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    First and foremost I didn't see any of games 4 or 5 this weekend. But the morning after I go to check out the highlights. This morning I Google " World Series Game 5" the entire first page of results barely relate to the game. On the first page here are the results I get The Google game summary POTUS being booed Women flashing breast banned (damn I should have watched) A real story from the Washington post about the game Several results about Barksdale's aweful game Scherzer being scratched This pisses me off... So I pull up the actual story on the game, and think pretty routine game, but then I enter the trolling world and read the articles about how awful the umpires are... So apparently he missed 2 pitches. All 3 of the articles referenced this. One puts trys to say Lance did it out of spite b/c a catcher showed him up.. Really not at this level and not a guy like Barksdale. Here are the tweets references and the pitches... Really... If those are the 2 pitches you are going to hang your hat on to have 3 articles on the #1 SERP to blast Barksdale thats a shame... No they didn't hit the Foxbox or whatever they want to call it. But we all know how inaccurate that is. I want to see Close Call sport's rating of Barksdale. Give me some objective data. If that's the worst they can come up with for how he did, that's not news worthy. That's trolling, instigating etc... So you take the 228 pitches recorded in the game and want to crucify a man on 2 missed pitches (.877%)??? I'll go a step further he may have missed 10 or so but that doesn't hold any water with me any way. Since these had such high SERP I was expecting to see really egregious misses and more of them. But 2 out of 228. Go screw yourself this isn't news.
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    You have no one to blame but yourself.
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    Let's have your kid be the first to get the tag in the face on a LEGAL slide.
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    Signed, The Department of Redundancy Department
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    Mr. Jay R., the Instructor’s Comments I posted are from the 2019 Little League Rules Instruction Manual (RIM). I should have posted a full citation—my apologies. The comment that you cite was in the RIM through 2018 but for some reason it is not there in the 2019 edition. I haven’t found a reason stated online for the deletion yet. The definition of the term obstruction and the related instructor comments now appear on page 25 of the 2019 edition.
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    Can always count on you to give me a chuckle. After Mizzou's game yesterday I needed that. Thanks, Rich.
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    https://www.hibbett.com/schutt-xv-hdx-umpire-chest-protector/33111873.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr6u-iqm95QIVB7zACh3VtQgiEAQYASABEgKo1fD_BwE Sign up for their text message “coupons” and you should get a 20% off $50+ purchase which makes this a steal and drops it right in your target price range. New and highly rated for what you are targeting used. Plan B: ask local guys if they have anything they are willing to part with. If you’ve been at this any length of time, you are starting to accumulate extra gear. PS — welcome to the ranks!
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    Go get the champion chest protector. I think amazon has it for about $60 shipped
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    I am giving serious consideration to declaring this next year that I won't work for anybody not on a 90/60 field. It's not that I don't enjoy it - it's that the required differences in mechanics throw me off and I don't think I'm doing as good of a job as I should be. I'm still going to continue with the rec ball in my small town, since I'm the UIC there.
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    Don't forget about us "conversational snipers" who just interject when we have something (hopefully) funny to say. ...and I'm not the only one here.
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    I finally have a rig worthy of posting here... - Force 3 v2 (bought here from @harrisonj23), just got back from Mask-It powder-coated in gunmetal grey - A Spyder throat guard (bought here from @codizzle), also powder-coated in gunmetal grey - New black pads (bought here from @wolfe_man)
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    Well, a good hard slide into the catcher's legs isn't malicious contact. Not to mention you have a potential issue of Obstruction, with the catcher blocking the plate before he possessed the ball. There is no context to whether the runner slid behind the plate or in front of the plate. And whether the catcher was rooted, or moving to the ball, or moving in general when he realized R3 was going. Backdoor slides are pretty common and taught by good coaches for scenarios where the catcher is receiving the ball as you approach the plate. Too many unknowns here to assess if there's any unsportsmanlike conduct, or if he was just genuinely trying to avoid a tag, or just making a clean hard slide in the vicinity of the plate...sliding past the plate with the express purpose of missing the plate, if the catcher is not blocking the plate, to knock the ball away from the catcher seems a silly way to score your run. I'm getting the impression that either your catcher moved into the runner's path, or was always in the runner's path.
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    All is 100% correct as always except for the last comment/line in the response. If he was "showing off" I don't think he would have come on here to get feedback.
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    Preparing to take flak for this one ... When it was evident nobody was going to do anything AND the teams were lining up ... get off the field and let it go. IF they make a proper appeal before you get off the field, then deal with it. I may be wrong, but I wouldn’t stand there and indicate something was amiss if NOBODY else was making any indication that a team was intending to do something beyond calling it a day. I’m not saying hightail it out of there right away, but by sticking around you were giving them some instruction. Give it a moment, shrug, and get off the field.
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    Perhaps I was not clear, but what I was trying to say was this: an interpretation written "almost exclusively" for MLB-level play may not be appropriate for young kids. In such a situation, there is a gap between the rule, the MLB interpretation and the players' age and abilities. I'm not asking for help, I'm raising the issue for further discussion because the answer to Guest Rob's question is, IMO, not so simple, not so easy, especially in light of his safety concern.
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    If the runner is on 3B and the catcher is wandering off - yes if it's the right runner. Been there. Done that.
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    Lou B - see the above comments about coach's not knowing rules. I have seen it all the time, especially used with R3 and a walk. Pitcher gets the ball, BR never stops and keeps going to second. Players and coaches don't do anything except start screaming how the pitcher has the ball.
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