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    Yes, I absolutely would. I don't need to convince anyone of anything. Everyone knows the computer is making the call. All I am doing is relaying that information. Why would I do anything else?
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    Perhaps Sorry. Sometimes I can't help myself.
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    I’m with grayhawk on this ... you’re not umpiring in that scenario. You’ve become a digital interpreter. Interpret, don’t embellish.
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    I wish I had an update to post on the Schutt ... all I can tell you is my son likes it. I told him to try it and I never got back.
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    Yes -- if the motion to disengage is continuous and smooth. Sometimes, however, the pitcher starts to come set, decides he wants another sign, starts to drop back down, realizes that won't be allowed, and then tries to step off. That's a balk. This is from JR (NOTE: It's an OLD version. Don't want anyone to be confused). It is a balk if a pitcher 1. hesitates in or interrupts his motion to join hands, pitch, throw, or disengage. However, it is not a balk if a pitcher who has begun his motion to join hands shifts in a fluid and continuous motion to throw or to disengage the rubber. Also, an umpire must recognize the difference between the motion to join hands and other neutral movement that is not relevant to the joining of hands, e.g., a pitcher rotates his glove to signal the catcher for another set of signs, or a hunched-over pitcher straightens his body when the catcher requests time. NOTE: The motion to join hands is optional in the windup mode. The pitcher may pause once his hands have become joined before proceeding to pitch, step and throw, or disengage. The motion to join hands is considered a motion to pitch until a pitcher pauses, so if a pitcher interrupts this motion before pausing, it is a balk. Examples: (a) R2 and R1. A right-handed pitcher, uncertain of the first baseman's approach of the base, steps to first, but throws only after hesitating in his motion to throw: balk. (b) R1. A left-handed pitcher lifts his free foot and suspends it still for a split second before proceeding in his motion to throw: hesitation, balk. (c) R1. After coming set, a right-handed pitcher's right knee quickly buckles before he throws to first: if the buckling is a separate, discontinuous motion before the motion to throw, there is a balk. However, if the buckling is merely part of a fluid and continuous motion to throw, there is no balk. (d) R2. From the stretch position the pitcher begins a motion to join hands, but stops and disengages: if the shift is fluid and continuous, there is not a balk. However, if the shift is discontinuous, there is a balk.
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    Heh I worked a 10U tourney game last Saturday whew 95 degrees and a cluster getting it going cause the VT was short 1 player. Anyway my partner shows up 20 min before game time the DA told me she was sending a "new" guy to me to get his feet wet on tourney stuff. Yep shows up 3 earrings in one ear 2 in the other. I looked at him and said I got nothing against jewelry but I have to tell these kids they cannot wear it. I hate to say this but we need to be a good example and lead by it. Would you please remove those for the game. Good sport he was he did so. After that I helped him out with giving him a proper hat and a counter which he had neither. before the game we went over more than just basics we went over what I expected of him for mechanics in the field and positions. after the game the UiC that showed up and I offered him tips on cleaning up what we observed and more pointers on what to do in the field on the bases. he seemed very receptive all while he was smoking a cigarette .. sigh Im in my truck soaking in AC from my sweat soaked position taking in gatorade as fast as I feel I can and hes huffing a cancer stick .. well one thing at a time.. anyway I was very happy he lost the ear bling so easily.. I hope to help him out some more as this tourney season goes.
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    ......and here all this time I thought it was fat bottomed girls
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    unless you're using trackman?
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    @ArchAngel72 I was watching an 8/9/10 district championship game last night. When Team A changes it's pitcher to a kid throwing harder that the previous one, Team B backs their batters up to the back edge of the box. Consequently, the catcher backs up a little. Remember, ....8/9/10 y/o.......... Catcher now catching the ball about 6 inches off the ground for "called strikes". Team B parents start to come unglued. I find out about this after the fact as I am at the concession stand partaking in the wonderful treats that they have prepared for me that evening. I hear the commotion from there. I get back, and ask SWMBO what I had missed. She explains the (above) situation to me. Now, many of the parents know me from umpiring LL all over the district for years. I had that E.F.Hutton feeling (you young folks can google the E.F. Hutton commercials) for a moment when I retorted to SWMBO that "just because the players move back, doesn't move where the strike zone is located over home plate". SWMBO calmly stated, "that's what I told them". .........I think it's about time to get her a uniform. This father/son umpiring duo has been done before. I'm considering the Husband/Wife duo.
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    Sorry I haven't replied - been on vacation for a while. While on vacation, by son "borrowed" them and apparently my sunglasses have become HIS sunglasses. They are no longer available. @Thunderheads please lock it up
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    That's funny since the Schutt and Adam's protectors have been the one of the hottest topics on these forums for over two years.
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    Well played, sir. Well played. I did order the Schutt/Adams HDX. Hibbett had it for $69 and I had a $10 off coupon. For that price, I’ll give it a try! Honestly, if it weren’t for the comments here, I wouldn’t have given it a second look based on the lower-than-most price point and the look (it doesn’t look very light in the pictures).

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