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    I expected some story ending with "... and I never got my ice cream." Nothing else really matters.
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    Ask the team what is is appealing. If they are appealing a miss of second (for example), signal and say "safe." If they are appealing leaving first early, say "that's not a valid appeal."
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    I built my WakeWear plate coat on a summer weight sport coat. It’s a 44L, has very simple lapels, and a “box split” at the back instead of a center split. A seamstress custom-made ball pockets, and relocated the main button so when closed, the coat fits perfectly. Total cost? Less than $100. The amount of “field cred” it brings? Priceless. I wore it for 3 plates out of 25 plate games I had for the summer circuit, and I will have opportunities this fall, winter, and spring in Arizona... especially on night games. Plate coats look killer on night games.
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    No need to appeal -- no runs score and three are out.
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    Yes, R2 is out the moment he passed R3. Yes, R3 is out for abandonment. R3 is also traded
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    But it is a "do not reverse" button.
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    Someone on here did try this lightweight Adams CP and said it wasn't worth the funds. I believe his comment was that the padding is very thin and he wouldn't trust for anything above kiddie-ball. I have no dog in this fight, but if it were me, I'd find a used Douglas. I found one with the gap coverage and t-hooks used for around $140 and they're out there, especially this time of year.
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    Another great transaction with @acpar72 with acquisition of an awesome Diamond w/Belgrade pads. Also had a few summer transactions w/Aaron that were smooth & I was very pleased with mask pad sets I bought.
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    Don't wad them up after your games... Hang them back up and then when you get home immediately soak them in oxyclean and detergent for an hour or so. Then wash them and hang dry. Inspect them before you dry them to make sure all the stains come out. If they didn't... repeat the process.
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    I would have suggested don't sweat...
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    Heh So fall ball on Saturday. 12U season rules but some changes to the rules, no more than 2 innings per pitcher, and they also adopt a 5 run per inning rule. 3rd inning R3 pitcher throws a wild pitch I move out to the 1st base side as it was to my left. R3 is slidding in safe at home before pitcher gets the ball from the catcher. I ask batter to step out as he has resumed his position call time, clean plate I walk around the back of the righty batter Im putting my mask on he steps in before I can say step out please and get behind the catcher the pitcher throws a pitch. ( ARRRRRG) as I step away waving arms saying No pitch no pitch the batter tags it for a gapper left center and gets a double. Balls in the air Im going TIME TIME ball is dead everyone stop please. The Home team whose batter it is coach is like "awe really your gonna take that double away from him" I turned, looked at him said yep sorry I have to ball was never put back into play. he's kinda giggling so I know hes not serious and this is fall ball we are all there for "instructional purposes and having fun" sigh yep two pitches later the kid was walked and then stole 2nd SO he got his double.. I need to work on keeping the kids out of the box until I am ready.. these kids get so anxious they just wanna keep peppering them right in there too quick. ( Dont see that in the majors do yah LOL)
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    A FED ruling that *might* apply (even though I disagree with it): SITUATION 9: R1, on third base, attempts to score on a squeeze play. B4 attempts to bunt, but misses the pitch and F2 comes up with the ball and gets R1 in a rundown between third and home. F2 eventually attempts to throw R1 out at third, but makes a bad throw into left field. R1 steps on third, but his momentum takes him several steps down the foul line behind third base. R1, seeing the bad throw, turns, misses third base as he advances to home. After R1 has touched home plate and enters the dugout, the defense calls “Time” and verbally appeals R1 missing third. RULING: R1 is out on the valid defensive appeal. R1 must touch third base again on his way to home plate. (8-2-1, 8-2-6c)
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    No, the best we could do is fix the NFHS rule if we want it to be a balk. Making $4!+ up because we want something to be a balk is wrong. Applying another code because we want something to be a balk is wrong. It may be a balk in NCAA and OBR ... if NFHS wants it to be a balk in NFHS, then they need to fix the rule. Even their own case play is incorrect under their own rules. Their is NO violation of written NFHS rules. Delay of game is connected (albeit remotely) because it is the only spot in the NFHS rule book that gives you recourse when the pitcher throws to a fielder who is away from the base. I’ll agree even that is tenuous in this particular play.
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    Don't roll around in the dirt! I wash them inside out, with the recommended "cap full" of detergent, along with a scoop of Oxy-Clean.

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