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    Jonathan, I wish you the best. I appreciated what you said in your post. We have all been there at one time or another. I hope someday you can get back on the field because whether you know it or not, more people appreciate YOU than not. It's not easy to forget A-holes, but this world is coming apart at the seams. Sometimes being on the baseball field can help take us away from all the crap we experience and work, home, you name it. When it no longer stays fun and takes this type of turn, take care of yourself first.... I wish there was something else I could say to keep you on the field. I would be proud to work with a guy like you as I'm sure others here and around the baseball world would too. But in the end, do what is right for you. I'm sure God has great plans for you and other's around you. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. And thank you for making us all realize more than ever we are the THIRD TEAM out there. We need to look out for each other no matter what!
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    On average he had the correct number of stops
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    @jonathantullos Sorry to hear that it ended this way. Looking at your post history and your website makes you seem like the kind of person the game not only wants, but needs, to be an umpire. On a slightly different note, this kind of stuff is why I treat dealing with bad behavior from coaches/parents/players as a crusade. I have kind of internalized the "leave a place better than you found it" philosophy for my games. If parents and coaches are going to act poorly, they can leave. I think we over complicate EJs sometimes. Punch the ticket on the required warnings/restrictions/etc. and then get rid of them if they keep it up. Like everybody else has been saying: we become a major contributor to the problem if we don't take care of our business at our games. Just my .02 BR
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    Let's face it: we all want more stories of epic 5+ EJ games and parking lot heckling that almost turns into daddies getting whooped...
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    NON retail Steel ..........I think
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    Well, I've made the decision to leave the field... Perhaps for only a while but it's likely I won't return. Here's why. Note: I'm not going to accept criticism. I know I let some things get out of hand but, again, reasons why are explained. Perhaps someone can use my words to help their association or governing body better understand why so many of us are leaving and hopefully do something about it. https://revjktullos.com/2019/03/25/death-of-an-umpire/
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    I'll be selling the mask pictured below in the very near future. It is a Nike NRS(non-retail)/College hollow steel mask. It has been powder-coated liquid gunmetal by Tony @ Mask It Sports. It will come loaded with brand-new black Team Wendy's and a brand-new black Honig's harness. -OR- You can use your own pads & harness and I'll sell you the frame only. Your choice! I'm asking around $150 and here's my reasoning. If an Adidas steel with stock pads is worth $125 - then a Nike steel that's been professionally re-coated - plus has brand-new TW pads and harness - ought to be worth a little more. Please IM me with your offer if you are interested. As a reminder, I'll cover the shipping charges also in the total pricing. Thanks!
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    Yeh, my trigger finger is getting itchy on this. Lol
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    Just another variation of "tagging the base to get an out" and "force play" are NOT synonymous. You can have either without the other.
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    The appeal is on the batter/runner. The batter runner was not FORCED to go to 2nd base (or 3rd). Forces only occur to runners that are required to advance, as a result of the batter runner putting the ball in play.
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    AMEN! (being a smart @$$, I must admit that there was no pun intended in my comment. I 100% agree with @Mad Mike.)
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    Yes, sorry I thought it was well known or I wouldn't have used the jargon.
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    From the 2018 Little League Baseball Umpire School Rules Instruction Manual (rule 6.08c): INSTRUCTOR COMMENTS: If catcher’s interference is called with a play in progress the umpire will allow the play to continue because the manager may elect to take the play. If the batter-runner missed first base, or a runner misses his/her next base, he/she shall be considered as having reached the base, as stated in Note of Rule 7.04(c).
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    You're not missing anything. Your partner is doubly confused. He seems to have confounded two rules and misunderstood both. I often wonder why the annual NFHS rules tests don't measure these kinds of rules more closely. In my view, the test should be more about baseball (and less gotcha questions) and the results from your first attempt should be aggregated with others from your Association, so that the Association leadership would know for example that 50% of its umpires don't know the rules surrounding batter's interference. Sure you can retake the test, but you get 50 different questions.
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    A couple of us were just talking this up the other day! I agree, they should start introducing and prototyping the robo-ump at 9U-11U (pre-middle school).. The kids, who are used to computers making gaming decisions via video games, would not only adapt to it quickly and easily, but also be less stressed about it at the plate than having some (in my case) 6 foot 3 giant black-outfitted grown-up, who is getting yelled at by all the daddy-ball coaches and half-drunk moms, standing there judging him/her for every pitch. They would also find all the "back-door cheats" in the system faster than even a pro player!. For instance can you lob a Giant EUPHESS pitch in that crosses the 3-D plate of the computer and calls a strike going practically north-south? well, an 11 year old would find out very quickly! Can you create a new "scrunched up" stance that tricks the computer into giving you a six inch height for your strike zone ? A ten year old would be flexible and smart enough to experiment!
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    CI is ignored if the batter and all base runners advanced at least one base on the play. The batter is considered to have advanced one base even if he missed it. CI ignored. Appeal granted. Score would depend whether the batter made the third out or not. The number of umpires who get it right would depend upon their training, rules knowledge, and reading comprehension.
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    Thanks for your comments you young whipper snapper. lol Once, while in Memphis, I had a 12 year old game with a catcher who introduced himself as Will the Thrill. Loved my games with that kid. Just one of those kids you remember. Anyways, when he was at bat I called a ball at the letters a strike. Some Mom unloaded on me and Will the Thrill told me to not pay attention to her. Remember that the strike zone back then was the letters to the bottom of the knees, but called from the waist to the bottom of the knees, except for me. So, Will the Thrill's team came back on defense with him still catching. First pitch at the letters I ball it. Lady starts in on me about how I called that a strike on her son's team. I called time and proceeded to walk towards where the grieving mother was sitting, all the time disregarding Will the Thrill's pleading and begging of me to ignore that woman. I walked to the fence and said, "Look. When I called it a strike on Will you told me it was a ball. So I call it a ball and you tell me I should call it a strike. You really need to work on your consistency", and I walked back to the plate. As soon as I had turned my back on the fans they all busted up laughing and Will the Thrill soon recovered from his embarrassment. From then on fans from that team never gave me any issues. At a hs game I was working the dish I called a strike at the knees and the head coach replied, "NO WAY", from the the third base coach's box. I waited until the coach was facing me, took off my mask and replied in my best Wayne's World voice, "WAY". Coach had to turn away from me because he had burst out laughing. Next time he made a substitution he came to me and said, "Dude. That was the funniest thing I ever heard on a baseball field in my life". Now, this works for me and may not be for everybody and I'm sure that some will disagree with an umpire doing anything like this. But, remember it's a high school baseball game. An extracurricular activity for high school kids. Umpires aren't perfect, but they make fewer mistakes on a field than the players and coaches do. After 25 seasons and thousands of games, I believe I'm correct in that assessment. Sometimes it just takes a little humor to resolved a situation. Find out what it takes that works for you to diffuse a situation and use it. If you have to continuously get the AD to work the stands for you then you should look at what you need to do to improve. And it takes years to become a really good umpire. Give it time.
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    Kiddie ball umpire starter set.........."Throw that inside pitch again son"............
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    Make sure I've got the key to my car door. Make sure I've got the key to my car door. Make sure I've got the key to my car door.
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    Once dressed, I make sure all of the guards are in place from top to bottom Sun guard (hat) Face Guard (mask) Chest Guard (CP) card guard (line up holder) ball guard (bag) 'nard guard (cup) Leg guard foot guard (plate shoes) water guard (cooler jug or squeeze bottle)
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