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    I'm poking about the issues regarding baseball operations and penalties up coming but YOU are the one that keeps dragging the political portion of what he did into it and keep pulling up that portion of it. But really What portion of Cora's cheating did he say was a political statement? hmm I in all my years of surfing forums have never seen an admin Troll so hard.
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    Cora made it political
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    I don't even try and keep track any more. we have to work 10 or 12 varsity games, and then a "peer rating" (here it comes) groups the crews. 1-4 is Crew #1, 5-8 is crew #2, etc. (Do you see the good ol' boy network working here?)The top crew is usually the one that if moved into states, is the one to go. I've probably had more training and field time than most in my chapter, that based on training/experience should probably land me on crew 2 or 3. Never been higher than crew 4 and 2 or 3 district games. No biggie, not it in for the fame or accolades, so I just move on to the next season.......
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    Minor league baseball recommends that pads should be replaced once a year or every two years at the max. Their reasoning is that once you take them out of the packaging, the ozone In the atmosphere starts eating away at the foam and then you mix in the sweat and dirt of a baseball field, they deteriorate even more. If they’ve been used for 6 months, and then left somewhere for 3 years, I wouldn’t touch those.
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    That's really up to you. If you are asking if the pads are still safe or good, then that'll depend on appearance. I am sure that all mask pads being sold off the shelf (website) to us were not made this year either. Used pads don't have a huge following as a rule, unless they're super clean and appear to be in good shape still.
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    @JimKirk would love to see UA carry some All Star replacement mask pads (specifically the LUC pads for the Magnesium mask and the standard LUC pads that fit their traditional masks.)
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    Be careful, you might learn the rules too well and decide to become one of us! "The rule book is a pathway to an enjoyment of sports some consider to be... Unnatural" -Sheev Palpatine, probably.
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    I'm a Red Sox fan but yeah, I was super mad about that. Absolutely ridiculous.
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    He is very likely Freaky Fast.
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    they were investigating the Sox parallel with the Astros investigation Cora was the mastermind at the Astros (benchcoach) .... so when doing the math ... yeah, he's guilty. Karma for being an assclown and turning down the trip to the White House .......douchebag
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    hey Yank, look at it this way, the fewer players swinging a bat (at the same time), the less likely they are to cause an injury or harm another player. Honestly, I wouldn't want to give a banged up, bruised or bloody player back to mom after the game, would you?
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    illegally after sliding in safely at home? =)
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    if interested .......go to equipment forum, ....in search click, drop down to 'THIS FORUM' .... then search the 'phrase' plate brush .... I found 145 items! There's some good stuff there!
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    Sounds good, but I probably have the head coach after he talks about having a problem every game you do.
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    Baseball's been around for over 150 years - it will still be around when you're ready to return. Nothing is more important than time with family.
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