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    Wilson will do something once they sell existing stock off. They just can’t throw it out and restart. Lesson here in not making too much up front. I am not a Wilson apologist, but if you look at the Wilson catcher chest protectors they’re improving both the look and thickness. I’ve even seen foam with holes! Not D3O, but on the same road.
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    I think the key word in the question is "immediately" - he immediately turns and throws, so we leave the play live. If he turns and doesn't throw - then kill it. B
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    I also think the plate meeting needs to get emphasis this year. When you are handed a lineup card and it is a 9-man lineup, I would confirm multiple times that the coach doesn't want to signal a DH of any sort.
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    I think you will be very happy with the freshfoam technology....as i have freshfoam in my daily wearer $140 new balance 1080s...
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    I had ordered the previous model off of U-A's clearance but they were out of my size when I ordered and upgraded me to the V3. I'll be able to give you a review when they get here next week.
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    I realize this is really, REALLY Off Topic, considering I'm not even doing the "stick to sports" thing. But even before I got hooked on umpiring, I played the drums. Without turning this into a memoir, I played from 5th grade on in school, concert and marching band both, and marched for five years in my college marching band. The best and oldest friends I have in this world are my drumline mates from those college days - a finer collection of people than I ever dared dream be a part of. And, because I'm "of a certain age," I came along in the prime years of Rush. Neil Peart was the greatest rock drummer of all time. Any other opinion is objectively wrong, so save your time and don't "@" me. And he also wrote a lot of classic lines - his early love of Ayn Rand notwithstanding. If I have a hero in any aspect of my life, it would be Neil. I would have loved to had maybe a tenth, or hundredth, of the skill he had, even just for a day. And, as happens to us all, he's gone. (And F*#K cancer as well.) So if you lift a glass this weekend, do me a favour, and offer a toast to The Professor. (And to our Canadian members: sorr-ee.)

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