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    My paralegal has a son who plays varsity high school baseball. So, we like to talk baseball with one another (although, she'll be the first to admit that she knows little about the game). This morning she came to me and said, "(my son's) teammate has hurt his arm. He has to have Jimmy John's surgery." And we all died laughing. Another paralegal asked, "is he getting an Italian or a meatball sub in his arm?"
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    Hopefully, not right before you tried it. By yelling down from the 3B coaches box.
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    I'm a Red Sox fan but yeah, I was super mad about that. Absolutely ridiculous.
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    they were investigating the Sox parallel with the Astros investigation Cora was the mastermind at the Astros (benchcoach) .... so when doing the math ... yeah, he's guilty. Karma for being an assclown and turning down the trip to the White House .......douchebag
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    Maybe she missed breakfast and was hungry............................HINTING to the boss to buy lunch
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    ha! maybe if he threw subs instead of baseballs he'd be ok
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    Haha. Nah. Now, I did have a player miss the steal time at first three pitches in a row, so I yelled at him from the 3B box and tell him he missed the sign three times, so he needed to steal this time.
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    I like the way the rule book and case book are set up in arbiter on the NFHS page. Each rule has a link to the related case plays. Very helpful at times.
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    I've had no issues. I removed stomach pad and the wings. I've taken numerous hits and am still wearing it.
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    Great question... I use to do the hidden stitch. Now I go to my tailor for the straight stitch. Now here is the key.. you need to take your pants to Jo-Ann Fabric or your local store that stocks a sh!t ton of thread and match it up. Then take the thread to the tailor. Tailors have 2-3 shades of grey and they will try to match it up but sometimes its not 100%. On the new Smitty pants due to the stretch element of the pant I would go with a straight stitch but I would match the pant to the thread.... I AM THE MARTHA STEWART OF UMPIRING!
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