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    3-1-4(b) The Starting DH may be any one of the starting defensive players. In this manner, the starting defensive player has 2 positions: The defensive player, and the DH.The role of the defensive player may be substituted for by any legal sub. If the defensive player has been substituted for, the original player/DH may re enter one time. The role of the DH is terminated for the remainder of the game when 1. A sub, or former sub for the defensive role subsequently participates in an offensive role; or 2. The starting defensive player/DH is substituted for either as a hitter or a runner.
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    I’ve lost track of how many “breaks” I’ve taken over the last ten years....and how many times ive come back lol
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    I don’t know as I don’t wear them but I’ve seen guys wear more running style shoes on the bases. As for the Cardinals, I don’t want to sound weird, but the farther I’ve been advancing in my umpire career the less I’ve followed the club. I’ve become more of a fan of the game than a single team. That and I just don’t have any time to watch baseball lol.
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    My vote is for a Douglas with the tee hooks and one of the neoprene harnesses (all star, force 3, ump life). I do understand that makes this a $250 cp but it is the best balance of low profile and protection IMO. I am a similar size 5-8, 180. I also have a S7 that I wear. I can wear a M shirt with the Douglas, but with the S7 it's a L shirt Personally, I would rather hear "dang he took that shot to the chest and it never bothered him one bit" than "dang no wonder he is hurt, it doesn't even look like he's wearing a chest protector". I'd look like robocop if it guaranteed I would never get hurt. I have never been in a situation where I wished I was less protected. Regardless of the level, I wear the exact same gear. That's my choice.
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    Weight. That’s the entire point. If you’re a MLB Umpire, and likely coming out of the game if you take a headshot, even as a precautionary measure, then it just behooves you to get the lightest, unbreakable mask in the game right now. If All-Star was smart (and I believe they are), they infuse the concushion into the upper pad. Game, set, match Wilson. Does that mean Force3’s Defender is inferior? Not at all. I fervently believe that it is the king of amateur baseball. Perhaps Force3 is analyzing how to reduce the weight further (titanium? Cast magnesium components?), but their design concept is sound. Gosh, I love design and engineering competition – it really propels innovation and escalates production. Can you see why I despise monopolies exclusive contracts?
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