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    I've seen some sales sites say it means Lightweight Ultra-Cool, but I have no idea if that's accurate. Haven't found that on the All-Star official website.
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    The following two citations are for OBR but I am certain they also apply to FED. The 2017 Jaksa/Roder manual says, “If a batter-runner is obstructed before first base, but his batted ball becomes caught or foul, the obstruction is nullified.” The 2018 Minor League Baseball Umpire Manual states the same thing (section 6.16, p. 95): When the batter-runner is obstructed before reaching first base, it is not always the case that the batter-runner will be awarded first base on this type of obstruction. For example, if the batter-runner is obstructed before reaching first base on a fly ball or line drive that is caught, the batter-runner is out. The reasoning here is that the obstruction had no bearing on the fact that the batter hit a fly ball that was caught by the defense. Similarly, should the batter-runner be obstructed before reaching first base on a foul ball not caught, the foul ball prevails. Again, the reasoning is that the obstruction had nothing to do with the fact that the batter hit a foul ball.
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    I'm the only one that calls them A-LUC's... short for Advanced LUC's (I have no idea what LUC stands for... @Thunderheads ???)... which is the only way I can describe them. If you call them again and request the "FM4000 Magnesium specific" pads, that might get you in the right lane. For the summer, I'm taking this Icon (I think it's a hollow steel one, albeit stronger than Nike- branded hollow steel Icons), my Sky Blue ZRO-G frame (swapping the black TWs and tan TWs between them), and the FM4000 with A-LUCs. I'm leaving my trusted grey ZRO-G's here. If I manage to get an Icon Titanal this summer (or an actual Nike Icon Titanium *cough!*), then that would end my need of the ZRO-G's. Here's the Email that Dan did business with me from/with: plusposusa @ gmail . com (obviously, take the spaces away)
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    Of course I knew all of this from previous posts from @MadMax .... but I strangely find myself drawn to any of his equipment posts!

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