the moment he made contact with the ground, it would be ruled no catch. The same would be true if the ball in glove became detached as a result of hitting the ground. But I think he intentionally flicked the ball and glove from his hand after hitting the ground. Therefore, the ground did not cause the ball and glove to be detached. If a batted ball is gloved airborne by a fielder, but the glove/ball combination is ripped off the fielder’s hand and drops to the ground with ball still in glove, it is no catch. If the fielder falls to the ground and is incapacitated with ball in glove still on his hand, the ball would still be in flight and the closest fielder should pull the ball out of his glove to legalize the catch. The ball would still be in flight because it never touched the ground, a wall, a foreign object, an umpire or an opposing player.
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    Why does this article say former MLB umpire Gerry Davis??? Inquiring minds want to know. When were all you guys in the know going to let us know? Where was the memo? Did not see it here, or at CCS. Or??? Was this a misprint??? What's the scoop??? Real or fake news??? https://www.nbc26.com/sports/mlb-umpire-gerry-davis-bucks-legend-sydney-moncrief-honored-at-red-smith-sports-awards
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    Mr. lawump, I have also wondered why the NCAA does not have a case book. I think I may have found a reason why they don’t. The following interpretation is found in the 2016 BRD in the front matter on page 8— Official Interpretation: Paronto: If no NCAA rule or interpretation exists to cover the situation, the umpire should adopt the OBR rule or interpretation. (e-mail to Childress, 8/4/15) It goes on to say that the same interpretation appeared in the previous BRD (2015) but from a different rules interpreter. I know that Mr. Richvee has a copy of that edition and that he has mad skills using it so perhaps he can tell us who that previous rules interpreter is. In addition, the study guide Mr. lawump mentioned (written by George Demetriou) states in its Introduction pretty much the same thing— “There are a few situations in which the NCAA baseball rules do not address a specific situation. The NCAA has an understanding that for any situation not covered by its rules, the Official Baseball Rules or interpretations applies.” A pretty cheap and simple solution to not having your own case book, don’t you think?
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    I've always been a fan of the +POS BB181 Scraper brush...deal at 6.99.....best I've ever had
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    I'm a bit late on this, Rush has been on of my favorite bands for 35+ years, I tried to learn to be a drummer after listening to Peart. RIP

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