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    this post is useless without photos!!!
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    Watching a LL Regional game and I just learned that if a batter is given an intentional base on balls (in which no actual pitches are thrown) four pitches are still added to the pitcher's pitch count. My question to LL umpires: what in the heck is the rationale for that rule? I mean, the pitch count is a safety rule (at least it is in high school). If a pitcher doesn't actually pitch the ball...there are no safety issues (that's pretty much in the "common sense" department). Thus, in HS (at least in my state) no pitches are added to F1's pitch count if a no-pitch intentional walk is awarded. I can't wait to hear from you all as to LL's rationale on this one.
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    This makes no sense. You cannot decline an IW. You can swing at the pitches to get a strike call and drive up the pitch count. I think the author misunderstood something when he said "decline". And no - that isn't the reason it was changed. SJA has the real reason.
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    Love Jomboy. Hes not always right, though usually he is, but he's hilarious and fair. He'll acknowledge when the umpires are right, and call them when they're wrong.
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    I'm sorry but these rules have no meaning to me as to what the OP's question was. These explain about what happens to a runner or what they are awarded should a fielder do a,b,c,d, or e. I do not see how they reflect what happens to an injured runner. Now this is LL I did see from 3rd BU a kid earned a 4 ball walk upon his trot up to 1st he stepped in a soft spot and wrenched his ankle. He collapsed right there and went into tears. No other runners so. Being its LL HP calls time for injury. Kid is replaced by a "special pinch runner" (LL rule) who goes to 1st base and the injured child hobbled off on his own power after 3 min or so. So MLB same situation I imagine time would be called if no one was on, and the injured player would be assisted off the field and a substitute would be announced and enter. Home Run same thing although Gibson managed to man up and hobble around the base path. To be blunt I don't think any MLB player short of breaking their leg would not trot out a home run.
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    Definitely don't "hurry" the call. Just give an indication of when the tag occurred (a point is best). That gives PU the timing he needs to determine if the plate was touched before the tag.
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    Dress for the gear you want, not the one you have A serious answer, many here on the forum's dislike Wilson's practices, so don't want to support them, but that's the gear they have.
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    Withholding judgment ... ... but why would you want a decal for a product that is not what you have? It would be like slapping a Porsche hood ornament on my wife’s Caravan.
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