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    Was goofing around on the site and went down a rabbit hole - found this. @The Short Umpire Just going to throw my $.02 in...... This is the CP that I currently use for Softball. I bought it on Epic Sports for $40 and spent several months modifying it. Had to take it half apart so that it would accept an Umplife harness (or any other harness). The stock harness and clasps to the CP are trash and had to be replaced. I also removed the extra side rib protectors, removed the throat foam thing, changed out the shoulder pads to my old Honig's (cause it looks better) and removed the gap protection. Took a long time, several trips to the fabric store and me learning how to sew through plastic by hand. Pretty big pain in the ass, but I wanted something that was cool (live in Alabama) and offered more protection than what I had: I just got a promotion to Power 5 non conference and those girls are hitting low 70s. Don't want to break a rib. The CP looks good on, breaths well and I feel protected. But....... For Baseball?? I would be REALLY careful. I don't think it offers good protection for the ball speeds you see. Wouldn't recommend it for more than lower levels of HS and without spending time/money to modify it and get it to fit, you'd probably get frustrated and toss it. I know I wanted to a couple times, but in the end I got the 3DO foam that @MadMax loves and some plastic plates for extra protection. Hope this helps
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    Foul. It only matters that the ball went over 1st/3rd base for a bounding ball (ground ball). If the ball first touches the ground in foul territory beyond first or third base, it's a foul ball.
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    So recently I had issues with @Ump0000 On Sunday we negotiated a price for the black Douglas shins and CP, he sent me his address and completed a PayPal payment. Immediately after, he sent me a new message claiming both his UE account and Paypal were "hacked." Thankfully I hadn't sent the package out yet so I refunded his payment. Not only is it highly doubtful that someone hacked both accounts and negotiated with me in real time, but I also hear other people have had issues with this guy. I strongly encourage everyone else not to deal with him. This isn't what this site is about and we don't need the integrity of this forum compromised. With that said, shoutout to @tbuck18 for an excellent transaction on other equipment. Excellent communication and very easy to work with. Also to everyone else that I've had seamless transactions with, you guys are what makes this site great.

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